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COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids Is Key For Herd Immunity



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Achieving herd immunity won’t be possible without a COVID-19 vaccine for kids. This represents a major dent in herd immunity efforts, given that children under 18-years old hold around 22% of the US population. Experts estimate that the needed immunity threshold for the coronavirus requires between 70-90% of the entire population vaccinated. This means that children should receive vaccine shots to achieve this balance. 

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COVID-19 Also Affects Children

In addition, more than 13,500 children caught coronavirus infections as of March 2021. OUt of the number, more than 260 children died. Unfortunately, vaccines available for adults have yet to secure clearance for use by children. Getting FDA approval requires separate trial results for the age group. While drugmakers such as Pfizer and Moderna already started clinical trials for kids, results will take months to complete and analyze. 

Octavio Ramilo, chief of infectious diseases at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, in Ohio, agrees with the need to vaccinate children sooner. “We definitely need to get kids vaccinated if we want to be as close to normal as we can,” he said. In addition, herd immunity won’t happen unless children receive protection from COVID-19 as well. “It’s hard to do (immunity) just in terms of numbers if you’re not going to vaccinate kids,” said Adam Ratner, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital in New York.

Testing for COVID-19 Vaccines for Kids Ongoing

Currently, only Americans 16 years and above can receive vaccines from Pfizer and partner BioNTech SE. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson only authorize shots for people 18 years old and up. Meanwhile, the UK and EU authorized AstraZeneca and Oxford University’s vaccines for adults 18 and over. 

Last Thursday, Pfizer said it started vaccine trials for children from 6 months to 11 years old. More than 2,000 children from ages 12 to 15 years joined one study. The company expects results within the next few weeks. If the numbers are good and the vaccine proved effective, Pfizer will submit the data to the FDA and apply for emergency use authorization. In the meantime, Modern announced they hope to have their vaccine available for adolescents in time for the 2021 school year opening. Also, Moderna recently launched a separate trial for children as young as six months. In addition, the University of Oxford will start trials for children ages 6 to 17 years for its vaccine developed with AstraZeneca. 

Faster Trials For COVID-19 Vaccines for Kids? 

Unlike the previous trials where efficacy became the focal point, the kids’ trials will focus on safety and immune response. If the results of the trials show that enrolled children showed a similar immune response as adults did, then the efficacy will likely show the same results as adults.  

This doesn’t mean the vaccines will be ready soon and maybe even this year. COVID-19 vaccines for kids will most likely show up by early 2022. Health experts think that researchers need to test lower doses, which means more time to analyze. 

“The dose is not such a big leap to go from adults to teens,” said Katherine Luzuriaga, a pediatric infectious disease physician. Luzuriaga is also the lead investigator of Moderna’s adolescent trial at the University of Massachusetts Medical School site. “Once we start going into the younger age groups, there’s a bit more work to determine the appropriate dose,” she said. 

COVID-19 is Milder for Most Children

Children infected with Covid-19 overwhelmingly experience mild symptoms but usually recover. However, they can still get seriously ill on rare occasions and can transmit the virus to others. Until the availability of COVID-19 vaccines for kids, health authorities say children can safely resume certain activities like in-person learning at schools that take precautionary measures. In addition, some experts caution against focusing too heavily on a specific herd immunity target. Building up population-level protection is an incremental process.

Watch the CNBC Television video reporting that drugmaker Pfizer administers Covid vaccine doses to children under age 12 in a trial:

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Do you support vaccinating children with COVID-19 vaccines for protection and to help with herd immunity? Let us know what you think of vaccines in general, as well as the need for developing herd immunity. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



  • steve says:

    how could anybody in there right mind run to receive an unknown “drug” at the bidding of Bill Gates who has propagated the reduction of human population for decades !? This is a treatment for a disease with a 98.8 % complete recovery, wake up America !

  • Marie says:

    Is it worth getting a trial vaccine for a virus that has a 98% chance you won’t die from it? Let’s please think about this people. The brainwashing has to end as some point. I will not get the Covid vaccine, my child will definitely not get a Covid vaccine OR any other vaccine for that matter.

  • CF says:

    Exactly-no way in hell that’s being injected into me or my kids!

  • margaret albert says:

    I will never allow a unknown drug to be used on my children. We know Bill Gates is for reduction of the human population and is only interested in the money form the vaccine. People do recover from this ,I know for a true fact. Wake up America, read between the lines. Before they tells us that we have to or they can’t go to school and we can’t go anywhere either. We need to take a Stand Now. Before it is to late and they will take our rights away!!!!!!!

