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Is Donald Trump A Real Deal Maker?



Is Donald Trump A Real Deal Maker? A Look At His Real Estate Business Sales

Is Donald Trump a real deal maker? Let’s look at the track record of his previous Real Estate Business sales.

Donald Trump’s campaign alone has been built on his reputation as the master deal maker. For example, his promise to make Mexico pay for a border wall without any discussion or talk with the Mexican President.

The payment is only one of the concerns – Donald will have to make many significant deals, as leader of the US nation, through negotiation and compromise:

  • Foreign Policy.
  • Large American Companies.
  • Resistant Democrats.
  • Congressional Democrats.

Everything which can put America at stake and possibly also contribute to global influence.


An example of a Donald Trump deal that went wrong:

Television City

The City was going to be headquarters for NBC, a skyscraper in the shape of a rocket with a possibility of being the tallest building ever.

They used $700 million from the city’s tax as an incentive towards the project, with the total cost being $4.5 billion (the biggest development in New York since the Rockefeller Center).

Trump’s plan was to bring in other local stakeholders, but he had competition with other prominent locals like the city’s mayor Ed Koch – who had his idea for the redevelopment of the city.

What went wrong?

Ed Koch wanted a development to lesser scale – ideally, something which would be of more benefit to the residents. E.x. parks.

Instead of trying to negotiate an agreement, Donald Trump instead went on a warpath, and a major war of words erupted between them – an argument which went as low as name calling.

Other reasons why Donald Trump would make a bad President: 

#1. Statements of bigotry

He has caused a lot of controversy with bigoted comments. For example, the belief that marriage should only be between a man and woman. He is openly against the rights of same-sex couples and the LGBT community.

His stand on the same-sex marriage would take America’s progress of equality back by fifty years.

2# Trump being a successful billionaire business person is wrong

The deal he messed up above is only one of the horror stories. He has filed for bankruptcy numerously over the years. Most of his money now comes from his celebrity appearances and not from his business.

Before his celebrity appearances, he inherited the majority of his wealth from his father.

3# Donald Trump has no humanity or empathy

Running a nation shouldn’t be run the same as a business, for a start, the welfare and livelihoods of your citizens should just be as important, if not more, than running a prosperous economy.

Trump’s humanity is seen clearly for what it is, in this saga – to build his golf course where he wanted i.e. in Scotland, he consequently made many residents homeless by bulldozing their land.

The same situation took place when he built hotels and casinos. He rendered a lot of minority communities homeless so that he can line his own pockets with vested business interests.

He has already spoken out against affordable healthcare for poor working American citizens – so his morality is not where it should be, especially to have the role as President.

4# Trump is greedy

He has very-capitalistic belief, which would take away all the hard work of trying to level America into an uneven playing field.

He has stated that he would:

  • Abolish welfare monies.
  • Cut job programs.
  • Cut education funding.

The above changes would cripple both the middle and working classes while the super-rich gets extreme privileges.

5# Donald Trump isn’t smart…

He has never given any credence to any scientific advancements like stem cell research and is void of knowing about mathematics or science. Even in his expert field of business, he has made very clumsy decisions, usually at consequence from his behavior or lack of negotiating skills.

Donald Trump would more than likely re-inflate the property market, in hope that it works this time.

6# Trump is very impulsive

A lot of his impulsiveness has been the cause of his business failures, leading him to overspend and make the most unthinkable investments. He is also very well known for his outbursts, along with his pursuits built on pride and ego.

This would be a disaster for any US President to have any of those characteristics, instead, the social skills needed should be:

  • A person who is calculative and calm.
  • Open to dispute.
  • Willing to compromise.
  • Able to put the nation before self-pride or ego.

Trump's act of blowing hot with another world leader, could even put global peace on the line.

7# He has been Racist

Mostly his remarks will come from social media like Twitter, like when he tweeted that Latinos and blacks are causing most of the crime inside the United States.

He has also wanted to disallow all Mexicans from crossing the border but is happy for allowing Europeans to have a chance for a green card. This immigration thought of his reeks of discrimination.


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