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Biden Slams Unvaccinated Americans, Orders Vaccine Mandates



A no vaccine, no mask, no entry sign at a restaurant, cafe or other establishment | Biden Slams Unvaccinated Americans, Orders Vaccine Mandates | featured

President Joe Biden slammed unvaccinated Americans and ordered vaccine mandates. The White House seemed to move from incentivizing vaccine takers to penalizing those who refuse to do so. 

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Biden Hits The Unvaccinated

Speaking at the White House, Biden sharply criticized the millions of Americans who remained unvaccinated. Biden noted that around 80 million Americans remain unvaccinated.

“We are in the tough stretch and it could last for a while,” Biden said. He also deplored the fact that despite the widespread availability of vaccines, many chose not to get inoculations.

“We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” he said, all but biting off his words. The unvaccinated minority “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.”

Not everybody bought into the message. Republican leaders and some worker groups accused the president of going too far. Some hinted at possible legal challenges against his vaccine mandates.

South Carolina Republican Governor Henry McMaster issued a statement in reaction. “Biden and the radical Democrats (have) thumbed their noses at the Constitution,” McMaster said.

Meanwhile, American Federation of Government Employees National President Everett Kelley insisted that “changes like this should be negotiated with our bargaining units where appropriate.”

Groups Hailed Biden’s Effort

In contrast, other groups had words of support for Biden’s latest efforts to curb coronavirus. This included groups such as the American Medical Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the Business Roundtable. Despite the support, the groups did not specifically address the vaccine mandate order. 

Biden’s new vaccine mandate requires companies with more than 100 workers to have all workers vaccinated. Those who have yet to complete their inoculations will need a weekly test for the virus. 

The order affects roughly about 80 million Americans. In addition, 17 million American workers at medical centers that process Medicare or Medicaid will need vaccines as well. 

Biden To Require Vaccines For Government Employees and Contractors

Also, the President will require vaccination for workers at the executive branch. Contractors who deal with the federal government will also need to show proof of vaccination. This will also add to the estimated total of 100 million workers targeted by the White House vaccine mandates.  

The announcements are part of the new action plan outlined by Biden yesterday. The orders hope to arrest an increasing number of new coronavirus cases across the country.

Last July, Biden prematurely celebrated the United States’ victory from the virus. Instead, the US is now reeling from a 300% increase in COVID-19 infections daily, a 250% rise in hospitalizations, and twice the number of deaths compared to the same time last year. 

Double The Amount of Fines

Biden will also move to double the amount of fines for airline passengers who refuse to wear masks during flights. He also targeted Americans who won’t maintain face-covering requirements on federal property. They’ll use guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a basis for writing up violators. 

For companies, the new rules will also impose fines for companies that fail mandating vaccines or enforcing weekly tests. A forthcoming rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will issue guidelines for this.

Watch the ABC News video reporting that President Joe Biden announces new COVID-19 vaccine mandates:

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Do you agree with making things more difficult for unvaccinated Americans? Do you think these measures will help increase the vaccination rate?

Let us know what you think about Biden’s vaccine mandates. Share your comments below.



  • Luana Kornacki says:

    It should be left up to the person if they want to do this or not.

  • Jeff says:

    So let me get this straight. Demacrap Sleepy is all about killing unborn babies so women can do what they want with “their bodies” but out of the other side of his mouth squawk that Covid vacs. should be mandatory. Apparently He’s still batting 1000 for consistent thought. Way to go Dr. Dementia!

  • Rusty says:

    This is my question to rational people. If the vaccine works then why the push to vaccinate those who refuse to do so. If you have immunity what do you care if someone else doesn’t. I have the Hepatitis B vaccine. As a health care worker I don’t worry about treating people with Hep B. The propaganda that the hospitals are full of unvaccinated is a lie. There are actually slightly more vaccinated Covid breakthrough cases where I am. The fact that all the population in Israel was forced vaccinated and yet they are having a huge problem with Covid is proof the vaccine is ineffective.

  • BBA says:

    This is nothing but a planned hotbed topic by this corrupt administration to get people to stop paying attention to the absolute chaos we have going on in Afghanistan.