  • Lynn N says:

    Under different circumstances, I wouldn’t take it, or let my son have it. After his last flu shot he was in and out of the psych hospital for months. However, we have a daughter who is quarantining strictly and will until her children can be vaccinated. They are 3 years old and 2.5 weeks old. If a vaccine is what we need to get near them, we will do it.

  • Mike Steeger says:

    It’s junk there is no proof that this injection is the cure.

  • Mark P. says:

    Yeah, lets use our kids to put EVEN MORE $Billions into the pockets of the drug companies, at unknown levels of risk.

    How about – Let the kids catch it and get over it, like the chickenpox. Duh.

  • Wendy Phillips says:

    mRNA injected into my body with instructions? This is NOT a good idea. The impacts and affects of doing this are yet to be seen. I will NOT be receiving the vaccine and neither will my children. I am feeling “bullied” to do so at work and in the community. All of the talk of initiating the “passport” requirement is quite alarming. What is wrong with people in the USA? Most of the population is wandering around like a herd of sheep that cannot think for themselves and seem convinced that doing everything that this Administration says to do is a great idea. All of our freedoms are being taken away right before our eyes….we need to continue to fight for what is right and good and not uphold anything that is wrong or evil….

  • Wendy Phillips says:

    By the way…..does calling us “the herd” and “herd immunity” strike a negative note with anyone else in America?

  • Daniel Beane says:

    that’s how they think of us as just cattle

  • Charles says:

    Shame on you Capitalist for presenting such a propagandist piece. There was no pandemic. Yes there was a wave of illness caused by Covid but the deaths were either outright lied about ie murder victims and automobile fatalities called Covid deaths due to the possible positive responses from a dubious PCR test or cramming the weakest and frailest of our society together in convalescent homes to be infected and die or the complete treatment mismanagement by health care refusing to use known curatives such as Ivermectin an hydro chloroquine to treat instead putting people on ventilators. The vaccine is nothing but a money grab by big pharma and the govt response was to control the people and destroy our economy so that socialism could be implemented. Again shame on you Capitalist. You sold out.

  • TheTruthBurns says:

    The Disunited States of UnAmerica reminds me of NAZI Germany where All the Good Germans did what they were told & after the war said “We Didn’t Know” what was going on. Mass Hypnosis? Mass Hysteria? That’s how Hitler did it. Stop Reading or Listening to the MSM, Government, Social Media it’s All Brainwashing You! But Americans are some of the Stupidest people on Earth.

  • Patricia L Ferrara says:

    How this piece of trash article end up in your publication? Did CNN buy you out? Thought you were for FREEDOM & TRUTH, not SOCIALISM & LIES! SHAME ON YOU!

  • Anonymous says:

    It is with great foolishness at the least that you would push this death trap on ANYONE and evil to force it on children. IT IS NOT SAFE OR EFFECTIVE. Don’t get it.

  • Red says:

    A vaccine for kids is the only way that Gates and Pelosi can force the ID2020 chip into the finger of every American. CDC is now onboard lying about the efficacy of the vaccine stating that it “prevents Covid-19” when all three vaccine manufacturer websites info says it only “reduces the symptoms.” The mRNA factor in the vaccine actually does interact with a person’s DNA, contrary to what the media would have us all believe. It has to in order to force the body to create the protein the body doesn’t have. I say, don’t mess with my DNA, don’t implant a “digital ID” or digital passport into me or my child over a vaccine. If this is still the land of the FREE then allow us to be free to make our own decisions.

  • James B Luzier says:

    Give liberty or give me death! I decide what goes into my temple, no wannabe Emperor Shill gates!

  • Kyrie says:

    The definition of herd immunity has only recently been pushed with vaccines being offered as the predominant indicator which flies in the face of the origins of herd immunity. You achieve that immunity when the maximum number of people have been exposed and developed natural immunity. This is why social distancing for healthy people is a bad idea. The more healthy people who develop an immunity will naturally protect people with health issues by lowering the spread. The thing that is being offered is not a traditional vaccine by gene editing. Who wants to push an uncontrolled autoimmune response in anyone?

  • CM says:

    Not on your life- I will never allow these eugenicist to put their poison into anyone I love. Name the top three least trustworthy groups of people on the planet: politicians, lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, why would anyone in their right mind put anything in their bodies that these people are pushing. Pure propaganda piece.

  • David says:

    None of us qre getting this fake flu vaccine, and none of my kids will either. Especially since kids are not at risk, nor do they tend to spread it. The Capitslidt, the new CNN!

