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5 Million Americans Missed Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine



One person is answering question about vaccines. The person is not ready for the second dose | 5 Million Americans MIssed Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine | Featured

Around 5 million Americans, or 8% of those who had a first COVID-19 dose, missed their second dose. This is according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Data also shows the numbers are getting higher. Also, this is double the rate among people who took the vaccine during the first several weeks.

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Millions Not Getting The Second Dose

Even prior to the COVID-19 vaccination drive, the United States is already dealing with part of the population that remains against vaccines.

Now, the country is grappling with a number of Americans who have yet to show up for the second dose. According to medical officials, getting the second dose is critical in securing complete protection against coronavirus. 

Reasons for not getting the second dose came out during interviews. Some said they feared the side effects, which included flu-like symptoms. Others insisted they already have sufficient protection in a single shot. 

Supplies Are Out of Stock

While experts expected these reasons, a third reason is causing new concern. A number of vaccine providers started canceling appointments for a 2nd dose because the right brand is out of stock.

For example, Walgreens, one of the government’s vaccines providers, had to send some patients to other pharmacies.  They referred those who received Pfizer or Moderna vaccines as the first dose to stores that carried that brand. 

Several Walgreens customers said they had to scramble and seek help from pharmacy staff to locate the outlet with the correct brand. Others gave up upon discovering the store doesn’t have their brand. 

Already Warned About This

Earlier, public health experts warned about the challenge of asking people to return for a 2nd-dose after three or four weeks.

As such, it’s no surprise that as vaccination became more widespread, those who chose to skip the second dose went up as well. Meanwhile, state officials are scrambling to keep the numbers of skipped second doses from further climbing up. 

In Arkansas and Illinois, health officials assigned teams to call, text, or send letters to people to remind them to get their second shots.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania officials are running after college students to get their second shots before they leave campus for the summer. In addition, South Carolina allocated several thousand doses specifically for people who are overdue for their second shot.

What Happens If You Don’t Get The Second Shot?

Health officials say that based on trial and real-world immunization campaign results in points to risk when people miss the 2nd shot.

Compared to the full two doses, a single dose will only trigger a weaker immune response. Also, it may and may leave patients more susceptible to dangerous virus variants. Even as a single dose can give partial protection against COVID-19, it remains unclear how long protections last. 

Among the vaccines authorized for use, only Johnson & Johnson carries a single-dose version. However, issues of blood clots occurring in some female patients put the deployment of J&J vaccines on hold.

While the federal government already recommended resuming the use of Johnson & Johnson vaccines, they expect demand to remain low. The combination of the safety scare and ongoing production problems will likely mean fewer takers. 

Watch the CNBC News reporting that millions of Americans are missing their second dose of COVID-19 vaccines:

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Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or did you miss your second dose? In case you missed it, did you do it intentionally or it just happened?

Let us know what you think about getting a second shot. Share your comments in the comment section below.



  • John Martin says:

    If it calls for two, then get 2. Don’t be stupid! there is no such thing as half DEAD or half DANGEROUS!!!

  • BBA says:

    @John Martin. Don’t be stupid??? Millions of Americans have put these injections into their bodies without knowing if there will be any long term side effects or what is even in the damn drug??? With a survival rate of over 95% if you contract COVID why in the hell would you gamble with this very dangerous shot?!? I’m sorry but if you trust what the CDC is telling you about how safe these drugs are then why is the FDA doing huge damage control in trying to hide mass amounts of complaints about these COVID shots totally making them sick?? DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Survival rate is 99.7

  • Duane E says:

    I did not get one…I won’t. It’s a FRAUD on the people of the world. Smarten up people.

  • Jason Neu says:

    The vaccines used technology that is over ten years old, and it’s the 5% that die that matter to me, their loved ones, and hopefully all that have any compassion. I nearly became one of those 5% and Covid had left me with chronic fatigue syndrome and symptoms of arthritis since last June but after the second jab, I was returned to the perfect health I had before Covid, and that happened almost overnight.

    All these vax deniers have lived their lives free of measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and likely other diseases because they were vaccinated in their youth, yet they buy into unfounded fears, just like they believe th big lie of the 2020 election. May you enjoy natural selection by opting out of the vax, but damn you for delaying our reaching heard immunity.

  • LLB says:

    Number one. It’s NOT a vaccine! NO, I didn’t get the first, and am VERY disturbed that some uneducated did, due to being scared by MSM. I want to know who is going to be held accountable for the KNOWN and UNKNOWN effects of an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG used on the American people? This is truly Genocide, thanks to Bill Gates, Fauci, the Clinton Foundation, the CCP, the WHO, and anyone else who could make a dollar.!!!! So tell the truth, and why we even needed to spend billions, and kill, God knows how many, for a virus (cold) that has a 99.6+% recovery rate???? Thankfully you didn’t fool everyone! 🙏

  • Anonymous says:

    We are never going to agree so you do you and I’ll do me!