  • Penny says:

    My expression is why mandate it there’s proof it kills people…I myself have seem that the vaccine as so effective it’s supposed to be is a crock. It’s a control effort from the government. All the vaccine did was cause mass hysteria alot of the news is bottom line bull

  • Denise says:

    These Genocide Vaccines are Free, but these shots are Not Safe & this Failed President is Wrong with his data that the Vaccinated are less likely to catch COVID-19. The hospital cases are Not Unvaccinated patients, but Caccinated people, which proves there are alternative motives for these vaccines. No FDA Approval can be trusted & now our children are dying because of these reckless actions. I Will not Be Forced & God Bless Florida and Ron Desantis for standing up against this BullShit. Biden promising to have our backs, is such a Joke. Talk to the folks he left behind in Afghanistan, when he promised to everyone, That No Americans that wanted to leave would be left behind. This cowardly man needs to step down immediately, before more Americans die at the hands of our government & these unethical tactics they’re trying to force onto us. God Bless America, we need Prayers more now than ever before in our history!

  • Dustin Giberson says:

    I know countless people who got covid fully vacinated, and some that died. I guess its cuz they never got the booster shot right. Idiots

  • Mudpuppy says:

    Yes comrade Biden

  • Lorin says:

    Totally agree with comments made by Denise, it’s all “BS”!

  • Dori Hegel says:

    You cannot preach my body my choice, which i support, and then try to tell me when i have a choice and when i don’t. Biden and all government needs to stay out of my personal heath decisions. I am not against any medical treatment someone wants to get for THEMSELVES but that is their CHOICE, their RIGHT and no one has the authority to FORCE OR PUNISH someone for those choices. #freedom #choice

  • Stephanie says:

    Biden- vaccines are personal choices! I don’t get flu vaccine, I don’t get flu. I take protective measures, hand washing, avoid touching face, hand sanitizer, vitamins, wearing mask. I have not had COVID. I have had severe allergic reaction in past to medication. I have no guarantee this would be safe for me and I choose not to take it. I do think each person in America should be afforded the right to choose based on them knowing their health status and their own personal risks.

  • James Modica says:

    Biden has too much to say about citizens and who should be wearing masks and taking the covid19 vaccine…And zero to say about illegals pouring across our open southern border.
    Add to that Afghan refugees. He’s not protecting American citizens and that appears to violate our U.S. Constitution, many say as President of the U.S. he should be removed.
    It isn’t the unvaccinated that threaten us, it’s him. and his policies.

  • Shovelhead Mike says:

    Fuck Chinabiden

  • Brad Phillips says:

    I cant believe you people have no trust in our government. If you dont want the vaccine fine go ahead and die .Just dont bring it near me I wanna live. Maybe 1 more year and all the unvaccinated will be gone. Problem solved LOL goodluck with your democrat president . You voted for sleepy

  • Rachel Gabner says:


  • Steve says:


  • Joanne Yerger says:

    This country has helped to remove communism from other countries and has now opened the doors for communism to enter our country,via Joe Biden,starting with mandates for vaccinations !!!!

  • Duane E says:

    Anyone with Bible knowledge can see where this is leading. It’s the Global BEAST SYSTEM. See Revelation 13:16-17. A Prelude to the Mark of The Beast. Global ‘One World Government’ on the move. I will NOT comply. Treasonous, It’s why we have a 2nd Amendment.

  • Raymond Aubin says:

    If you are fully vaxed, why are you afraid of someone who isn’t

  • Laura says:

    Joe Biden is the sorriest excuse for a president wannabe in history!! Days after leaving thousands of troops in Afghanistan, which he hasn’t had much to say about, but boy can he push a shot!! Sickening!! Guess he found another China in the pharmaceutical companies making these shots. Sorry, I can’t bring myself to call them a vaccine, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT VACCINES!! Look up the definition of vaccine! Nope, not even close! So fuck you you dementia riddled bastard! Get your shot, I don’t care, but leave me alone with my decision to pass on it! Enough with the pleading and guilt trips!! They only make you look more stupid!!! Do America a favor and go back to the basement for good!! You are a pathetic, worthless, sorry assed piece of shit for representing our wonderful country while simultaneously destroying the constitution, the very platform that our country was built upon, which you swore to serve and protect!! You’re a fraud! If you were any kind of man, you’d step down before you completely destroy this great nation! Dementia is a disease, not an excuse!!! We’ve had enough!!!!

