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Survey Shows Americans Trust Republicans More Vs Democrats



The Elephant symbol of the Republican Party | Survey Shows Americans Trust Republicans More Vs Democrats | featured

According to a new poll, more Americans trust Republicans compared to Democrats on key issues. This is especially helpful considering that Americans are currently overwhelmed with a host of worries. In fact, around nine in ten Americans remain concerned over inflation.

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Washington Post and ABC News Poll Show Americans Trust Republicans More in Key Issues

Thousands of Trump supporters gather at the US Capitol and the Supreme Court | Washington Post and ABC News Poll Show Americans Trust Republicans More in Key Issues 

The Washington Post and ABC News conducted a new poll of more than 1,000 adults between April 24-and 28. The survey covered what issues currently worry Americans. It also found out if Americans trusted which party better when it comes to key issues.  

The survey asked respondents which party they trusted more on key issues. It discovered that the GOP enjoyed more trust compared to their Democratic counterparts in several key issues.

For example, Americans trust Republicans more (50%) compared to Democrats (36%). On crime issues, the GOP also fared better with a 47% trust rating versus 35% for Democrats.

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In matters involving immigration, Americans trust Republicans more than the other party, 43% to 40%.

Americans Trust Republicans More To Handle Inflation

Americans also trust the GOP to handle inflation better than the Democrats, 50% to 31%.  This is especially crucial considering that more and more citizens are getting worried about the economy.

An overwhelming 94% of Americans were either upset or concerned about the effects of rising inflation. 

The ever-increasing cost of goods and services continues to produce a negative effect on a majority of Americans’ pocketbooks. Consumer inflation rose 8.5% between March 2021 and March 2022.

The rate was the fastest recorded since 1982. Even worse, wholesale inflation soared by 11.5%, which is the highest producer inflation rate on record. Meanwhile, the Personal Consumption Index also set a 40-year record last March at 6.6%.   

Biden Performing Badly At His Job, That’s Why Americans Trust Republicans More

The Washington Post and ABC News poll also asked how Americans think of President Joe Biden’s job performance. Only 42% of respondents approved of the way the President handled his job.

52% believed otherwise. In terms of degree, more Americans feel negative about Biden than positively. 42% strongly disapproved of Biden while only 10% somewhat disapproved. Meanwhile, only 21% both strongly and somewhat approved of Biden. 

On specific issues, Biden barely made it to positive territory on some points and was bad on others.  His highest rating came from handling the pandemic, where 51% of Americans approved how he managed COVID.

In contrast, 43% disapproved. On America’s involvement in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden received a 47% disapproval rating vs only 42% approval.

On job creation, only 41% of Americans sided with Biden while 46% disagreed. In addition, 38% of Americans didn’t like Biden’s management of the economy.

In contrast,46% disapproved. Finally, only 28% approved Biden’s handling of inflation. An overwhelming 68% did not agree with the government’s handling of inflation.

Biden’s Popularity Continues to Sink

As a result of the government’s continued mismanagement of key issues, Biden’s popularity continued to sink to new lows. Multiple polls show that only 40% of Americans approve of the President right now.

This is especially disturbing for the Democratic party, which will need soul-searching months before the midterm elections. 

Biden’s popularity rating dropped significantly among various groups. This includes independent voters, Gen Z and millennials, and Hispanics. 

Watch The Jacobin Show video report discussing why people trust Republicans more than Democrats on the economy?

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Why do you think Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats on various key issues? Is this the beginning of the end for President Joe Biden and the Democrats?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  



  • Texas Heart Breaker says:

    It truly amazes me how people will let the media tell them how to think.
    Instead of thinking for themselves.
    Gather your own inforamation from independent sources, study that evidence for yourself and make your own mind up for yourself.
    That is what is wrong with America today. People have forgotten how to do that !!!
    Like my Father always told me :
    ” Do not believe anything you hear and only half of what you see ” !!!

    I hope Branden sees this:

  • Eduardo says:

    You left off one response, it should have been All OF The Above. Stupid is as stupid does and we have been bombarded with STUPID! From the selection of Biden through the media, he wasn’t elected. Everything the media has done to prop up this clown, he’s in the circus but not running the circus. The whole Demoncratic party is corrupt, evil, and wicked. They are the insurrectionists. They should be tried for treason for what they have done to our country. From the mandatory mask and vaccinations, to covering up snake Biden dealings with Ukraine, Russia and China all the while blaming Trump. To me that’s TREASON, holding Americans hostage and letting illegals run free no masks, vaccinations, free travel and money. I am thinking about changing my immigration status so I can cash in.

  • Sam says:

    The fact that anyone believes any politician from any party shows how stupid Americans truly are!

  • Tim D says:

    How amazing is it that 42% consider him job worthy? Almost as amazing that he was elected in the first place. Almost.

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