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Johnson & Johnson Sued For Cancer Causing Sunscreen



Johnson & Johnson Inc. logo at the Markham office building | Johnson & Johnson Sued For Cancer Causing Sunscreen | featured

Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson faces a class-action lawsuit. In particular, the suit happened after J&J announced a recall for five of its spray sunscreens.  due to the presence of benzene. Benzene is a cancer-causing chemical banned for use in the household.

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Johnson & Johnson Sunscreen Recall

J&J recalled some sunscreen products from its Aveeno and Neutrogena lines. This includes Aveeno Protect + Refresh aerosol sunscreen. It also includes four Neutrogena sunscreens. These are Beach Defense aerosol sunscreen, CoolDry Sport aerosol sunscreen, Invisible Daily Defense aerosol sunscreen, and UltraSheer aerosol sunscreen.

Valisure, an independent testing lab in Connecticut, issued a report last May 2021. It found out that some J & J products contain high levels of benzene.   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, benzene can cause leukemia. Cancers can develop when users receive long-term exposure to high levels.

Class Action Lawsuit

Leading the class action lawsuit is legal from the Beasley Allen law firm. In addition, residents Johanna Dominguez and Sharron Meijer filed the suits in a California court. It sought an injunction and asked for damages. This is on behalf of consumers who bought the affected products.

“It should not have taken the publication of a third party’s tests to bring this critically important information to the public, and J&J’s response so far is not enough,” said product-safety trial lawyer Andy Birchfield of the Beasley Allen law firm, which is representing the plaintiffs in the suit. “We will find out how long J&J knew about these concerns and why it took so long to take action,” he added.

Johnson & Johnson Said The Recall Is Voluntary

Meanwhile, a J&J company spokesperson insisted the recall is voluntary. “When the industry was alerted to this matter, we immediately began a comprehensive end-to-end investigation of our manufacturing process and raw materials, including internal testing and a thorough data review.

We also conducted a robust health and safety assessment. The results informed our decision, which we proactively brought to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” the spokesperson said.

“While the use of these products would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences, we are asking consumers to stop using them. We believe this is the right decision to ensure consumers are confident in using sunscreen products,” the spokesperson added.

Benzene Not An Ingredient

In addition, J & Jthe pharmaceutical and beauty goods company said that benzene is not an ingredient in its products. Specifically, it said it started an investigation on how benzene ended up in the J&J products. The company also assured that the amount of benzene in their products won’t cause serious health consequences.

“Daily exposure to benzene in these aerosol sunscreen products at the levels detected in our testing would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences,” J&J said. “Out of an abundance of caution, we are recalling all lots of these specific aerosol sunscreen products,” it added.

Watch the CBS Detroit News on J&J Sunscreen Recall: Five Neutrogena, Aveeno Sunscreens Recalled Over Cancer-Causing Ingredient:

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Do you use J&J sunscreen products? With the findings of benzene, will you buy these products again after the recall?

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  • David says:

    AstraZeneca, moderna, j & j, all serial felons, and have paid billions for KNOWINGLY putting dangerous/deadly products on the market. Why do you think they demanded immunity from liability from the gene therapy? And the criminal, corrupt politicians gave it to them.

  • .... says:

    I’ve completely boycotted all J&J products from bandages to sunscreen to the effing experimental gene therapy shot that has been proven to contain POISON. Yep. No wonder there are weird side effects (including death!!!!) If you care about your health at all, stay away from J&J products, no matter what they are. This story just proved that you can’t trust their labels to tell you the truth.

  • Dave says:

    “…some J & J products contain high levels of benzene.”

    “…at the levels detected in our testing would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences,”

    So is this all about a greedy giant corporation that doesn’t care if its products kill people, or is this all about greedy “sue for fun and profit” lawyers?

  • Reggie says:

    Figures! This “family company” produces an experimental biological agent containing graphene oxide & a spike protein that are bound to kill you within 2-3 years of taking. So I’m not surprised they’d created sunscreens containing chemicals that give us cancer.
    I won’t even use their dental floss!

  • John says:

    If this has some proof to it, then where is the FDA? Aren’t they supposed to be checking for this sort of thing. Typical, the Biden administration is asleep at the wheel-AGAIN!

  • donna says:

    my daughter in 2010 died of ovarian cancer after using baby powder all her life; my husband and I both took t he J&J covid shot and now after we have used the sunscreen that has been recalled !! We are definitely through with any thing J&J has put on the market.They certainly can not be trusted with your life

  • Pat B says:

    Where do I return my sunscreens that have been recalled?

  • Ali says:

    All these government agencies are a scam! Trump was trying to unveil the swamp. That is why he was such a threat to the political elitists.

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