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4 Beginner-Friendly Websites for Buying Stock



4 Beginner-Friendly Websites for Buying Stock

Want to start buying and selling stock, but not sure where to begin?

We’ll point you in the right direction. This is a list of websites that are beginner-friendly.

Luckily there’s options online where you learn and practice trading stocks.

1. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade was founded in 1975 and is a trusted online brokerage. They do over 900,000 trades a day and have 11 million customer accounts.

You can create an account at They’re currently offering newcomers to trade for free for 90 days.

Afterwards, TD Ameritrade charges $6.95 for stock trades. This is a higher fee than other online brokerages, but it’s worth it.

Their platform is easy to navigate and you can trade on your mobile device.

TD Ameritrade offers a great education for beginners:

• Courses
• Quizzes
• Over 200 videos
• Many webinars are offered every month

TD Ameritrade also offers a lot of helpful tools:

• Earnings analysis
• Company profiling
• Conduct real-time stock scans

And much more!


E*TRADE began in 1982 and serves millions of customers. They charge $6.95 for stock trades and offer discounts to active users.

You can open an account at E*TRADE does require a minimum of $500 in your account to begin.

This may seem like a lot for a beginner, but you’ll need that much to see any real growth. And this amount is low compared to some brokerages.

Beginners need one thing above else: an education.

And that’s what E*TRADE does best. They offer a massive library of articles, webinars, and educational videos.

You have access to reports, market news, and commentary from E*TRADE specialists

E*TRADE is education-heavy and can be a great ‘mentor’ as you start trading stock.

3. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity began in 1946 and has over 20 million accounts to date. This platform has a user-friendly design and feels intuitive.

You can open an account at

Fidelity charges $4.95 for stock trades, which is the cheapest listed here. Generally speaking, Fidelity is light on fees.

They offer everything a beginner needs to create and maintain a portfolio. And their platform offers tools for active traders.

You can access a chart of ranking stock selections. It’s color-coded to highlight important options. You can sort stocks by performance or size.

You can check a box and explore Fidelity’s commission-free offers.

The workflow is smooth. It’s easy to transition from researching equity to making a trade.

4. Robinhood

Robinhood is a pretty bare-bones site. It’s easy to use and designed well.

You can sign up at

However, it does not offer many tools to help you along the way. And it doesn’t provide much research to help you make decisions.

The plus side is they offer $0.00 trades, which merciful for beginners.

They allow low account balance users to trade 1 or 2 shares a time.

This is an excellent place to begin if you’re brand new and want minimal exposure to the trading world.

But you shouldn’t stay at Robinhood for long. It’s difficult to scale here.

Once you sharpen your teeth, try out a brokerage that offers research and tools. Then you’ll really start making money.

Give it a Shot.

Trading stocks can be scary at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Remember, the most important thing is to study and research.

This list provides with great places to get started. They offer excellent education and are beginner-friendly.

Which site are you going to try out?

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