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Vaccine Mandate Exemptions Pushed For Workers Who Recovered From COVID



Businesses in Chelsea in New York display signs requiring proof of vaccination prior to entering | Workers Who Already Had COVID-19 Wants Mandate Exemption | featured

American workers who recovered from COVID-19 want vaccine mandate exemptions. They said that they already developed antibodies naturally. So, their company shouldn’t insist on vaccinations anymore. Earlier exposure gave them natural protection against the virus.

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Recovering Workers Looking For Vaccine Mandate Exemptions

Male driver wearing protective N95 face mask sitting by the wheel in drive-thru COVID-19 test centre-Vaccine Mandate Exemptions

Last September, the US Labor Department recommended that private companies issue vaccine mandates. Otherwise, unvaccinated workers will need regular COVID-19.

As a result, many American workers face dismissal if they still refuse vaccination. They range from healthcare workers to teachers to military personnel.

Many workers who got sick from COVID-19 and recovered now feel no need for vaccines. They recovered from the virus without any ill effects.

Now, they’re asking why they still need to get vaccines. In addition, why should companies prevent them from working if they already recovered from COVID-19? 

Last month, Attorneys General from 24 states wrote President Joe Biden a letter. They asked for vaccine mandate exemptions for workers who recovered from COVID-19.

This covers mandate exemptions for 120 million Americans who survived infection. Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) sought to block enforcement of vaccine mandates.

He said that the conversation isn't a debate between vaccinated or unvaccinated. Instead, it needs to focus between those who are immune and those who are non-immune.

Research Results Mixed

Previous research comparing immune responses from two camps showed mixed results. One camp included unvaccinated workers who recovered from COVID-19. The other group consisted of uninfected workers with complete vaccination.

Some studies said that mRNA vaccine produce a higher level of neutralizing antibodies. However, both groups reported a drop in antibody levels over time. This reduces the immunity developed by both groups.

Both patient groups also produce memory B-cells and T-cells. B-cells and T-cells are immune cells that provide extra protection.

Here, natural antibodies seem to have an advantage. Previously infected patients developed more potent memory-B cells compared to vaccinated people.

‘Better Neutralization Capacity’

Another study by Yale University researchers compared immune responses. The first group consisted of Covid-19 patients who also got vaccines with those.

The second group consisted of uninfected people who received vaccines. Both groups retained the ability to neutralize all variants of the coronavirus. However, those who got infected “displayed overall better neutralization capacity.”

Anthony Fauci, Biden’s chief medical adviser, said we are all learning more about immunity. Yet, vaccines remain the recommended course of action. 

If nothing else, there is precise research into vaccine-based immunity. Compared to vaccine research, there are less studies that focus on prior infection.

Fauci said that comparing post-infection immunity with vaccine immunity is a good question. For now, Fauci is siding with vaccines.

He said that billions of people have already got vaccinated. The results already proved their efficacy and real-world effectiveness.

Vaccine and Prior Infection Offer The Best Protection

Nussenzweig still recommends that people who got COVID-19 still get vaccinated. Prior infection and vaccines can produce the highest levels of protection.

In fact, many doctors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agree. They recommend vaccination for people who already got infected.

Do you support vaccine mandate exemptions? Do you think workers who already had COVID-19 shouldn't need vaccines? Tell us what you think about COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Watch Dr. Hong’s Pharmacy Classroom’s video discussing why natural immunity does not count in the US. Where is the logic? Immune vs non-Immune:

What do you think of COVID-19 vaccine mandate exemptions? Also, do you agree that Americans who already recovered from COVID-19 don’t need vaccines?

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Do you support vaccine mandate exemptions? Do you think workers who already had COVID-19 shouldn't need vaccines?

Tell us what you think about COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



  • J. Anthony Ternak says:

    the senile IMPOSTOR in the white house has ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for our constitution, the RIGHTS and FREEDOMS of the AMERICAN CITIZENS. his so-called mandates are ILLEGAL and he SHOULD BE IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY.

  • Dave says:

    I just wish I had the time to tell you the complete story BUT do not. It all started way back the end of DEC 2019 when myself and wife both got the Covid 19 virus (flu) and since then I have have multiple, multiple, multiple Covid 19 test and NOT one ever came back as POSITIVE !!!…sorry it would take to long to explain the complete situation and this text box wouldn’t probably be big enough.

