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Texas Beats California As The Quitting Capital of the US



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As the Great Resignation swept across the entire country, Texas emerged as the official quitting capital of the US. As early as September, Texas recorded more resignations compared to any other state, including quitting capital rival California.

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Texas Is Now Officially Quitter, USA

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas listed 440,0000 resignations, beating California by 40,000. This gave the state the dubious title of Quitting Capital of the USA. However, the BLS thinks that the trend will continue. 

Preliminary data from October shows that Texas will continue its trend of mass resignations. Currently, the BLS lists 455,000 Texans leaving their jobs in October.

The trend in Texas is somewhat surprising. On average, the United States is recording a decline in resignation rates overall.

This reverses an earlier trend this year when the US set several new highs on voluntary resignations several times. 

Will Texas Retain the Quitting Capital Title in 2022?

If you ask PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Great Resignation is just getting started. Not just in Texas, but across the entire United States. A new PWC survey finds that 65% of workers are looking for a job.

Roughly translated that means two out of three American workers are looking for better opportunities. However, note that some of these workers might just be soft searching, or passively looking for other opportunities.  

For Texas, in particular, local staffing firm Robert Half sess the trend will continue with Texas. Turnover will accelerate in the state in the first 6 months of 2022.

For example, their survey showed that 38% of Dallas workers were looking for a new job during the summer of 2021. The number rose to 40% for Texans who want to change jobs between this year and next. 

Reasons To Quit: Workers Want More Money, More Benefits, Remote Work

Robert Half listed the main reasons why Dallas workers are looking for new jobs. The findings reflected the same sentiment elsewhere in the US.

48% want more money, while 40% want better benefits and perks. Another 40% want remote work options available to them. 

According to the BLS, there is an inverse relationship between remote work and resignations. As more workers lose their remote work options, the number of resignations rose steadily.

In May 2020, 35.4% of employees reported having remote work options due to the pandemic. However, that number shrunk to 11% by October of the same year. 

The numbers indicate that many workers are looking at remote work as a strong incentive. 

Watch the WFAA news video reporting that “We did it! Texas is now the job-quitting capital of the US”

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What do you think of Texas getting the title of Quitting Capital of America? In addition, why do you think many Americans are quitting their jobs lately?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments below.

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