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‘Day Without a Woman’ Shows How Important Women are to the Economy and the Country



After more than a million women across the country turned out for marches protesting President Trump, a smaller crowd turned out to support International Women’s Day. The organizers of the Women’s March put together a new demonstration, called “Day Without a Woman”, to show the strength of women and their importance in the workplace.

What’s the Impact of “Day Without a Woman” Look Like?

Women make up approximately half the population of the planet. Yet, a gender gap still exists in the U.S. with women earning $0.81 for every dollar a man brings in for the same work. For those reasons, and for equality overall, women across the country protested for socio-economic justice. Organizers of the protest called for women to take the day off from work, wear red in solidarity, and not go shopping. How does that affect the economy?

According to the Center for American Progress, women account for $7.6 trillion of the nation’s GDP each year, comprising 47% of the American labor force. If all women in the labor force took a day off, the economy would suffer to the tune of about $21 billion – and that’s just the paid work! Women entrepreneurs owned more than 11 million businesses in the U.S. in 2016, up 45% from 2007 – with about 1,000 new woman-owned businesses opening daily since then.

However, the biggest impact of losing women in our country wouldn’t be the billable hours or revenue they produce, but the effects they have on developing our future. 36% of all employed women are employed in education and health services. That means schools and hospitals. Women are busy shaping the minds of tomorrow and fixing the country when we’re sick.
On top of that, women control between $5 – $15 trillion in purchasing power yearly, which amounts to 75% of the consumer wealth in the U.S.

Support showed for women today with everyone from the president to Adele, Serena Williams, and David Beckham chiming in on Twitter in solidarity. But the most impressive display of support came from State Street Global Advisors, the world’s third largest investment firm, who installed a temporary statue of a defiant girl standing up to the Charging Bull of Wall Street with a plaque reading “Know the power of women in leadership, She makes a difference.” The plaque was the object of massive attention as State Street pushed for more women in board roles on (and off) Wall Street.

Here's a video showing people's reaction regarding the ” A Day Without a Woman” Protest from Boston Herald:

One thing is clear – women are vital to the continual growth and success of our country and our economy, and should continue to propel America forward if Day Without a Woman is any indication.

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  • cv says:

    The woman’s march only showed how many women are not serious about their jobs. Everybody else is out working so they can have a march without a point. You can’t legislate absolute equality, because every situation is different. Promote awareness, and encourage fair treatment, and then get to work.

  • mike P says:

    All these meaningless stats are totally useless. What if men took off a day, what would be the cost, what if children stopped giving joy to their parents for a day and so on. Today is kidney day, what about foot days, where would you go without your feet and so on! The Trump fable that is pushed out by the left and billions of mindless women buy it and protest, to what end. Reality indicates that Trump has treated his employees, particularly women, very well, he has hired the first woman campaign manager to win a presidential campaign! How about taking a day off and contemplate all the meaningless protests going on around the world. How about reasoning time out to see for yourself if you are being pushed to meaningless, useless and harmful protests that benefit the prejudices of others!

  • laulau says:

    What are these women griping about now? They have more freedom than anyone. They have been in high positions for decades. All they need is to work hard and they can achieve. Do they want something free? Quit griping and go to work.

  • Damien says:

    Just to entertain a little black humour, does anyone in government consider their job as part of protecting their economy from potential harm by “designing out” potential problems have the idea that women should be removed from the work force as a protectionist measure?
    I live in hope of seeing a politician come out and say something along these lines just to see the backlash! Bwa ha ha ha!

    And if anyone has difficulty with the English language, no, I do not support the idea.

  • carltjohnson says:

    Day Without Women?…didn’t notice…but it was a nice Quiet day!!!

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