  • Claudia says:

    People who recovered should not be forced to be vaccinated, not should it be recommended to them. I recovered a year ago and just took another antibody test and still have lots of antibodies. We know someone who had Covid three times now after having recovered and later fully been vaccinated. They definitely push the jab and don’t give much regard to natural immunity.

  • Pat Decator says:

    First China needs to be held accountable.
    There are more reasons not to get the Vaccine than just religious or some medical reasons.
    They are still experimental classification and the major drug companies-Pfizer the main has not and will not remove the imdemnification clause. There are law suits against them. And there are alot of alternative therapies that are natural or meds that have been around a long time.
    The recovery from the viral infection is 98.4% reported on 10/19/21

    And the one fool along with Fauci (who is criminal in my view) can’t read and follow the all the science.
    For those that want to take the risk Great. Too much is unknown for long term issues. And unfortunately doctors are believing the false narratives.

  • Cathy says:

    We need a strong leader in the White House who follows our rights and the constitution. The DEMENTIA one in there now is a JOKE and does not care about what is best for this country or the rights of each individual. Gas prices are up, the Border is a mess, innocent lives were lost in Afghanistan – the list goes on and on how he ruined this country and yet, there is no mention of impeachment. WE NEED TRUMP BACK IN OFFICE. WE NEED TRUMP NOW AS OUR AMERICAN LEADER who believes in freedom and the American way. With Trump, our streets were safe, the economy was thriving, people wanted to work, our troops were protected from senseless death, our schools were safe and we had choices…American was well-respected among other world leaders. Now?? We’re a laughing stock!

  • Concerned says:

    I am very tired of the analogy from left extremist who are FOR mandates and compares it laughingly to having a driver’s license. Are you kidding? Whether I get a license to drive a car legally will not kill me; however, jabbing me with toxins that has not been established as to their validity and you are putting that into my body CAN kill me.

  • Disgusted says:

    Biden and his useless Vice President both need to be removed they are bringing our country down to her knees. He is violating our civil rights/the right to choose I’ve already had Covid and will not be injected with an experimental drug MY BODY MY CHOICE close our border he is shipping sick people all over our country that have no right being here they steal, rape and break our laws and are allowed to do it

  • William Flynn says:

    Let me start by saying Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Trump. The Democrats overhyped Covid from the start, never let a good crisis go to waste, they used Covid to grab more power. I work as a Medical Transportation Driver and I’m in and out of hospitals 5 days a week and I never caught Covid. I met many people that had tested positive for Covid,but had no symptoms. In all probability thats what happened to me and many more others. That’s one of the reasons I refuse to take the jab. Natural immunity is better than the vaccine. I believe we’ve been lied to about the true number of deaths from Covid and hospitals were receiving money based on the number of Covid patients. More Covid patients equals more money. I would never trust the liberal media to tell us the real numbers of people dying from the vaccine. Why does the most vaccinated states and cities have the highest number of people with Covid? Norway views Covid as just another flu virus. And since Joe Biden is pushing the vaccine, it can’t be good for you. Also, mandating the vaccine is a violation of your personal sovereignty and it’s unconstitutional as well.

  • Abby says:

    They said Trump was going to be a dictator. I think they were confused. Biden is the dictator. Harris is worthless because she avoids any responsibility for any job she supposedly is supposed to do. She runs away. Buddegeg (spelling?) is an idiot. Who is he to take so much “family leave” time while there are pressing problems in this country? The whole administration think they are on a vacation. They are destroying our country, especially with the open borders. Already over 1.3 MILLION ILLEGALS have invaded this country, and another 100,000 on their way. How many are pregnant? They showed some pregnant ILLEGALS a few months ago. How many kids have been born that are now citizens, opening the doors to the rest of the mommy, daddy, and relatives to freely come in legally? The corruption and illegal mandates Biden “suggests” really gets his way when the companies decide to mandate vaccines because it’s illegal for him to do so. So the companies, hospitals, public service jobbers (police,firemen, servicemen etc.) get snookered into pushing a mandate. See what happens? More are quitting their jobs. We need workers. Biden is making sure with his extra unemployment and family leave plus keeps them off the employment rolls which will sink some companies. I could go on and on, but I won’t except…the military is helping to destroy us with their new rules and regs. How many Americans and Afghan people are still left in that country. Biden doesn’t even try to get them out. Disgusting. Critical Race Theory, Superman bisexual and now cutting out the statement they used to say about the American Way. They don’t want America to be successful. China, Russia, Taiwan takeover (soon), Energy, and more. This whole administration needs to go. PERIOD.

