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NY Post: Biden Showing Signs of Decline, Media Stay Oblivious



Joe Biden, President of United States of America, during press conference | NY Post: Biden Showing Signs of Decline, Media Stay Oblivious | featured

The New York Post said that everybody but mainstream media seems to realize that President Joe Biden is showing signs of decline. The outlet listed a number of incidents where Biden seemed to lose grip of the current situation. In many cases, the president seemed to ramble and lose his train of thought.

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Sleepy Joe Is Showing Signs of Decline

President Joe Biden speaks at a town hall meeting during the New Hampshire | Sleepy Joe Is Showing Signs of Decline

The Post reported that during last week’s presser, reporters asked the President if he is considering delaying the lifting of Title 42.

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The controversial order is a Trump-era measure that justifies turning away illegal migrants at the border for COVID health reasons. The President gave a rambling answer, which is both incoherent and incomprehensible.

“First of all, there’s gonna be an appeal by the Justice Department. Because as a matter of principle, we want to be able to be in a position where if, in fact, it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need Title 42 that we’d be able to do that. But there has been no decision on extending Title 42.”

Scientists? What scientists?? The answer Biden gave turned out as a reply against the lifting of COVID mask mandates in public transportation.

The mistaken reply is only one possible proof that Biden is showing signs of decline. If the administration wants to push mask mandates in transportation, shouldn’t they also have no problem retaining Title 42?

Unfortunately, the President likely has no idea which one he talked about during the time. And all of the media in attendance had a front-row seat to the proceedings.  

Biden’s Signs of Decline Continues

Last Friday, Biden also tried to comment on Florida’s recently signed Parental Rights in Education law. “There’s nothing conservative about deciding you’re going to throw Disney out of its present posture because of Mickey Mouse?

In fact, do you think we should not be able to say, you know, ‘gay’? I mean, what’s going on here?”. Don’t bother asking the New York Post or this outlet what Biden just said. We have no idea.  More importantly, we’re more worried about his health than his take on Florida’s state laws. 

On another occasion, a reporter asked Biden about Afghanistan the Monday after Easter. Just as he was about to reply, a White House staffer in an Easter Bunny costume showed up.

She waved her arms in the President’s face and ushered him to a different area. Is this how they distract the President now? More importantly, who is deciding on what Biden can say or not say?

Note that even on previous occasions, Biden often mentions that he’s only allowed to say certain things. He also notes how many questions he can take and to which reporters.

By the way, the Easter Bunny cosplayer turned out to be Meghan Hays, White House director of message planning. 

Media Focused on Trump’s Alleged Signs of Decline During His Tenure

During the term of former President Donald Trump, the media often had a field day checking into the then-president’s mental capacity.

CNN, in particular, relished inviting non-experts to talk about Trump’s seeming signs of decline. CNN’s “Reliable Sources” had actor Robert De Niro talk about Trump’s state of mind.

The network also touted medical opinions from non-medical sources such as Trump opponent Anthony Scaramucci. MSNBC also dispatched Harvard psychologist Dr. Lance Dodes to check into Trump’s mind when he joked about buying Greenland from Denmark.  

Now, with Biden obviously showing alarming signs of decline, the media hardly bats an eyelash. Why is this double standard in effect?

CNN once again takes up the gauntlet for Biden. The network’s Chris Cillizza fired on GOP officials for questioning Biden’s mental state.

“This is the sort of gross, lowest-common-denominator politics that drive people away from public life. If Republicans have some sort of proof that Biden is declining, they should bring it forward. If they don’t, they should stop doing what they’re doing. Immediately.”

Watch Fox News’s Sean Hannity discussing that Biden’s cognitive abilities getting ‘worse and worse’

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