  • George says:

    If you had the shot you are protected so why worry about those that don’t I had Covid no issues had the flu thought I was going to die biden and his administration SUCKS open borders no shots for illegals people coming from Afghanistan no shots while AMERICAN Are LEFT BEHIND crime in democrat cities inflation you could go on and on biden and his administration have not done anything good and it is the fault of the people that voted for him you knew he had a problem TRUMP 2024 GOD BLESS AMERICAN

  • Otto says:

    Anyone that has questions about the vaccine should go to. and listen to what they have to say…. what you have with Joe Biden is a moron that could not orchestrate a two car funeral . This man should be in a mental hospital and his administration and all his top generals Should be on trial for treason

  • bob C says:

    i never thought i would see in my lifetime an American President disparaging Americans. We are Americans with freedom. We can decide what is best for ourselves and family. if one chooses not to take the vaccine that is their prerogative. fight the tyranny, America. first its this, who knows what other mandates are next. to those not wanting to be vaccinated, follow 4 basic rules a Stanford university physician indicated will prevent one from contracting covid: wear a good mask when among people, do not touch your face with your hands, wash your hands often and don’t congregate with many people. especially folks you do not know.

  • Betty says:

    I will Absolutely NOT get the vaccine! And it is time to impeach Biden and Harris Both! Can we do both? 😁 That would be a Good Day! I agree , read your Bibles! It’s getting closer to the end time! So let’s concentrate on our relationship with God #1! And fight this stuff in any way we can!

  • Howard says:

    This Bozo does not even know where’s he’s at and thinking he is going to dictate to America is proof he he is demented

  • Rob J says:

    It’s the end of the world as we know it. AND I FEEL FINE!!

  • jmahaffe says:

    afghan diversion

  • BINH THAI says:


  • Annie Brennan says:

    I live in the Unites States of America. Last time I checked, it was a free country!

  • mary says:

    OFFICE HOLDERS are the AGENTS of the people….NOT their MASTERs.

    Biden is a puppet, and is controlled by very wealthy people, why after 14 years of Biden being in office was he finally pushed into becoming a president? Let us not focus on Biden..he is being told what to do by wealthy individuals who are not even part of the government. He is a SCAM, a perverted, demented fucking controllable
    Asshole. We need TRUMP back to save our future and make our government what it is meant to be….for the people!

  • Chad says:

    What this idiot in chief and his croneys will not tell you, many people that get vaxed are still getting COVID and dying from it. This all about power folks, plane and simple!!! Biden will go down in history as the WORST president in our entire history!!!

  • Floyd says:

    Personal choice my body no chemical in I don’t want

  • David says:

    I’d have more respect for Resident Xiden if he wore a clown outfit and juggled while he screams out his edicts. Probably not! Probably just distractions for all of the voter fraud and all of the people he murdered in Afghanistan.

  • Shmaznik Blosney says:

    What protection??
    I personally know 3 people who were vaccinated and and they still got the virus.
    Also – Why get the vaccine if you have had the covid ??
    Some people don’t know what they are talking about!
    What about the blood clots and all the folks that have had to have limbs removed?
    Covid seems better than loosing limbs!

  • Rueben says:

    Biden, Harris and Polosie are idiots a 5th grader can run the country better than those three stooges. This is a man made mess therefore it is up to man/women to choose wether or not they want an experimental vaccine in there bodies. Its hard to build amunity to something if you do not let it run its course.

  • Ken Holliday says:

    The demoncrats daily stunts keep surpassing yesterday’s in stupidity. “Joke” Byedumb is digging the demoncrats grave deeper and deeper every day. And now the snowflake is so butt hurt by America’s increasingly vocal criticism of his incompetence that he is lashing out with THREATS? Who was the last POTUS to threaten us with sanctions for exercising our personal freedoms? I can’t think one.

  • Bryan says:

    I have been vaccinated. But I still think/know it should be each person’s choice! If you do not want to get vaccinated then do not get vaccinated. It is your choice! NOT the choice of the Government!! It should be your body your choice!!

  • Billy W. says:

    It seems to me that this Administration and Biden want to be Social/Communist dictators . Want to control cradle to grave.

  • Lynne Cowan says:

    As Woody would say. Heh-Heh-Heh-Hehhh-Heh

  • Latina Corrina says:

    The COVID vaccine series (i.e. booster) is like watching too many ROCKY (9), RAMBO (5) & Terminator (6) movie series…exciting at first, then DAMN, STUPID just STUPID!!

