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Biden’s $3.5T Spending Program Will Only Make Things Worse



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President Joe Biden’s proposed $3.5 trillion spending program will likely make things worse instead of making things better. That’s because it mostly plans to spend lots of money on bloated and defective programs. These programs need fixing first before anything else. 

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Spending Programs Covers Birth to Death

According to a Bloomberg Opinion article by Michael Strain, the $3.5 trillion spending program plans to extend government assistance to Americans from birth to death.

Strain argues that instead of coming up with a local version of Euro-styled social democratic programs, Biden’s spending programs want to fund the same broken programs plaguing America until this day.

The bulk of Biden’s spending program will support redundant features. However, these programs will still fail to help those who need help most. 

If the Democrats would have it, they will fund various social programs aimed to alleviate the struggles of Americans daily. This includes enhancing paid family leaves, childcare, universal preschool, child support, and even job training.

Democrats also want an expanded Medicare that included dental, vision, and hearing coverage. While details remain in development, the aim is clear.

Biden and the Democrats hope to narrow the socioeconomic gap between the haves and have nots. They will do so by turbocharging government support to Americans. However, this will produce the opposite effect. Personal responsibility will continue to drop while dependency rises. 

Spending Program Will Pour Money on Defective Welfare Systems

Medicare, for example, won’t improve if the Democrats’ spending program will add more service coverage. As is, Medicare is already on the brink of running out of money. Unless Congress comes up with a way to increase its funding, the present Medicare will collapse within five years. 

Instead of prioritizing the increase in service offerings, Congress should propose a plan to fix its fiscal condition. 

Child-care services will also suffer the same way if Democrats get their wish. Their plan is to expand the grant sizes for each state. However, there are no plans to look if there are enough providers to stabilize the cost of child care. 

Job Training Programs Need Overhauls, Not Just Funding

Job and on-the-job training are major components of the $3.5 trillion spending program.  Throwing money into the problem won’t make for better jobs or increased social mobility.

That’s because existing job programs remain ineffective in increasing productivity. Unless the spending program focuses on innovating programs to help engage workers better, this is another case of throwing away good money. 

Work-based training programs are also another matter. Simply increasing the budget won’t help if employers won’t have the chance to help with the curriculum.

Real-world experience will often show which jobs or skills are currently in demand. However, training in soft skills such as teamwork and communication will also need attention. 

Figure Out Which Programs Work, And Remove Those That Don’t

A large enough budget like $3.5 trillion will likely create expectations from American citizens. When the government then just decides to throw more money into the same old programs, that’s when the problems start.

The spending program should give enough time for implementers to figure out which programs work and which ones don’t. Only then can they even start allocating money to fix the problem before expanding programs. 

Democrats should look at removing redundancies and focus the funding on the people who can benefit from these programs. This is the only way to get support not just from Republicans, but from their own party members as well. 

Watch the PBS NewsHour video reporting that Democrats push to pass ‘historic legislation' but major obstacles remain:

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What do you think of the $3.5 trillion spending program proposed by the Democrats? In addition, do you agree that the government has the responsibility of providing cradle-to-grave services to all Americans?

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  • Terry Norrington says:

    Money that we don’t have (meaning adding to our debt) is not being fiscally responsible.
    Reduce spending, get people off subsidies and back to work to reduce our debt.
    Our country is not strong enough to indirectly more debt. China is setting by waiting to move further into our country to take it over from the inside.
    Our Top politicians are obviously compromised by their own greed for power and control.
    If this sounds like the CCP, it’s most likely because it is.
    Bring justice to our country then fix the parts that need fixing, like our economy and Reduceing our debt.

  • Gary Roller says:

    Our law abiding, tax paying, legal citizens are who Joe Biden and his democrat colleagues should be supporting due to our tax paying citizens are who pay their salaries supporting their existence.
    Joe Biden and his democrat colleagues are as useless as a screen door on a submarine so what do you expect for nothing!!!

  • The professor says:

    Keep your weapons clean and make sure you’ve got plenty of ammo… and learn how to grow a garden of vegetables….. we are living in a time of total chaos under the sleepy Joe regime ….. I can just imagine Gen. Patton Gen. MacArthur and general Eisenhower rolling over in their graves at all the military hardware and weapons left behind in Afghanistan

  • Rob J says:

    If you have the means to get out of this soon to be failed country, now is the time.

  • JOEL K GOODMAN says:


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