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LinkedIn Says Amazon Is The Best Company To Work for in 2022



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In LinkedIn’s latest Top 50 Companies list, Amazon ended up as the best company for 2022. According to the report, the COVID pandemic triggered a resignation spree among workers which forced companies to improve their workplaces.

Some companies managed to adjust better than others. Consequently, this led to LinkedIn’s list of best companies.

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Amazon Best Company To Work For in 2022

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Last Wednesday, the social networking platform released its 2022 Top Companies list. In particular, the social network identified the 50 best companies where professionals can grow their careers.

Among the top 50 firms, Amazon emerged as the best company for 2022. Rounding out the top three are Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Wells Fargo. 

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LinkedIn said that new research showed that some companies managed to navigate throughout the Great Resignation to offer better opportunities for others.

In compiling the list, LinkedIn limited its research to companies with a minimum of 500 workers. Plus, LinkedIn looked into data from its millions of employee profiles.

In addition, it also referred to insights on companies submitted between January and December 2021. In particular, the platform rated each company on seven factors:    

  • Ability to advance. How fast and how often are employees promoted
  • Skills growth. How workers quickly gain additional skills upon hiring. 
  • Company stability. Attrition and turnover rates of employees. 
  • External opportunity. How often do recruiters from other companies try to recruit employees 
  • Company affinity. How many company workers connect with each other on LinkedIn
  • Gender diversity. The gender parity in the company and its divisions. 
  • Educational background. the different education levels among employees

Amazon Emerges As Best Company

Consequently, LinkedIn crowned Amazon as 2022’s best company among the top 50. Dan Roth, editor-in-chief and VP at LinkedIn said that Amazon’s significant investments helped it move to the top spot.

In fact, the company made huge efforts to improve employees’ well being. It also supported efforts by working to upskill themselves.

“The thing that we’re measuring on this list is ’Does this [company] help you grow in your career? And Amazon, according to all of our data, is absolutely the number one place for that,” Roth wrote.

During the last 12 months, Amazon doubled its budget for the maximum base salary for its corporate employees.

In addition, it also introduced new mental health benefits. Amazon also committed to covering 100% of tuition expenses for all hourly employees. 

Treatment of Warehouse Employees

Meanwhile, Amazon’s label as the best company followed criticism for its treatment of warehouse workers during the pandemic.

Earlier, reports surfaced that Amazon’s brutal and demanding delivery schedules led to a harsh working environment at warehouses.

Last week, Amazon workers at its Staten Island warehouse voted to unionize. As a result, the Staten Island warehouse became the first Amazon facility to do so. 

Last year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy admitted that the company can do more to improve worker conditions, especially in warehouses.

“I think if you have a large group of people like we do — we have 1.2 million employees — it’s almost like a small country. There are lots of things you could do better,” he said. 

Three Things That Make The Best Company

Meanwhile, Roth also added that there are three things that set-top companies from the rest. The first is by offering workers flexible work arrangements.

Specifically, the company should have an option for remote work. Second, the best companies provide enough development opportunities.

In particular, this can entail free schooling or leadership programs. Third, workers should have access to free mental health services. This can take the form of free counseling or additional paid time off. 

Watch the Boyce Watkins video discussing that Amazon is ranked as the best place to work by LinkedIn? Wow!

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  • Phil says:

    And Amazon paid Linkedin how much to write this bs article? It doesnt take any work to find Amazon employees that say the complete opposite of this article. This is fake news.

  • Sam says:

    Just another fake article by a pretend news agency. Amazon was the death of many merchants and will be the death of everyone using it eventually.

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