    Consider this: getting the Diabolical Dems out by voting Trump for 2nd term w/DeSantis as V.P., THEN voting DeSantis in for terms 1 & 2…that’s 12 years of getting OUR COUNTRY back on track.

  • James Modica says:

    Ohh Goody Goody a brand new poll>>>

    Do We Finally Have the Right Person in Office?
    Is Joe Biden putting Donald Trump to shame and showing us what a true leader looks like?
    Yes – Joe Biden is doing an excellent job (1,494) vote
    No – Joe Biden is doing terrible and it’s shame he’s President (36,018) vote
    Who will have the better long-term legacy as President?
    Donald Trump (35,989) vote
    Joe Biden (1,523) vote

    So it is written, So it shall be done.

  • Dick Cheney says:

    F Dementia ridden Joe Biden you didn’t know who he is hes a puppet for the radical left don’t buy into their crap

  • Sc says:

    The President of the United States of America just changed the rules forever. I’m ashamed. There is no more land of the free. He has installed a target on my back. This is a hate crime. Because he had no magic and his policies did not work, he is blaming 50% of the population? How is this different than calling this an epidemic caused by Asians? Let’s look at the reality of the vaccine. It did not work. Plain and simple. It did not work. Virus morphs. That is what it does. When the vaccine was created everyone knew that yet they claimed it would be the pure protection needed. It was not…so here’s a good idea…Blame those who have refused the vaccine and say they are the cause of your folly. The ramifications of this shot will takes years and maybe decades to discover. If you don’t believe vaccines can be deadly, look in on a little federal court dubbed “Vaccine Court.” Because we cannot sue manufacturers, the public pics up the tab for Vaccine Court and it is billions of US dollars.

  • James W Lowder says:

    Remember Obama care? It was a mandate and it was shot down by SCOTUS. This too will be shot down.

  • Pastor Susan says:

    Read the Constitution – you cannot mandate a medical procedure.
    And to whomever said Biden was the anti-Christ, no. The Anti-Christ will be more like Obama – smooth-talking, popular, with a voice that can both sooth anger and rile up followers to do whatever he wants.

    Unless the “wound in his head” is dementia, and he suddenly starts being lucid – and smart. THAT could happen. I guess.

    (I still say Obama is the Anti-Christ)

  • James Modica says:

    Obama cannot be the Anti-Christ!

    Barrack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The Devil would Never, Ever, Ever, receive
    A Nobel Peace Prize.

    Obama received that award for…what was it again?
    Oh yeah, for apologizing to the world about how bad our country was…Yeah that was it!

  • Rebecca says:

    I will not get this vaccine. I was contemplating it, waiting for the Novavax vaccine to come out. But if Beijing Biden mandates it I will refuse. Better to die by my hand than his. The last science I read says that people getting two shots have such a biological viral load (body producing spike proteins Willy-nilly) that they are shedding the virus. VACCINATED people are making other people sick! And I agree that much of this hoopla is to deflect attention from Afghanistan. This man is a traitor. All of this is happening because he and Obama began borrowing money from China. China supports the Taliban. I’ll bet money that China told Biden to get out or they would call in our debt. And this virus – it’s Mother Nature getting rid of over population like she does in every species and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. If it takes me out, then I guess I’m not strong enough to make the cut. We’ve lost people – had some terrifying near misses as well. It breaks my heart and makes me question everything. India is the most vaccinated country in the world and they’re still dying. Why? I have NO answers. But I have some ideas. We’ve polluted our environment, we are eating foods the GOVERNMENT says are healthy (oops) and our diets are filled with junk. The WHO has seen this coming and has said nothing, because the FDA, AMA, and CDC along with big Pharma would have sanctioned them and other Great 8 sheep countries would follow. And of course the most important thing is to preserve your job and your organization. 😡

  • Stephanie Hedrick says:

    This is just ridiculous! What about the people that have died from this vaccination! What about the fact that young girls can no longer have children because of it?? What about the fact that no one really knows what is in it!?? What about the fact that we have a so called president that is as crooked as they come! A government that just wants to control people! I’ll be damned!NOONE WILL COME NEAR MY CHILDEEN WITH THAT SHIT! AND YOUR RIGHT ITS QBOUT PROTECTING THEM! FROM THE DAMN GOVERNMENT! I WILL NOT GET THIS SO CALLES VACCINATION! ALL IT IS, IS POISON!!! AND NO ONE SHOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS BECAUSE THEY REFUSE! It’s against our constitutional rights!!! This is BS!oh and YOU WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT!

