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Biden Declares Success Even As US Misses Vaccine Goal



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During the Fourth of July celebrations, President Joe Biden said the US successfully achieved its vaccine goal. What he didn’t say is that as of Independence Day, the country only managed to vaccinate 67% of the population. This is a full 3% short of the targeted 70% needed for herd immunity. 

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States Vaccine Goal Rates Divided By Party Lines

Unfortunately for Biden, only 18 states plus the District of Columbia managed to hit the vaccine goal of 70% vaccination. Unsurprisingly, those 18 states voted for Biden during the presidential elections.

These are Vermont, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Mexico, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Washington, New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Virginia, Delaware, and Minnesota. Of the 18, only Vermont, Hawaii, and Massachusetts registered vaccination rates of over 80%. 

In contrast, many states in the South, Midwest, and East fell behind in reaching their individual vaccine goals. Of the 32 who didn’t make it, three states, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Wyoming have yet to hit the 50% vaccine goal.

Mississippi, the poorest state in the nation, lags far behind at 46.3%. Meanwhile, about 33% of the total US states have yet to hit the 60% barrier. Seven of those states barely made it over 50%. 

Biden Declared An End To Pandemic, Then Warned Against The Delta Variant 

Despite the numbers, Biden found it enough to declare his 70% vaccine goal campaign a resounding success. Speaking at a White House South Lawn Independence Day party, he all but declared an end to the pandemic.

In particular, he praised what he called a “heroic” vaccination campaign that gave the US its independence from the virus.  Today, all across this nation, we can say with confidence: America is coming back together. Today, while the virus hasn’t been vanquished, we know this: It no longer controls our lives, it no longer paralyzes our nation and it’s within our power to make sure it never does so again.”

At the same time, Biden cautioned against lowering your guard against the new COVID-19 variants. He then appealed to Americans who have yet to get vaccine shots to do so.

Noting that more than 603,000 Americans already died from the virus, he said that getting a vaccine is “the most patriotic thing you can do.”

Vaccine Goal Missed But the US Surges Ahead

Even as Biden missed his vaccine goal target by 3%, the US remains ahead of countries that already reopened their economies. According to the Bloomberg COVID Resilience Ranking, the US remains the best in the world to be right now.

Bloomberg credits the vaccine rollout featuring the mRNA shots for turning the country around. A year ago, the US was among the worst-hit countries. Now, its economy is humming along, with jobs outnumbering workers. 

However, the challenge remains to overcome the new mutant strains of the coronavirus. The delta variant is spreading faster than earlier strains. There’s no telling what can happen when the Delta breaks out in areas that remain less vaccinated.

Experts say the Delta variant spreads faster by 40-60% compared to the dominant Alpha strain. At the moment, states from New York to California reported yet another increase in positive test rates. In fact, Delta’s infection rate is doubling every two weeks. 

Rapid Response Teams

Earlier, the Biden administration announced that they will deploy rapid response teams across the country to delta hot spots. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said around 1,000 counties, mostly based in the South, East, and Midwest, might get into problems given that their vaccination rates are at 30% or less. 

“When you have such a low level of vaccination superimposed upon a variant that has a high degree of efficiency of spread, what you are going to see among under-vaccinated regions—be they states, cities or counties—you're going to see these individual types of blips,” Fauci told CNN this week. “It's almost like it's going to be two Americas,” he added. 

Watch the CityNews video reporting that President Joe Biden misses July 4 vaccination goal:

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What do you think of Biden’s announcement that the US hit its goal? Did you do your part in getting to 70%? In addition, are you especially concerned with the Delta strain of COVID?

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  • BBA says:

    Anything that Biden announces is just static noise. He is being told what to say and has no damn clue on what’s actually going on in this country. He is just a puppet for the Obama regime.

  • George Santella says:

    George Santella the president is a total idiot if he thinks 67% is a good thing. It is 3%off his 70% goal. Once again President Biden is an idiot. And needs to find people who tell him the truth.

  • Lori L Ferguson says:

    “President Trump Is Our, USA’s Great Leader!!🇺🇸
    Biden is pathetic!!”

