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Moderna Vaccine ‘Actively Preparing’ for Distribution



Moderna Inc makes mRNA-1273 experimental COVID-19 vaccine-moderna vaccine-ss-featured

In light of advanced stages in its clinical trial, a Moderna vaccine is actively preparing for distribution. One of the Covid-19 vaccine leaders, Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine is expecting trial results by November. An independent data monitoring committee will conduct an interim review in November. This involves sifting through data from  30,000 volunteers.

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Also, by the end of 2020, Moderna aims to produce 20 million doses, with another 500 million to 1 billion doses by next year.

Phase III Trial Infection Rates Meet Expectations

Moderna reported that trial infection rates were on track with expectations. Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks said that they are “following the ZIP codes and the counties from which these participants come, we have pretty sophisticated models of what to expect.” He added that “I think we’re on track for those expectations.”

During Thursday’s results call, CEO Stephane Bancel said they hope for FDA approval soon. A U.S. regulatory green light for Moderna’s vaccine would endorse the biotech’s vaccine platform.

In a press release, Bancel wrote: “We are actively preparing for the launch of mRNA-1273 and we have signed a number of supply agreements with governments around the world. Moderna is committed to the highest data quality standards and rigorous scientific research as we continue to work with regulators to advance mRNA-1273.”

How does the Moderna vaccine work?

mRNA-1273 uses synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) to mimic the surface of the coronavirus. It then “teaches” the immune system to recognize and attack it. This technology is the same used by Pfizer and BioNTech to create a rival COVID-19 vaccine. The method has yet to produce an FDA-approved vaccine.

The Phase III trials, which involve 30,000 participants, expects to end by early November.  Moderna’s board will conduct its analysis only after there are 53 diagnosed cases of Covid-19.

The FDA will require a two-month safety data follow up after the final trial. So, Modena will have to file for emergency use authorization. This can happen as early as mid-November, upon completion of the trial review.

Moderna vaccine Getting Supply Deals Ready

This early, Moderna is readying its supply deals to its early customers. This includes governments of the US, Japan, Canada, and Israel. The US pre-ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine valued at $25/dose. They also have an option to buy an additional 400 million doses. All in, Moderna holds $1.1 billion in deposits from its customers. This includes grants and performance payments.

The most recent deal came via Takeda of Japan. Moderna announced earlier today that they will supply Takeda with 50 million doses. Pending local approval, this batch will arrive during the first half of 2021.

More inquiries are coming in. The company is in talks with the European Union for possible supplies to its members. It is also negotiating with the World Health Organization group COVAX. Discussions include vaccine distribution and scalable pricing.

Moderna Shares Up by 13%

Moderna stock prices rose as much as 13% in Thursday trades as investors warmed up to a potential vaccine. Shares traded higher by as much as 13%, as it reiterated that it is “actively preparing” for its vaccine launch.

During the earnings call, Moderna reported a 3rd quarter loss of $233.6 million, or 59 cents a share. This is greater than Refinitiv’s prediction of 43 cents per share. Moderna generated $157.9 million in revenue. This is more than double the expected $77.5 million.

Watch this as Yahoo! Finance reports that pharmaceutical firm Moderna is getting ready to distribute its vaccine across the globe:

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  • Jenny Jones says:

    No vaccine is ready that fast. It takes years to be tested. NO VACCINE FOR ME!!!!!

  • DavidBell says:

    If the vaccine is effective and not harmful, It should be made immediately available. I am concerned about the vaccine and it’s alternate effects, such as altering DNA and tracing individuals. I am not informed enough to be able to vote without having these questions answered.

    What I know is that the aged those with health problems are at risk. I am in both categories. I worry about the effect of the vaccine as note above and the potential danger of taking it at the same time. I also am aware of reporting errors(by intent or by accident) have framed the China virus as being far more dangerous that it really is. I have research the influenza outbreak in 1918/19. My grandparents were of this generation. Healthy people, even the aged at that time were not immune but did not die from the influenza.

    Masks are not effective in preventing the spread of the virus(protective). Molecules escape through masks, especial cloth masks so they are not a preventive. At the same time, they do not prevent inhaling molecular particles, hence they appear to me to be of little value.

    Perhaps the biggest point here is that the economic and mental health issues as well as the violation of Constitutional liberty is more dangerous to the population than the virus itself. I cannot support what is occurring related to lockdowns, suppression of economic activity and the affect mentally on many people. Suicides have skyrocketed. Unrest and violence has expanded.

    If the vaccine works it should be available so I have answered with a checkmark on the 2nd category despite misgivings.

    David Bell – Rockport, Texas (832)306-8722

    • J. H. Smith says:

      Well, David, I hate to tell you this; but, herbs and spices do not work. Holistic medicine is a joke. If you think the corona virus is not as bad as it is made out to be, you aren’t looking at the numbers. Corona virus is NOT influenza. it takes more than one molecular particle to give you the virus. Masks most certainly are effective in preventing the spread. They work by preventing YOU from contaminating everything and everyone around you if you are positive but asymptomatic. . They do no prevent you from getting the virus. This vaccine does not put any live corona virus into your body. It just uses protein markers to tell your immune system that your body has been invaded. I am 73 and have health problems too. But, I most certainly will take the vaccine when it is available to me.

  • Robert Charles says:

    I agree with Jenny, I don’t want any vaccine that was “Quick Fixed”. I’ll take my chances with ” Holistic Medicine”. A strong immune system is safer andNO side effects!

  • James Wojtkowiak says:

    I dont want to get the China virus and I dont believe that they would put something on the market to injure anyone saying that I would take it, I dont think I’ll grow a third arm or mutate into something else, I know there are risks in takeing it, but I take a risk every time I drive somewhere, I know Im not going to live forever in this mortal body.

  • Q 2 says:

    I do believe there will be a vaccine I believe there will be several of them I believe a couple of them will only work 30 40% what’s the time just making symptoms less severe and not actually a cure I believe next year there will be a vaccine that comes out that works differently than most alter your cells which will be very effective however that will be the one they mandate however the side effects to this will be not discuss kept in the dark from the American people which will be sterilization of the male population in possibly females as well vaccine will serve more than one purpose it will serve as population control unbeknownst to the American people so beware

  • Q2 says:

    The truth is it does not take years to make a vaccine as some may think the majority of that time cutting through the red tape so I conclude the permit in the bureaucracy remove those allowing the development in actual testing to be done without waiting on red tape to be signed or permitted as well as licencing…….. Feel free to read my posts on other topics and sites such as …The red alert news…

  • Thomas Aiellos says:

    With the criminal behavior in our government??????

    NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!!

  • Q 2 says:

    There will be several vaccines that come out the first couple Maxine will be fine no ill side effects but they won’t be as effective as we would like 30 to 40% there will be one coming out next year that’s the one you will have to worry about to my understanding it will alter your genes and also be able to be inherited it will be very effective however it very well may cause sterilization among young men impossibly women which falls right in line what population control part of the deep state New World Order agenda but again it will be effective but keep in mind this virus coming from Wuhan China designed for one purpose and one purpose only military application in population control effects older people and those with illnesses those are individuals who are first to be terminated as the Georgia guide stones state the ideal world population it’s to be obtained at 500 million worldwide fortunately that would mean the population of the United States would drop to approximately 40 million people this first virus was designed in tried to study its effects in the way of the spread it will altered for maximum Effectiveness and in re released probably within the next 18 to 24 months and will not respond to any current treatments at that time allowing Mass genocide throughout the world that was a test in only a test the real deal is coming soon be ready

  • Martin T Robinson says:

    I would like to volunteer for testing

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