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Tesla To Share Charging Stations With Other EVs within 2021



Tesla Supercharger station with 40 charging stations all on solar power | Tesla To Share Charging Stations With Other EVs within 2021 | featured

Last Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that their network of electric vehicle charging stations will accept other EVs from rivals. The stations, also known as the Tesla Supercharger network, will start accepting other EV brands this year. 

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Tesla To Share Charging Stations

Musk responded to a fan who posted a question on Twitter about the charging station. A user by the name of Marques Brownlee wrote: “Serious question: Why don't more electric car makers take up Tesla on their offer to use the Supercharging network? Incompatible tech? Hidden fees? Pride? There's gotta be a good reason.”

Musk, who has a following of 58.3 million Twitter users, responded to the question. He replied that “They are, although it’s kind of low-key. Tesla Superchargers are being made accessible to other electric cars”.

As to another comment on why Tesla made their own type of proprietary connectors, Musk replied: “We created our own connector, as there was no standard back then & Tesla was the only maker of long-range electric cars. It’s one fairly slim connector for both low & high power charging. That said, we’re making our Supercharger network open to other EVs later this year. 

Charging Stations Available In Other Countries Eventually

However, Musk did not elaborate on the details. He did not specify which stations on the Tesla Supercharger network will allow charging from other electric vehicle brands. He also did not specify which automakers or models are compatible with Tesla’s on-the-road chargers. 

But, he did confirm that Tesla plans to make the Superchargers open to other electric vehicles in all countries eventually. Prior to this announcement, Tesla used to promote the Supercharger Network as an advantage that separates it from its rivals. Its electric vehicles will have access to charging stations that remain exclusive to Tesla. 

Membership Not Required

Tesla also made its Supercharger Network available to all tesla drivers without the need for membership. Instead, drivers will receive bills for the charging done at the station.

Depending on local laws, Tesla will charge drivers by the minute or per kilowatt-hour. For now, Tesla cars can hook up to any EV charging station using adaptors. However, level 3 charging stations and Supercharger stations remain exclusive to Tesla vehicles. According to Tesla’s website, the company now operates more than 25,000 charging stations around the world.

Newer Supercharger stations use unique connectors, which make them incompatible with other EV vehicles that want to charge. For Tesla drivers, this means shorter lines and more available charging ports.

Now, Musk promises to share the charging stations with other EV types. At the same time, media outlets said that Tesla is in talks to establish fast-charging stations open to electric vehicles from other companies in Germany, Sweden, and Norway.

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