  • Phil& Prejean says:

    We not only have taken both shots and if a booster is recommended at a later date we will be in line to receive it. Have had no side effects whatsoever.

  • CM says:

    The least trustworthy groups of people on the planet (politicians, big pharma, the tech oligarchs, and the MSM) all are pushing you to inject an experimental vaccine which they have released themselves from liability. What kind of person is so distanced from their natural survival instincts to do that? These same people want to reduce the human population. With a 99.5% survival rate, how can you not see that this is a deadly scam? When will people understand these psychos don’t need or what you around?

  • Elaine says:

    I received the Pfizer vaccine, both the primary and secondary shots. I had no side effects.

  • W&M says:

    No way no how are we getting the shot, do you even believe the government??

  • Dave says:

    You left a catigory out. I had the COVID-19; or so the test said (64 years old, and it was no big deal; I’ve had worse colds). Not a “denyer”; did my quarantine; wife didn’t even get it. Not sure I really need to get the vaccine. They say you do, but they have been both wrong and lied to us many times already. My attitude at the moment is wait and see and I’ll let everyone else get it first and I’ll decide sometime mid summer. If it gets mandated, then I won’t. Note to CDC and politicians; the more you lie to me the less likely I am to follow your orders…uh, I mean, recommendations. Note: Masks are next to useless (and have side effects) and lockdowns are worse than useless. Be prudent and get on with life.

  • Jayna Dinnyes says:

    Yeah. I tell folks NOT to take the COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines! The sweet young clerk at my bank replied, “I don’t take anything free from this government.”
    Instead, take a safe natural healthy supplement. Costs less than $10.00 a bottle.
    It has prevented all flu and Coronavirus’ including COVID-19 for me since 2009.
    I report about it publicly on MeWe.
    ETERNAL LIFE BLESSINGS FOR YAHWEH’S SAINTS! HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

  • RetrumplicanQ says:

    I don’t understand you agree with everything else your DADDY trump says and does. He made the shot and took the shot so why not? Or you can do what Dr trump said drink Lysol or Clorox so be a good Qretrumplican and mind your daddy trump and take shot or other.

  • BJS says:

    Nope no vaccination for me. Don’t need one. Last vaccination for me stopped my heart for 20 seconds with a nurse hovering over me while on the table yelling BREATHE MR. xxxx BREATHE MR. xxxxx. Sorry libtards following the dog and pony show of Harris/Biden.Obama. Step up and enjoy your juice. James Jones has a great Kool-Aid drinkers for you anti Trumpers. Your Science boy Fauci states if you wear 2 bathing suits it’s ok to pee in the pool.

  • E garcia says:

    I have taken both the first and second dose of the Pfizer vaccine with no side effects!! I am 70 years old and DAMN all of you who aren’t getting vaccinated and putting my life in danger

  • BarryJ says:

    Hey I don’t appreciate being “damned” just because you’ve drunk the kool-aid and I haven’t. And respect your elders–you young whippersnapper. Why on earth would any sensible human being want an experimental “vaccine” put into your body for a malady that is 99.7% survivable? Trump gave us a “option”, NOT a mandate. This whole China virus thing stinks to high heaven. Way too many bad outcomes for my taste. Check back with me in 5 years Garcia–if you make it that long.

  • Beverly Worley says:

    I Received my Second Dose on @5 Feb. Took a Road Trip through the SE USA and haven’t worn a mask in almost a month. I think Vaccines work by spreading Antibodies to the un-vaccinated.
    I’m 71, Feel Great and would encourage Everyone to get the Vaccine if you’re comfortable doing so.
    I am and while I have never worn a mask outside–because science has Always said the risk outdoors is Really Low–and, Now, unless you require it–Because I will always comply with what makes others feel comfortable–I am perfectly comfortable Never wearing a mask again!!! Science IS on my side!!

  • Glen says:

    People accuse people with a brain of being stupid. In actuality, if you take an experimental “vaccine” that really isn’t a vaccine, you are being stupid. And, yes, the 2020 election was stolen. The more states complain about potential audits, the more they prove such. Most liberals have been ideologically subverted, so nothing you say to them will change their minds. You can have a video and put it in front of their faces recording truth, but they will not accept it.

  • Sonya Marie Uribe says:

    The second dose was just as simple as the first. Very thankful I had my chance to get vaccinated and recommend others to show up to receive their doses. GOD BLESS AMERICA. GOD BLESS MY HEART. ❤️

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