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Are Vaccine Mandates Legal For Travelers?



Portrait of a handsome asian man showing a risk-free certification COVID-19 passport to proof that he has been vaccinated against coronavirus and safe to travel | Are Vaccine Mandates Legal For Travelers? | featured

Don’t look now, but vaccine mandates are fast becoming commonplace in travel. All over the world, many companies are requiring customers to show proof of full vaccination before being accepted. In fact, many industry experts expressed surprise at how fast agencies adopted these mandates. 

Harry Nelson, founder of healthcare law firm Nelson Hardiman is one of those people. It has been interesting to watch the striking acceleration of vaccine mandates,” he said.

Nelson also said that the Food and Drug Administration's approval of a COVID-19 vaccine plus public opinion from a vaccinated majority is driving the change. 

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But Are Vaccine Mandates Legal?

According to Lawrence O. Gostin, professor at Georgetown Law, the answer is yes. “Businesses have full power to require reasonable safety standards for customers. Just as many businesses have required masking, they could also ask for proof of vaccination,” he opined. 

Gostin said that the premise remained true no matter who ordered the vaccine mandates. “For some high-risk businesses, such as cruise lines and hotels, it is very much in their economic interests to make their customers feel safe and secure.

They have every right to do so,” Gostin added.  “Similarly, President Biden, who oversees federal properties, could require proof of vaccination for entry to national parks and federal buildings.”   

What About Exemptions?

Nelson agrees with the vaccine mandates. He added that the US has a long history of courts upholding requirements. However, many decisions are set in the context of school requirements. He expects that COVID-19 vaccine mandates will stand up for the most part. 

The bigger issue right now is how to deal with exemptions to vaccine mandates. Gostin said that companies will likely need to allow medical and religious exemptions. But, these exemptions will be both narrow and hard to acquire.

For example, United AIrlines granted religious exemptions to these mandates. However, the company announced unvaccinated employees will be on unpaid medical leave by next month.  

Government Can Refuse Religious Exemptions

Douglas Laycock, a University of Virginia School of Law professor, published an article published last week on The Conversation. He said that the government has an easy case to refuse religious exemptions.

“Even when religious objections are sincere, the government has a compelling interest in overriding them and insisting that everyone be vaccinated. And that overrides any claim under state or federal constitutions or religious liberty legislation,” he said.  

He also said that challenges to these mandates won’t go far. That is, unless laws change and courts uphold the changes. Meanwhile, Nelson believes that the majority of US Supreme Court justices will welcome the chance to articulate broader personal religious freedoms.

Expect More Companies To Impose Vaccine Mandates

Nelson warned Americans to expect more companies to announce vaccine mandates. Even more requirements will surface once the FDA approves vaccines for the younger Americans aged 5-12. 

Meanwhile, US officials continue to debate on whether to require Americans full vaccinations for both domestic and international flights. Gostin said he foresees President Biden issuing a vaccine mandate for interstate or international travel.

This is similar to the one the White House announced earlier this week for foreign air travellers. “But airlines themselves could also set this requirement,” said.  

Watch the WCNC video verifying if vaccine mandates violate the Ninth Amendment:

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Do you agree that vaccine mandates are legal? In addition, should the government honor medical and religious exemptions? Tell us what you think about vaccine mandates. Share your comments below.



  • Pam Hagan says:

    I do not believe In putting poisons into your body that have not been fully researched. Many have died from this vaccine. Many others suffered from other vaccines that truly are not necessary but told they have to get it or their children need it. What happened to freedom of speech and freedom of choice?? Certain people are getting rich and these vaccines when there is natural remedies And better health that can be obtained if one is taught.

  • David Zwayer says:

    If people want to poison in there bodies that’s fine with me, just don’t try to make me get this shot! It’s my decision if I want to or not! What happened to this being the land of the free and the home of the brave! SEMPER FI!!!


    This is the end of time and I’m not putting anything in my body that the government is damaging.

