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5 Investing Tips For Beginners



If you need help in managing your money wisely, look no further because we have 5 effective investing tips for beginners. Sure, investing may seem like a huge responsibility, but with these tips, you can jump-start your investment in no time.

Investing Tips Beginners Need To Know

1. Assess yourself and your finances

Assess yourself and your finances | Investing Tips For Beginners

While it is good that you want to start investing, it is better to assess you and your finances first. You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Am I ready to commit not only my money but also my time?
  • How much of my salary can I invest?
  • With all my expenses, can I still afford to invest?

Investing is a commitment, so you have to be mentally and financially ready. If you have debts and loans to pay, then it can be a pressure to set aside some money for your investment. And so, it's best to get rid of them beforehand. In between payments for your debts and loans, you can set up a budget for your expenses, emergency fund and how much you are willing to invest.

Some questions you can ask include:

  • How soon is the return on investment?
  • What type of earnings can I expect?
  • How much risk is involved?
  • Is my investment tax exempt?


2. Don't be afraid to seek help

Investing for the first time can be quite overwhelming because there are so many important details to know, remember and keep track of. If you are unsure in certain aspects like opening an account or where to invest, then it's best to ask the people who know it better. For example, most brokerage firms would have a customer service who can assist you. You can also use this opportunity to ask questions and address your concerns.

Do not just rely on the financial market news. Seek the advice of a financial professional.


3. Know your options

Know your options | Investing Tips For Beginners

People have different financial situations and also, different preferences. So you have to know which will work for you. Some investment options include:

  • 401k plan
  • Annuities
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Private equity funds
  • IRA
  • Stocks
  • Treasury securities:
    • Treasury bills
    • Treasury notes
    • Treasury bonds
    • Treasury inflation-protected securities
    • Floating rate notes (FRNs)
  • Trusts

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4. Do your research

Do your research | Investing Tips For Beginners

Check the news and articles for investment-related updates. Make use of the internet to look for more ways to invest and so, grow your money. However, be wary of scams and fraud. So before signing anything, always do a research beforehand.

Check the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for the latest market data and information.


5. Do not neglect saving money

Do not neglect saving money | Investing Tips For Beginners

Sure, you have an investment which you can use in the future. However, it is still best to have savings you can use for emergency or whenever you need the money to. Remember that some investments, especially long term, cannot be withdrawn or converted to cash immediately.

Tips to save money:

  • Commit yourself to put a part of your paycheck to your savings account
  • Monitor your savings, so you become more motivated to save
  • Consult a qualified and licensed professional

Know the important investing lessons from the expert here.


For more investing tips, watch this clip from Project Life Mastery:


In conclusion, investing for the first time may be overwhelming. But with commitment, enough knowledge, and advice from financial professionals, it will become easier.

Are there other investing tips you know? Share it with us in the comments below!


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