  • Dave says:

    The fundimental truth here is that the C-19 is not as dangerous as many are acting as if it were. We also know that the numbers have been inflated (my guess is 20-30%). If the C-19 was really as dangerous as some people seem to think it is, there would be no need for mandates; everyone would be fighting over who gets vaccinated first, not whether or not to take it. That’s why freedom works; although individuals may do and believe some crazy things (and many of those are in power), there is an overriding wisdom in how large numbers of people react to any situation. Mandates are an indication that we are getting it wrong. Mandates for the vaccines, masks, and lockdowns are wrong.

  • Rose says:

    I believe if we have the antibodies, we don’t need all these vaccines if we are healthy. People still died even getting vaccinated. It’s beginning too look like they’re controlling human lives. It’s more like humanism…Also it’s breaking the HEPPA law where people don’t have too reveal if they have or had not been vaccinated. Mostly obesity people, elderly people, and people whose immune system was already sick. It’s our given right as human being on what we put in our bodies. If companies our going too let workers go due too not getting vaccinated, Then a lot of business and companies will go under. I believe people voted for Biden was the biggest mistake they ever made. If our government haven’t created it in first and got into other hands none of this would probably never happened. How many people died of other sickness or depression, but documented died of Covid?????? I believe public aid, and state programs are costing officials money and we need too get people back working then depending on government for money. If there’s still viruses here, where’s the stimulus check. People all over are waiting

  • Crystal Parker says:

    The vaccine mandates need to go! My family had the virus, in July 2020. No one had any problems. Some have been asymptomatic. We have not been vaxed. My sister worked TDCJ without any issues. But she took the vaccine for a school job. 2 weeks later she got COVID. Her, entire household got sick as well. Many others are experiencing the same situations. I will not be a lab Rat!🐀 It’s all about population control! People better wake up! Biden has destroyed this country,to the breaking point. We need to take our country back & beef-up, law enforcement. We need President Trump back! God bless our troops & all Front Line, workers as well! America 🇺🇸 needs God & a True President!🙏🇺🇲❤

  • Ali says:

    “Because the Postal Service is an independent federal agency that operates under a private-sector collective bargaining model, modifications to working conditions are mandatory subjects of bargaining,” the statement read. Adding “we are working closely with our union leadership so that once OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard is issued we can move quickly to determine its applicability to our employees and how best to implement.”
    HMMMMMM let me get this right…..another union-run organization that will help implement the illegal ballot harvesting for the next rigged elections….ain’t that a coincidence

  • Freedom loving patriot says:

    Natural antibodies are far superior to the Vax antibodies! We had the ChiVi and our antibodies are still strong and doing their job 16 months later!! The vax mandate is unconstitutional and an assault on our liberties! Not to mention it is an experimental drug they are trying to force on us! I’m not anti vax! I believe the elderly and immune compromised should absolutely get it. What makes me fighting angry is that they are not (and I mean doctors too) informing the public on how to stay healthy and boost our immune systems! Their are treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine along with Vit C, Vit D, Zinc and Quercetin that is a more effective treatment (and dare I say cure) than getting the jab. Yet, our current communist regime and criminal mainstream and social media have removed these drugs as an option. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were readily available, very affordable and extremely safe and effective AND they don’t make Big Pharma any money. And there it is! It makes me wonder… by silencing the “Front Line Doctors” early 2020 who were trying to get the word out about this and literally save lives and by making these drugs unavailable or very hard to get, I wonder how many lives could have been saved? How many senseless deaths could have been prevented? We all need to dig deep and find the doctors and scientists who have been silenced! They have the information that the “controlling class” does not want us to hear.

  • MIKE says:

    I say the republican party needs to step up an throw this idiot in the white house out and see who is pulling the dummy’s strings. Fauci is a criminal and should have been put in prison a long time ago. They know that natural antibodies will get rid of this virus but will not talk about it .They also know that Ivermectin works with no side effects along with Hydroxchloroquine with no side effects safe for everyone.All the illegals are exempt from even being tested for the virus. Congress is also exempt from the mandate. It doesn’t take a qenius to figure out they are trying to exterminate the working class americans.WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS AMERICA! STAND UP OR FACE THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

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