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Biden Issues EO to Make US Govt Carbon Neutral by 2050



From carbon positive to neutral | Biden Issues EO to Make US Govt Carbon Neutral by 2050 | featured

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to make the US government carbon neutral by 2050. The President aimed to leverage the government’s massive purse strings to promote clean energy.

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Biden Issues EO To Make US Government Carbon Neutral By 2050

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In his executive order, the president set new goals for the federal government to cut its carbon dioxide emissions. By 2030, Biden pledges to make the US government 65% carbon neutral.

Afterward, the federal government hopes to achieve full carbon neutral status by 2050. 

These targets put the US in sync with global targets that aim to make the world achieve zero-emission status within the century.

In fact, climate experts say that the planet needs to shift to green energy to turn back the effects of climate change. 

Biden Also Pushes Buy Clean Policy

In addition, the President’s Executive Order also establishes a “Buy Clean” policy. This directs the federal government to utilize greener energy on everything from materials to power sources.

“The executive order will reduce emissions across federal operations, invest in American clean energy industries and manufacturing, and create clean, healthy, and resilient communities,” the White House said.

Biden issued the order as he visited a Kansas transportation center. He is currently on a nationwide tour to promote his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law.

The president also noted that commuters and workers can benefit from the $39 billion funding to modernize public transportation. 

Transition To Clean Energy and Going Carbon Neutral

Meanwhile, the executive order is the White House’s latest initiative to transition the US economy from its fossil fuel dependency to green energy.

As the country’s top employer, the federal government holds around $650 billion in annual purchasing power. Also, the White House hopes that businesses hopeful for lucrative contracts will conform to the environmental-friendly policies.

In addition, the White House hopes that eventually, businesses will make products and services more affordable for families and businesses. 

In fact, the federal government plans to spend billions to replace its fleet of 600,000 cars and trucks with all-electric vehicles. It also wants to upgrade its 300,000 buildings to use power more efficiently.

Specifically, all light-duty government vehicles purchased by 2027 will feature zero emissions. Afterward, all government vehicle types meet EV standards by 2035. 

Communities Like Kansas Helping Tackle Climate Change

In his earlier remarks, Biden highlighted how modern public transit helps Kansas meet its zero-emission goals. Shifting into electric modes of public transportation can play a big role in addressing climate change in the future. 

Watch the Latest News video reporting that President Joe Biden issues an executive order that would make the US government carbon neutral by 2050:

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  • JOEL GOODMAN says:


  • Tim says:

    I was thinking the same thing, but then I thought,.. it’s not really
    Biden because there isn’t anything going on in his head. Somebody is pulling his strings.

  • John Marus says:

    Carbon neutral is impossible. It’s idiotic and conceited to think that 1) the earth is billions of years old
    2) man has been here only millions of years at best and 3) man has destroyed the climate in the last 150-ish years of the industrial revolution

    If you have a creationist view, then our creator has given us what we need to survive and thrive. Life is carbon based. The earth is an organism that goes through cycles of climate.

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