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Toyota Backs Up, Will Stop Donating To Republican Objectors



Toyota Tundra Cavalier Blue by the cabin in Hayward | Toyota Backs Up, Will Stop Donating To Republican Objectors | featured

More than a week after defending its stance on political contributions, Toyota announced it will stop donating to Republican objectors. The Japanese automotive giant said it will reverse its earlier policy. It will now stop donating money to Republicans who refused to certify the 2020 elections.  

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Toyota Initially Defended Its Decision

Previously, Toyota defended its donations to lawmakers who voted against certifying the elections.  that said President Joe Biden won the elections. Toyota doubled down on its decision to support certain members of Congress.

They said that the contributions they gave reflected their overall support to lawmakers. Toyota said they donated to lawmakers who helped the auto industry and the company. In addition, it said it's not right to judge lawmakers based on how they voted in the certification.

However, the Lincoln Project video hit Toyota head-on. The company then issued another statement saying they've changed their mind. In other words, they're staying on the safe side of the controversy.

The Lincoln Project Rams Toyota

The non-profit Lincoln Project is a Republican PAC that preaches moderation. It is a group that's highly critical of former President Donald Trump. In fact, the group actively campaigned against Trump's reelection.

Now, TLP threatened to target companies like Toyota that supported Republican objectors. It vowed to attack companies who gave money to Republicans who supported Trump. Last night, the PAC released an ad that attacked Toyota’s political contributions.

The Lincoln Project tweeted an introduction for their Toyota-targeted ad. “Toyota vehicles feature safety detection systems, smartphone integration, and more white nationalism than you might've expected,” it posted.

Meanwhile, the video played with a narration criticizing Toyota for its political donations. “America's free-market, the democratic system has been good for companies like Toyota for a long time. So, why would Toyota support politicians who tried to overthrow the very system that's been so profitable for them,” the ad declared?

Backlash On Toyota’s Decision

As a result, many Americans found out about Toyota's donations to Republican objectors. They took to social media to say they’re not buying a Toyota anymore. Coupled with the Lincoln Project’s attack video, the automotive giant made a sudden U-turn.

“Toyota is committed to supporting and promoting actions that further our democracy. Our company has long-standing relationships with Members of Congress across the political spectrum, especially those representing our U.S. operations.

Our bipartisan PAC equally supports Democrats and Republicans running for Congress. In fact, in 2021, the vast majority of the contributions went to Democrats and Republicans who supported the certification of the 2020 election.

We understand that the PAC decision to support select Members of Congress who contested the results troubled some stakeholders. We are actively listening to our stakeholders and, at this time, we have decided to stop contributing to those Members of Congress who contested the certification of certain states in the 2020 election.”

Lincoln Project Applauds Toyota's U-Turn

Reacting to Toyota’s turnaround, the Lincoln Project cheered the move. “Toyota made the right choice today,” the Lincoln Project posted on Twitter.

Watch the Yahoo Finance video reporting that Toyota is suspending donations to election objectors in Congress:

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Do you agree or disagree with Toyota’s decision to stop donating to Republican objectors? Is this really about the 2020 election certification? Did Toyota cave into the pressure of losing money?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments in the comment section below.



  • Renee Booker says:

    Toyota obviously bowed down to the pressure of loosing future sales based on their political position on the 2020 election. I have a Toyota, I have bought Toyota’s over the past 12 years. I will NOT buy a Toyota in the future, they have NO integrity.

  • Robert Ross says:

    First of all! The Lincoln Project is not a conservative organization! They are 100% running blocker for the DNC! As for the “majority”, as you stated, of Republican voters, we do not ever vote for Democrat politicians! The polls that were quoted were created by internet bots, not actual people voting! Irregardless, I don’t own any Toyota products and never will!

  • Mario says:

    Toyota sells great cars and truck… Right?
    Perhaps, that’s all Toyota should do!
    This b.s. has gotten way out of control and needs to stop. Toyota should sue the daylight out of TLP, and crap nazi organizations like that for slander. What the hell!?! Just shut up and sell vehicles! This lefty/pinko/commy/marxist garbage needs to be stopped wholesale!

  • Gregory Castle says:

    just another company trying to be politically correct. Aside from the bad decision, it shows that weenie, young,American hating college traitors run Toyota’s marketing department. it’s really troubling when FOREIGN COMPANIES, especially JAPAN, interferes with American politics. Why do you alien 50% of us?

  • Robert Rainey says:

    These democrats have gotten their dirty and rotten fingers into almost every company and humans pockets. It ashamed that they use scare tactics to push their hatred for Trump and Republicans alike. You can’t give in to the democrats for disliking others political beliefs. Toyota is a fine company and should stand their ground solidly.

  • Al M. says:

    Toyota caved and they feared loosing money. That’s the society we live in here in America. We print “In God we trust” on all our currency, when in fact it’s the currency we not only Worship, but trust in. Doesn’t matter if you are Dem or Rep, they all worship a false god. MONEY

  • BOB N. says:

    My wife and I have purchased 14 Toyotas over the past 37 years and have enjoyed every one of them. Toyota knows how to build a quality vehicle but knows nothing about American politics. Ioyota needs to stay out of things they do not understand and stay focused on what provides their bread and butter. We will not be buying any Toyotas nor will be recommending them to our friends and family. Do not judge what you do not understand.

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