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Chase Bank’s Customer’s Information Has Been Compromised in the Largest Cyber Breach Ever



The last thing most people expect to happen when they give their money and information to their banks is for someone to steal it. Unfortunately, there are currently two men being held captive in Israel and Moscow for doing doing some serious financial cyber attacking. The trio charged are Ziv Orenstein Gery from Israel and Joshua Samuel Aaron from Moscow. They will be charged for stealing over 100 million bank customer’s contact information. Last summer's theft of data released sensitive information like email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and names of about 90 million Chase Bank customers. The men also got charged with twenty-three counts related to wiring fraud and securities. Four, in particular, was the conspiracy to commit security fraud, security fraud, conspiracy to commit PC hacking, PC hacking.

Preet Bharara, an attorney present at the news conference said that the ordeal was the biggest theft of customer information from a US bank. Loretta E. Lynch, the Attorney General stated that the suspects successfully committed one of the biggest theft related to financial data in the history of the US. Those that did this were getting away with and using other's personal information by the thousands.

In the state of New York, there was a formal accusation left unsealed in Manhattan's Federal Court stated discovering sensitive info on more bank customers also got stolen in cyber attacks that date all the way back to 2012 up until the summer of 2014. In those cases, the crime happened with several financial institutions and financial news publishers. The start of the hacking occurred early eight years ago, and one or more of the suspects responsible for the crime dabbled in various other criminal schemes. One of them included the function and development of at least twelve web based casinos that violated US laws and another concerned America's securities market manipulation schemes.

The millions of dollars that these men stole were hidden in Swiss accounts and various banks that had no ties to their name. Attorney Bharara concluded that this type of hacking was a business model. Their motive was to either to glance unsuspectingly at executives email to thwart their rivals or to take the customer base of competing web-based casino companies.

Another indictment was made in the last week that had several charges against Anthony Murgio, who authorities believe was operating a Bitcoin exchange business without a license. There seems to be a connection with him and the Chase Bank hack. Authorities who investigated the case stated that the men made over 200 false identities thirty of which were created by false passports that were “missed” out by the US as well as about 18 other countries.

Another related indictment that was recently unsealed said that an unknown hacker and Shalon used web-based chats to talk about the plans they had. Attorney Horn mentioned the two men had some success when they cold-called investors and fabricated a conversation saying they wanted to sell their database to a different bank. Horn also mentioned that the private contact information belonging to over 12 million Scottrade and E-trade customers got compromised around the end of 2013.

Crimes that are related to these businesses are added to the New York indictment, but the businesses names are not mentioned. Shalon's lawyer cannot be reached for questions at the moment, and Orenstein's lawyer failed to respond. Bharara stated that the US law enforcement worked together like never before in the prosecution. Bharara said that that the hurtful reality is that there are various types of cyber crimes that often remain unsolved and the suspects get to walk away free. Most of the times when these type of events get investigated, the trail will grow cold, and that would be the end of the story. They are hoping and trusting that they can change such unfortunate events from happening and this case will be the start of it.

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