  • Esther says:

    My two cents is that I don’t trust this virus period!
    The world really is at the mercy of vaccines that r still going through trials. We now have ‘variants’. We r told by the ‘leaders’, that it’s ok to not wear masks after two doses. Then r told by other knowledgeable ones, that we should wear when ‘this or that’..The numbers r a distraction to a lot of folks. The reality of all the pandemic holds is no one knows what is coming next. Pray for a better understanding. Pray for our President and our country, and our world.

  • Gautam Banerjea says:

    At the end of the day we the people have to get vaccinated. You can bring the horse to the water but can’t make him drink it. Biden’s effort is commendable but we seem to be blaming him for things we need to take accountability for.

  • Allison says:

    Had it not been for the previous administration we would not even have had a vaccine roll-out!!!

  • RetrumplicanQ says:

    Had it not been for previous trumpet saying ITS A HOAX AND IT WILL GO AWAY WE WOULD NO BE IN THIS MESS. Biden might be bad at math but at least he is trying to get people vaccinated even the idiots that still believe the DONALD Q TRUMPETS LIES.

  • Ronnie king says:

    Biden and his whole crew are the greatest downfall to America

  • wolfen says:

    Biden is a fucking moron

  • R Gorton says:

    Not concerned. The regime is fear-mongering again and would like to lock the country down.

  • Rick E says:

    I feel like I’m watching a never ending episode of Gilligans Island with these people. What’s going to get screwed up next.

  • Veronica Turnage says:

    The blind leading the blind. God help us get through this incompetent Administration of Biden, Harris, Obama, and Pelosi.

  • Will not Comply says:

    This pandemic is a joke. Tanked the world’s economy over a virus people are 99% going to survive. It is all about control. Many people are having permanent disability or death after taking this rush through non vaccine! My wife and I are 70ish. We both had the virus. We don’t need your stupid vaccine.

  • Bob says:

    Biden is a loser all around
    ….fuck him.

  • Anonymous says:

    You all need to just calm down a wee bit. The people who sit at home and won’t take the vaccine are only hurting themselves. One day that virus will catch up to them. They have relied on curb service or delivery service for their needs. I say knock out the cub service to these peopl. I understand that some people cannot take the vaccine but I believe in vaccine cards and/or stated reason why a vaccine cannot be given. But to believe that someone in the government is out to get to you with a vaccine or some people who are sitting back and waiting to see if the vaccine has really bad side effects on everybody who takes it, are just playing around with their own lives as well as lives around them. These are not dumb and stupid but really dangerous things to do. You all need to stop and think about what you are doing. Again I am not talking about those who have a valid medical condition that cannot take the vaccine but those people who are sitting home and judging other who do believe that the vaccine is the only way we are going to beat this virus. We do not have herd immunity yet and won’t have it if left up to these bo zos. I know a few of them, and am trying to get them to see reason. But they would rather sit at home, not go to work when the country needs them. They are not only shooting themselves in the foot, but everybody else as well. GO GET The SHOT.

  • Michael McLaren says:

    Biden has only focused on Covid which he has not been able to take complete care of,but we are the USA and the border,North Korea,the border,Israel”our ally”,the race gender in America,and China,he has shown the citizens of America that he cannot handle the responsibility or the stress which is a nassesity for the role to be our Preside

  • Ron says:

    BIDEN His name says it all. B-iggest I-diot D-emocrats E-ver N-ominated .

  • JimBo says:

    All you negative people, nay-sayers, and Trump’tards need to get a grip, calm down, take a chill pill, or whatever. Especially you Trump’tards — you’re quick to say that because of Trump, we have an early vaccine. You forget that, also because of Trump, we have/had some many deaths from the virus. If he had quit trying to say it was a hoax and would be gone in a few weeks (which always gave me rise to question: if it was a hoax (which means it never was real), why would anyone care if it would be gone in a few weeks, or even months or years? When I asked the same question to Trump’tards, all I ever got back was ted-faced screaming.

    Any ways, back to Biden. 🙂 Give the guy some credit, he walked in to governing with Trump throwing as many a wrenches into things as he could, and yet has managed to get 67 percent of Americans vaccinated. Yes, he missed the mark by 3 percent — I doubt Trump could have done any better, or would be organized.

  • Anonymous says:

    All Biden as done is made a BIG mess

  • Rudolph Hillstrom says:

    Biden will be replaced by Trump in August!!

  • Robert Gereck says:

    Biden is a crooked lying motherfucker and so are the idiots who voted for him

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