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Toxic Work Culture is the #1 Reason Americans Quit Their Jobs



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Toxic work culture is the leading cause of resignations across America. According to a FlexJobs survey, around one in four American workers recently quit their jobs due to a noxious work environment. They deemed the situation toxic enough to leave their jobs.

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Toxic Work Culture Is The Number One Reason Americans Quit Their Jobs

Woman fired by male director | Toxic Work Culture Is The Number One Reason Americans Quit Their Jobs

According to a recent FlexJobs survey, around 33% of American workers are considering quitting their jobs.

Meanwhile, another 25% actually quit their previous jobs during the past six months. They cited toxic work culture as their top reason for leaving. 

According to Tony Flana, FlexJobs career services manager, the Great Resignation is very much alive. “People are still considering and actively making career moves,” he said.

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They are looking for “a better work experience that will provide benefits like work-life balance and flexibility. From our perspective, the Great Resignation is still very much alive and trending,” he said.

Surprisingly, 68% of the workers who recently quit left without a new job lined up. This suggests that employees are counting on their present leverage to get a new job quickly. 

High Turnover Remains A Major Labor Market Issue

Last year, around 47 million workers voluntarily walked away from their jobs. This year, another 4.4 million people resigned as of February.

This means that high turnover continues to plague the US labor market. February’s turnover rate is just 100,000 short of November’s record of 4.5 million resignations. 

Apart from toxic work culture, workers also mentioned other reasons for leaving. Low salary, poor management, and a lack of work-life balance were also brought up. 

“Of the top seven factors people consider when deciding to quit a job, six of them revolve around the employee experience,” Frana observed. He added that this emphasizes the importance of having “a healthy company culture.” 

Companies Need to Do More Than Raise Wages

In a tight labor market, companies may need to do more than just offer higher wages. Many companies reported success in implementing remote work options during the height of the pandemic.

This is why many workers are now weighing offers from companies with flexible work environments. In addition, they also look for opportunities for career advancement, non-salary benefits, and other perks. 

For workers to successfully jump to a new job, however, they will need to keep their reputations intact. Thankfully, the FlexJobs survey reported that only 4% of workers rage quit their previous employer.

Frana advised workers to think of their future before rage quitting. “When you plan to resign, it’s important not to burn any bridges with your current employer,” he advised.

Give the customary two-week notice and work on your turnover. Passwords, deliverables, and exit requirements. “As your time at the company comes to an end, work to emphasize the positive experiences you had while employed,” Frana suggested. This includes concluding your career with a formal exit interview.

Watch the SurveySparrow video discussing the 5 signs of toxic work culture and how to fix it:

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Do you agree that toxic work culture is the main reason why employees quit over the last two years? What do you think of workers who do so?

Tell us what you think about the Great Resignation. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Princess says:

    I am retired and have worked different jobs during which I had to work in a toxic work place but have also worked in a good place I know first hand how hard it is to do 8 hrs or more in toxic places you become numb or stick it out when my kids were younger I stuck it out but after they left home I was out of there!!!!

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