  • You don't need to know says:

    @Brad Phillips,

    I’ll tell you why people don’t trust the government. Because government officials consistently lie to cover their asses. They use National Security to keep from us knowledge about their illegal activities. It started with the JFK assassination, then Watergate. then Iran-Contra. The CIA has controlled the media since the 70’s. They have admitted to an operation called Mockingbird which implanted CIA operatives as American journalists. They “claim” the operation ended years ago. They imported hundreds of former Nazis and SS members to spy on Russia.
    The FBI and NSA used false documents to obtain FISA warrants against members of a legal presidential campaign to impugn the candidate. The document, the Steele document, was a false dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign.
    During the coronavirus period the government has consistently lied and flip-flopped on every major side, especially regarding vaccination mandates. President Biden told us that the US government cannot mandate vaccines, then went ahead and did it anyway. Now he’s demonizing non-vaxxers, as if we are the reason the vaccinated are getting sick. If the damn vaccine worked, they wouldn’t be getting sick!!! (by the way, I’m half-vaccinated)
    Since most anti-vaxxers are conservative, this is a perfect was to demonize the Democrats’ opponents. If we’re evil, then putting us in camps or arresting us will sit well with the sheeple. Don’t scoff. This has been suggested more than once.
    Stop listening exclusively to MSNBC, CBS, ABC or CNN. They will all spout the party line. Hasn’t it occurred to any of you that they are all saying the same thing? Doesn’t that sound a bit suspicious?
    First we were told the lockdowns would be only for a short while. That was over a year ago. Then we were told you only need two shots to be fully vaccinated. Now they’re saying we might have to take booster shots every six months. What the hell kind of vaccine is that? I’ve had one polio vaccine. One mumps, chicken pox, tuberculosis, smallpox since I was a child, I’m 70 now.
    What kind of vaccine only works for 6 months and even then sometimes fails? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (Shakespearean reference, look it up).
    Query: if the vaccine is effective in preventing covid, then why are the fully protected vaccinated so worried about the unvaccinated implying that they are killing people? That is irrational. Those who are safe shouldn’t be concerned about those who aren’t, should they?
    Since Covid is a flu virus, why didn’t they use weak or dead covid cells to create the vaccine as virtually every other vaccine in existence does? Instead, they use a non fully tested gene therapy called mRNA to create a “spike” protein which theoretically produces Covid antibodies. This may be an injection, but it is NOT a vaccine and it is another example of the government lying to us by calling it a vaccine. They claim that it does not alter genetics, but since it is not fully tested, they really don’t know what the long term effects will be.
    The recent FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine is misdirection. FACT: The vaccine the FDA approved isn’t even on the market yet. The Pfizer vaccine everyone is taking isn’t approved by the FDA.
    If you want to know why very few of us trust our government anymore, these are some of the many reasons. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Our government has lied to us consistently for my entire lifetime. Anyone would be a damn fool to believe anything they say anymore without doing some serious digging for facts.

  • mike ledin says:

    biden is dumb as shit…..he says nothing about all the people crossing the southern boards illegally or the people coming here from afghanistan…non of them checked only americans…why does he walk around with hit is head up his ass….he is to OLD to be president and should step down before he does any more damage to our country…he even fucked up the withdrawl from afghanistan,it was all laid out for him and he blamed trump
    he has no balls,like many old men………go fishing or something he can’t fuck up……

  • James Modica says:

    He should step down…Stepping up AF1 stairs he’s not too good at, but hey it was windy that day according to MSNBC.

    About that Afghanistan withdrawal did he follow directions from his military leaders about how to do it? I have to wonder how good he is at following directions>>>

  • Carl Facciponte says:

    By CDC figures, the virus has a 99.92% survival rate, including that huge nursing home spike early on. According to the The Administration, you can catch and spread COVID even if you have had both shots and wear a mask. That can’t help but to make you wonder about the effectiveness of vaccinations and why the onerous push to give everyone shots.
    When I look at it through a political frame, it makes more sense. I’ve come to believe this is purely a power move to make people compliant to government mandates and direction. Most of us have read or heard about not being able to buy or sell without a specific mark. Shots are NOT the mark, but the process seems to be testing itself out for that terrible day, and it’s doing it globally. Let the wise think about it.

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