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8 Places Where You Can Live Off $200K Retirement Savings



8 Places Where You Can Live Off $200K Retirement Savings

For Retirees in the United States, $200,000 in savings would be unlikely to last a 30-year retirement.

It’s little wonder why more and more Americans are choosing to spend their twilight years abroad.

Retiring abroad has many benefits – like cheaper healthcare, a lower cost of living, and a much-needed change of scenery.

When considering retiring abroad, you must consider the:

  • Cost – An obvious one. Can you afford to move there? Will it be cheaper than living in the USA, when including all flights and other expenses?
  • Culture – Are you familiar with that country’s culture? If you’re going to be living there for the rest of your life, then it makes sense to know how the people are.
  • Language – Are you able to get by, day to day, knowing as much of that language as you do? Will you be able to talk to the landlord properly? A very basic thing, but something that could cause problems during your stay.

Stretching your savings is even easier when you receive social security benefits.

In 2016, the average amount came to $1,341 for the average retiree.

$200,000, along with social security payments, should be enough to last thirty years in any of these countries.


Many countries also offer retirement schemes, which can give you a handy tax-break or discounted transport costs.

With the right planning, you can make your money stretch.


The former Spanish colony boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes around, making it a hotbed for retirees and tourists.

Ecuador also has a better healthcare system than the United States, meaning any unfortunate accidents or illnesses can be rectified quickly, and without picking up a huge bill.

Apartments in the capital city of Quito start for just $538 per month – with the added cost of utilities for a mere $53 a month.

The Ecuadorian government also extends generous benefits to retirees to attract them to the country – included discounted services and transportation.


Located right in the heart of Central America, Nicaragua is a first-class retirement destination without the first-class price tag.

Like Ecuador, the Nicaraguan government has sales tax exemptions on construction materials if retirees want to build a home.

To qualify for this, a retiree must be at least 45 years old and must have a monthly income of at least $600 – which could be appealing to people planning an early retirement.

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Moving out of the Americas, we come to the Southeast Asian country of Thailand.

Known for its tropical beaches and ancient ruins, Thailand is a popular destination for retirees.

For Americans, the Asian culture will offer something exotic and foreign – a feeling which may not be matched within the home continent.

Retirement visas are available to people aged over 49 years old – so much time as they meet the minimum requirement of earning at least $1,863 a month, or having $23,000 in a savings account.

Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, is one of the more expensive areas of the country – although it is still around 50% cheaper than New York.

However, living in more rural areas could bring down the price dramatically.


Heading back to the Americas, we get to the east-coast nation of Belize.

The Central American country boasts sandy beaches and scuba diving – as well has having a barrier reef to explore.

With a Caribbean shoreline on the east and a dense jungle to the west, it is the perfect place for an adventurous couple looking to fill their twilight years with excitement.

Belize’s forests are also full of historical Mayan ruins waiting to be discovered, and with an incredibly small population of just 331,000 people, it’s unlikely that there’ll ever be a queue to find your Mayan Calendar and send the Western world into a panic.

Belize City is a popular retiree destination – and not just for the views.

Rent on a fully furnished house can go for as little as $377 a month.

It is also a haven for wealthy individuals, as the Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Program allows retirees aged 45 and above not to pay any tax on earnings made outside of Belize.


Panama is a little bigger and a little richer than many of the options on this list – and therefore their housing isn’t quite as cheap.

Rental prices in Panama City are pretty similar to what one would find in the United States.

However, going out into more rural areas would bring down the price significantly.

The Pensionado Program allows foreign retirees to save a little extra cash by offering discounts on hospital services, utilities, flights and more.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well known for being popular with tourists – but what is little known is that it is ideally suited as a nursing home.

If you decide to live in the capital city of San Jose, rental prices can go as low as just $417 per month.

Utilities are also very cheap – typically between $48 and $79 per month.

Roughly a quarter of the country is covered in protected jungle – teaming with animals like monkeys and quetzal birds.


Malaysia’s cost of living is considerably cheaper than it is in the United States.

Especially when it comes to housing – rent prices are 69% lower than they are in the US.

The exotic culture and low prices make it a hotbed for tourists and retirees alike.

Your money can stretch a long way in this country – especially if you take advantage of government schemes for retirees, like the Malaysia My Second Home Program.


Perhaps the most well-known country on the list, Spain offers a rich heritage and culture and, being in mainland Europe, is in a prime location for those who may wish to travel in their retirement.

The cost of living is not dramatically lower than in the United States – around 20% lower.

However, one of the biggest expenses, rent, is roughly 50% cheaper – which would likely save you an enormous amount of money in comparison to living in the USA.

Qualifying for a Spanish Visa is not a massively complex process – you only have to be able to show proof of residency and proof of income, as well as being free from any illness which may be classed as a threat to public health.

In conclusion

Having an enjoyable retirement for less than $200,000 is not impossible at all – you just have to be willing to look at some somewhat unusual places, which can add to the excitement of it.

All of these countries are very different regarding culture and lifestyle – but one thing they all have in common is that they are considerably cheaper than the United States.



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