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Report: Google Scrambles to Integrate AI into Its Products



Google scrambles to integrate ai - Google sign at the entrance to the the cloud computing offices | Google Employees

According to reports, Google is scrambling to integrate AI into its range of products in an effort to keep up with rivals like OpenAI’s infamously awakened ChatGPT and Microsoft’s deranged Bing AI.

According to Bloomberg, Google is reportedly working hard to catch up to its competitors in the field of generative AI, including OpenAI and Microsoft. Even though it has proven to be incredibly woke, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been extremely popular. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, said that the impact of ChatGPT will be “more profound than fire or electricity,” prompting Google to scramble to catch up.

Yet, the rapid success of OpenAI has given Google the perception that it may be losing momentum in a subject it had previously considered to be a critical strength. Most of the research underlying the current craze of AI-powered chatbots was undertaken in Google’s labs. All of the company’s most important products—those with more than a billion users—must incorporate generative AI over the next few months, according to a “code red” issued by management.

The mobilization around the push for generative AI at Google, according to one former employee, has caused Pichai to start commenting directly on the intricacies of product features, reliving his days as a product manager. The business already had a significant failure when its initial, hurried AI demonstration provided the incorrect response to a question, resulting in a $100 billion loss in the market value of the internet giant in a single day.

With Google’s statement that users of its YouTube video platform will soon be able to virtually switch between outfits, this push for AI incorporation has already started. While some Google employees are ecstatic about the project, others are concerned that it may repeat the company’s history of engaging in speculative research only to fail to commercialize it.

The mobilization surrounding Google’s drive for generative AI is similar to the company’s drive to integrate social components into each of its core products beginning in 2011 with Google+. Although there is no denying Google’s leadership in AI, it has never been considered as the social networking leader. According to current and former Googlers, at least some Googlers’ evaluations and reviews will likely be affected by their ability to apply generative AI to their work.

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Not just Google thinks AI will be important in the future. Businesses are witnessing surging stock values after unveiling AI integrations, and venture capitalists and business owners in Silicon Valley have suddenly proclaimed themselves to be AI visionaries, moving their focus away from current obsessions like the blockchain. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, recently changed the company’s emphasis away from the metaverse, which he claimed was so crucial to the company that it required a name change, and toward AI.

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