  • Alice says:

    Definitely Not it is known as Crime against humanity and has a death penalty for everyone who demands the shots or gives the shots according to the Nuremberg Code

  • Beverly C Davis says:

    At this point, i still feel there has not been enough time into the research, especially into the side effects of this vaccine.
    I’ve read so many articles that clearly shows the medical field is downplaying or not taking serious the reports from citizens (after taking the vaccine or know others that have) because it doesn’t fit into their “theories”.
    Therefore, i feel people should have the right to choose and it not be mandated. Proving religious exemption is still at our governments discretion and feel its words only to make citizens feel our government is trying to be considerate.

  • Foxy says:

    I agree with everything that they say. I like to know what happened to our rights and freedom to make up our own minds. All they went is to Control you, and I don’t like that at all.

  • Emily husary says:

    Hellllll noooooo. Not putting that crap in my body. TRY AND MAKE ME AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. END OF STORY.

  • Jake says:

    The lawyer in the video states that the Nuremberg code does not disprove the mandates because the vaccine has been approved by the FDA. Well, the way I see it is this. The FDA is run by the executive branch of the American government, not independently operated, therefore this can still violate the Nuremberg code. Furthermore, as I understand it, the “vaccine” is still in the trial phase and the FDA approved version has yet to have been used. What they have been pushing is an experiment that has been changing as the process continues. No thanks. I’ll take natural immunity over the shot, and my young kids aren’t being forced by anyone!!

  • KH says:

    I agree with everything you say Jake. Why do reporters just allow the commentator to go on and on without asking follow up questions. As you said this is not an FDA approved vaccine, it is approved for emergency use authorization.

  • Eric L. Forsberg says:

    The Federal Government is extant because of constitutional mandate BY THE PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE.The people either rule through their elected representatives or they do not. There are no gray areas in either the wording or the intent of our Constitution extant. That the judiciary or the political congress of our country has taken it upon themselves to “decide” what this document “really” means is selfserving and fallacious. It says what it says and can be changed by vote/amendment of the specified proportion of Senators and Representatives so specified in said document,if the people decide that change is desireable or necessary to maintain the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I recall that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hitler, Stalin/Lenin, Mao points in case. Also, may I add, The several “presidents for life” of the so-called banana republics of history and the Oligarchy that is the so called Peoples Republic of China today. Just recalling.

  • Foxy says:

    I meant I disagree with everything that they stand for. I like my freedom and I like to make up my own mind, I do feel people should have the right to choose .

  • Matthew H says:

    Okay, so no, it is not still in trial phase. It reached full approval weeks ago. And yes, you do have the right to choose, just as companies have the right to choose not to hire or keep you if you don’t comply with their regulations. Hospitals and universities have required certain vaccines to work there for decades. Same goes here. Don’t want your shot? Fine. Simply find an employer that doesn’t require them. Easy solution.

  • Richard Marsh says:

    LOL…full approval years before most other drug trials…Take the jab…then the next booster…the next booster and pray you are not maimed like my father in law…open your mind and use your noggin and finally…FOLLOW the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Tom says:

    I think it’s a individual choice, period.
    I chose to get it, but I do not believe that the government has any right to mandate it, they supposedly work for us, not we are subjects to them our masters,
    This administration wants control of the people,of the energy,the electricity grid,the health care,the firearms,if they have complete control over these than they can control the people. What ever happened to goverment for the people,by the people
    That president Lincoln invisioned??

  • Nell Masto says:

    This vaccine by definition is NOT a vaccine, which provides immunity! It is still in the trial phase as experimental! Can’t possibly be fully approved until 2027! Under their own guidelines, should have been stopped due to the number of reported deaths contributed to the “vaccine”! More than all of the other vaccines COMBINED! ( and in one hospital a whistle blower stated that reports were not being kept correctly) then there is the signed consent; there is none! You only register for your insurance to pay( if you have any)! This is the worst travesty that is a push for control that has ever happened in America! It is time to stop this madness! All said, there is a protocol to treat this virus that is being refused by the FDA! And there is 99.9% who recover from the infection. Whether true or not, those pushing this onto the public have a hidden agenda. We see the number of seniors who have been removed from us! They no longer need Medicare or Social Security check! $$ saved! This is moving the USA faster into a Socialistic government! The majority of the people do not want this for them or their children!