  • Mari says:

    90% vaccination within the population? How about the idea of freedom (health) and sovereignty (body)? Vaccination is just one approach to dealing with a virus, definitely not the ONLY approach. There are a variety of preventative measures and successful treatments available (one being building natural immunity as humanity has always done). 94% of those that died from COVID had one or more co-morbidity conditions (per CDC). We are already the sickest country on the planet and who knows what longer term effects these “gene therapy treatments” will have, while the pharma companies bear absolutely no liability for any harm or injury caused, now or in the future.

  • Woke Young Adult says:

    I thought the Capitalist was supposed to be truthful! So disappointed in the propaganda article being shared here! The survival rate for those with Covid-19 is higher than the survival/well-being rate for those getting the “vaccine”. Check VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), they have honest numbers for those affected by this experimental depopulation injection. “Medical professionals” continue to say that no deaths have been caused by the “vaccine”, yet so many healthy people die within days of receiving this poison. The least trusted people on this earth are politicians, newsmen, lawyers, and big pharma. These people are all pushing for this to be mandatory, but who’s responsible for the people who get injured or killed by this experiment? Nobody. Not the people who made it, not the people who inject you, and not the people who want to mandate it. If you die or get injured by this, nobody will be held responsible for it. If the same were said about cars, nobody would drive. Why? Because it’s not safe. People will die and people will get injured and not enough people are fighting back. Wake up people! Our freedoms are being lost DAILY. Stand up for what you believe and fight back against the evil people who are trying to mandate this poison!!

  • Very skeptical says:

    This entire mess is BS. The scamdemic was created when a not sinew virus was unleashed in China. Yes it’s here. Yes it a make you sick and yes it can kill those with other health issues. The older and more frail one is increases their chance of death but according to the CDC only about 6% of reported deaths are from covid. The rest have an average of 2.9 comorbidities. And the US is the only country that counts the deaths the way we do. That’s according the Dr Brix early on. That means no one else counts a murder or traffic fatality as a covid death. We do if there is any chance the victim was exposed to covid. And the OCR test originally used 40 passes looking for anything that could be counted as a positive. Eventually the CDC admitted the test was too sensitive since it would count remnants of a flu shot as a positive test for covid. Now the tests only do 25 passes and gee whiz the infection rate has fallen tremendously. No duh!!
    It’s a scam for control. Herd immunity is better achieved through infection and recovery as all other mammals on earth do it.
    Sta me up and be heard as you tell them no.

  • Bob says:

    Herd immunity is not achieved with any vaccine which they don’t have anyway for Covid yet. Kids have the best immune system and should be around everyone no social distancing and NO MASK this is the best herd immunity and God made it that way.

  • Pam says:

    Absolutely not. This is a virus with a 99.97% survival rate for kids. Kids have beautiful immune systems and I won’t allow my kids to be subjected to an experiment. Natural herd immunity is the only way to get this under control. I grew up in a time where we all got the chicken pox… We survived it just fine.. uncomfortable but we got through it and now we have lifelong immunity. You can’t fake or fool mother nature. Does anyone actually read the inserts or look up the ingredients and ask what affect it has on our bodies. Call the Poison Control and ask. It’s quite different from what you are being told is safe. Leave our kids alone!

  • Carletta says:

    I am a 75 year old woman who has faithfully taken Vitamin D3 for at least 10 years. I have not taken flu or pneumonia shots. I have had maybe two bad colds… no flu or pneumonia… in those years. I wear a mask into the grocery stores because it is required. I have added zinc to my vitamin list during this past year. I am mad as heck that my PA will not ( cannot) give me ivermectin or hydroxychlorequine as either is my choice over vaccine. THIS SHOULD BE MY CHOICE!

  • Robert Anderson says:

    I grew up in Los Angeles CA and, I have been exposed to just about every kind of disease known to man. I survived eating dirt, worms, raw and fresh picked fruit and veggies, eaten red meat, from rare to med-rare, and non hgh steroidal enhanced bead. So, if you want to give someone a pair of vaccines that the CDC knows nothing about, especially, what long term effects are, then let them take the original vaccines and I’ll gladly watch each and every one of them, make reports on findings. Go from there. I’m not a lab rat, or a science project.
    Anyone else with me on this?

  • David says:

    You know they’re lying when at first they said herd immynity by either catching & surviving the flu, or a vaccine when it was available, kids not needing vaccination. Now, even if you had it, you need to get vaccinated and now kids need it too?! While locked in and protected by thr Guard! That’s when you know you’re living under a tyrannical ruler! Yea, right. You guys aren’t taking advice drom get everything wrong Fauci are you?!

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