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White House Says 75% Of Adult Americans Now Vaccinated



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As of Tuesday, 75% of adult Americans received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. According to White House officials, this is a new milestone in the battle to overcome the dreaded coronavirus pandemic. In addition, around 53% of all Americans now have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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75% Of Adult Americans Received COVID-19 Vaccine

Earlier in August, the United States hit the target of vaccinating 70% of adult Americans. Health officials achieved the milestone about a month after President Joe Biden’s imposed July 4 deadline.

Despite the wide availability of COVID vaccines across the country, many adult Americans remained hesitant. Many adults, especially conservatives, refused the vaccine for various reasons.

This includes questions on the vaccine’s safety and efficacy. Many also professed distrust of the federal government’s vaccination program objectives. 

As a result, the United State lagged behind many countries in achieving favorable vaccine rates. To counter this, the Food and Drug Administration gave one vaccine its full approval.

This led to a flood of vaccine mandates from government agencies and businesses requiring employees to complete their inoculations.   

Get The Pandemic Under Control

Despite the increase in vaccination rates, the US continues to suffer prolonged outbreaks in many areas. As of this week, the US averages 152,222 new cases and 1,497 deaths daily

In fact, the US is bracing for a COVID-19 total death toll of 650,000. With the renewed surge in cases, President Joe Biden plans to address the issue Thursday by outlining a “six-pronged strategy” to “get the pandemic under control,” according to Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

However, Psaki downplayed any new strategies for Biden’s upcoming announcement. She also shot down any suggestions that the federal government will issue a national vaccine mandate.

The White House does not have the authority to require vaccines on a nationwide scale. As a result of this lack of authority, the US had to deal with the pandemic on a state-by-state basis.

States with Republican leadership often take a different or opposite stance on how to manage the pandemic. Florida and Texas are among the states that preferred leaving decisions on wearing safety masks to individuals instead of mandates. 

US Set Grisly COVID-19 Records During The Summer

As a result, cases of COVID-19 reached record highs during the early months of summer. The US, despite having vaccines available, set a record high on daily new cases last August 27.

Deaths and hospitalizations also rose. Last September 2, the US set a new, grisly record of 3,911 deaths from COVID in a single day. 

Outside of convincing unvaccinated adult Americans to get a vaccine, the Biden administration is also pushing for booster shots for the vaccinated.

The FDA is currently studying the application for approval for a third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine it recently approved. Beginning September 20, vaccinated Americans can get a third dose eight months after their last shot. 

More Infections Foreseen As Schools Reopen

With schools reopening in the Fall despite a massive resurgence of the virus, the US is bracing for even more daily COVID-19 cases.

Adding to the woes is the spread of the highly infectious delta strain, which accounts for more than 90% of all new cases. In addition, infection and hospitalization rates are rising among adolescents around the US. 

Last week, Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky issued an appeal to all Americans.”We know what we need to do to protect our children: get vaccinated, wear masks, and follow CDC guidance. We must come together to ensure that our children, indeed our future, remain safe and healthy during this time,” she said.

Watch the Moment News video reporting that the US reaches 75% of adults with at least one vaccine dose:

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Are you among the 75% of adult Americans who have at least one COVID-19 vaccine? Why or why not are you getting a vaccine? In addition, do you foresee the end of the pandemic in the near future?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments below.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Paul says:

    It is good that 75% of the country is vaccinated. But with Government and Businesses forcing people to be vaccinated to work is pushing conservatives away. In order to get them to get vaccinated. Maybe the way would be less forcing and to let them think to help out is an obligation. But unfortunately that time has passed. The more we do the worse it will get. Now we’re faced with hard decisions and no answers.

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