  • Jason A says:

    I got the vaccine. It was my choice after talking to my Dr, but now they’re going after young children, my young children. They will not be getting the Covid vaccine, the science just isn’t there yet. My children are 10 and 11.
    Besides that, people are getting sick and even hospitalized with COVID AFTER being vaccinated. I’m not putting my kids though that. I would rather them be in school, but I have the resources to homeschool them if the vaccine becomes a mandate for them to attend school. It will be a combo of homeschooling, online classes and a teaching pod once a week, I’ve already seriously done my homework on it because I believe that mandates for children to attend school are on the horizon and it will affect mostly low and lower middle class households where they don’t have the money or they can’t afford to quit their job to educate their children.
    I don’t believe in mask mandates for children at school either, they’re bad for the kids’ health and their social development, especially for young children.
    Time to start fighting back against these dictatorial and unconstitutional mandates from Biden, the CDC and leftist, fascist governors and other local officials. Follow the science, not the politicians and teachers unions!

  • Andrew says:

    Freedom of choice only applies to abortion. Not to anything else. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal Gov. can not set medical mandates nation wide. But states can set guide lines for their own state.

  • RJS says:

    It’s my body and my choice. I’ll use the moniker of the pro-death culture regarding the life of the unborn. Second, if the House, Senate, Postal Workers, and the NBA!!!! are reinstated as mandated for the jab then hell no I am not taking it. If it is such a threat to society then ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE MANDATED. I don’t have to travel, don’t need to work, so I’ll just save my money and invest or save and not put my money into the market. If 100 million Americans would do the same the economy would really begin to tank. Zero growth.

  • Val Egge says:

    Freedom of choice does NOT apply only to abortion! What a stupid comment. My Freedom of choice applies to EVERYTHING I do. I suffered through the red measles, mumps, chicken pox, and the fear of polio. MY children had the vaccines for those and never suffered these ailments. My dad had smallpox and carried the scars to prove it. My generation had the vaccine. These had gone through intensive trials and proven good to use. This covid thing has not been through the trials and errors of efficacy. I will NOT get this vaccine, my grown children make their own choice, my granddaughter, an RN, flat refuses to get it or allow her children to get it. It is shown to be a KILLER of young and old, vaccinated or not. This is an all-out effort to further throw our country into SOCIALISM!! No thank you – I stand to keep my personal rights over the “leaders” right to RULE me! Semper Fi !! Amen!

  • Wayne King says:

    The Democratic are trying to make us socialist country we should have our choice on shots what happen to the flu they are liers look at all the people from Afghanistan and coming across the border not vetted check for Covid-19 just bused or flown across the country Joe Biden and his administration are destroying AMERICAN and I think that is what they want one world order and always be in office they will have one hell of a fight on there hands AMERICANS will fight back if backed in the corner

  • M says:

    I do agree with most of you. This is suppose to be a Free Country. Founded on the freedom We the people, for the people. OUR forefathers fought, died for that freedom. Mr Biden is doing everything he can to Destroy, dishonor, us. If his dead son was one in Afganstan, does anyone think/feel he would have left him. H— NO. His spending is way out there, yet what about the health of “we the people. He has put out Nation in jeperty, by opening the borders. The man is out of his mind. This is MY body, MY decision, not some full thinking he can practice socialism, Communist a–hole

  • larry losey says:

    dumbocratics are tearing this country apart biden is not my president no way am i ever going to get their shot impeach biden and all the puppeteers that control biden

  • Karen Calton says:

    I will stand in line behind ALL the illegals to get my vaccine the day that Biden forces them to get it as well!

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