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Mexico Sues US Gun Companies For $10 Billion



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Last Wednesday, Mexico filed suit against a number of gun companies in a U.S. federal court. The nation accused the gun companies of reckless business practices which led to a flood of illegal weapons among Mexican drug cartels. As a result, these guns led to thousands of deaths. 

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US Gun Companies On The Dock

The Mexican lawsuit names several US gun companies. The list includes Smith & Wesson, Barrett Firearms, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Glock Inc, Sturm, Ruger & Co, and others. Mexico alleges that these companies know the effect of their marketing activities among cartel groups. As a result, they encouraged illegal arms trafficking. 

Mexico accused the companies of helping cartels flout its strict gun laws by marketing to the underworld. In effect, their practices are “actively facilitating the unlawful trafficking of their guns to drug cartels”.

For example, Mexico pointed to weapons used in infamous shooting incidents. The suit pointed at Colt’s .38 caliber “Emiliano Zapata 1911” pistol. The weapon features an engraving of the Mexican revolutionary. As a result, cartels all over the country consider the gun as a status symbol.   

What’s The Objective?

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard explained the motives of the lawsuit against the US gun companies. “What’s the objective? That the companies in question compensate Mexico’s government for the damage caused by their negligent practices,” he explained.

Ebrard appeared at a news conference after the filing of the lawsuit. The delegation filed the suit in the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

The lawsuit represents one of the most daring moves made by the Mexican government against US gun companies. However, authorities have long blamed the manufacturers for fueling gang violence in their country.

Brand said that gun companies should end their harmful practices. Even as they demanded $10 billion in damages, Brand said that the court will decide on the extent of damages gun companies should pay. 

Gun Associations Reject Mexico’s Claims

US gun companies did not immediately respond to the lawsuit. However, the National Shooting Sports Foundation Inc (NSSF) took up the cudgels. It flatly denied allegations that firearm manufacturers were negligent in their business practices. 

In fact, nobody is to blame except Mexico itself. Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF’s senior vice president, said that “The Mexican government is responsible for the rampant crime and corruption within their own borders.” Cartels use guns taken illegally to Mexico or stolen from the Mexican military and law enforcement, he added. 

Legal Precedents

In addition, Mexican officials said they spent the last two years analyzing legal precedents over negligence by US gun companies. The cited a recent settlement offer by Remington Arms Co to pay nearly $33 million to families of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims.

The lawsuit claimed that Remington’s marketing of firearms contributed to the deaths of 26 people in 2012.

Other plaintiffs also used claims of improper marketing when suing gun companies. This is a rare exception in the legal immunity of gun companies in the US. This also forces manufacturers to practice more transparency.

Watch the Reuters news video reporting that Mexico is suing US gun firms, seeking $10 billion:

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Do you support the lawsuit against US gun manufacturers by Mexico? Do you think the suit will amount to anything, especially since it’s filed in the US?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments sections below.



  • Frankie Ocano says:

    I absolutely DO NOT support Mexico’s lawsuit! Mexico needs a total governmental and law enforcement reform.

  • Debra says:

    I absolutely do not agree with this lawsuit. Mexico should take care of their criminal cartels. Enforce laws against them. The US gun companies are not to blame for their corruption.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Mexicans should stop entering the US illegally and smuggling weapons illegally back into their own country.

  • Terry G Standen says:

    absolutely not, they need to stop the corruption in their police and government and shut down borders from their side. less guns for them and stop these illegal Biden embraced immigrants at the same time.

  • Zebedeana says:

    No it’s not like it’s not part of the game government play’s. Mexico cartels are basically working making money for US government like they have for 20 yrs or more. Most American’s are ignorant to that fact but not all.

  • Home Tom says:

    wow then The United States should sue Mexico for child slaves they sneak over every day . Billions is its trillions of money costing Americans every day taken care of Mexico problems from countries not providing Jobs ,Food , Housing, Health care , Let’s start suing all those countries that don’t provide to their citizens that Americans get And why their citizens want to leave their country?????

  • Dwayne says:

    Tell them to close there boarder and quit blaming there lack of law and order on the US. We are tired of dealing with their people coming across our borders illegally and there cartels and gangs causing major problems in our country. American guns aren’t the problem mexico as a whole should be to blame.

  • Rosco says:

    I think it is posturing against a weak US government with a weak administration- the US should close the borders, and cut off any aid to Mexico – it is probably another step towards the UN arms treaty and of course, Joe Obiden will play right into their hands to try to get rid if the second amendment and get rid of the guns.

  • Philip Cryar says:

    CLOSE THE BOARDED KNOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mexico should talk to the 44th administration about gun problems that they created in Mexico.
    Mexico should worry about the drugs and gun that they do nothing about in there Owen country CLOSE THE BOARDED.

  • Randal G Terry says:

    Accidentally hit the wrong button. Mint to hit the button Mexico should know better than to sue a business in the USA!! They need to close there borders!!

  • J says:

    If you’re son or daughter writes a bad composition in school and gets a failing grade, do you sue the pencil company? It” time to man up and stop shifting the blame on others…

  • Anonymous says:


  • Concern Citizen says:

    If that’s the case. U.S. should sue Mexico for allowing the Cartels to smuggle drugs into the U.S.. Mexico knows that the Cartels exist and let them run the corruption in a beautiful country killing its own people.

  • Ali says:

    Maybe VP Harris can go to Mexico and uncover the root cause of the government corruption. She can look into why people are killing and selling drugs and why people are fleeing?

  • jo says:

    This is awesome and the president of the UDA is flooding the USA with mexicans at no charge

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The drug cartels run and control mexico anyway, not there elected bunch that just go through the motions. Lets not forget the Obama gun runners supplied guns to a lot of the cartel.

  • Matty says:

    They need to sue Obama & Eric holder . For the gun . Rember fast & furious !

  • Jackie Nosbisch says:

    It’s not the gun companies fault that Mexico cannot control there own people. The drug cartel over there have all the guns while the normal citizens have nothing to protect themselves. The federalizes are paid off by the cartel to look the other way while these vicious criminals plunder and kill. Yes Mexico should seal off there borders so that no one or no kind of substance goes in or out

  • Michele says:

    I Do NOT support this lawsuit!!! Mexico should be heald responsible for there own problems.
    If this lawsuit goes through this is just another way the United States Government is trying to take guns away from responsible, respectful gun owners in the United States. This Lawsuit should be THROWN OUT OF OUR COURT. Mexico should be held accountable for not protecting there own borders, protecting there own citizens, child endangerment and human trafficking just to name a few. NO THIS LAWSUIT SHOULD BE THROWN OUT.

  • Linda Asher says:

    Makes me wonder how much the US Corrupted Government is paying Mexico to sue US gun companies to pass their hope of banning guns in US?! I blame Mexico cause of the amount of drugs and illegal immigrants coming into US. This lawsuit is so laughable it is beyond funny!

  • pinetree says:

    i smell a Biden/Pelosi/ Schumer idea behind this, weaken the gun company’s while padding their on pockets with a kick back from Mexico, then again i might be wrong

  • Jeanne A. Perry says:

    No I do not support the gun suit!
    The cartel is so powerful there they buy there guns all over the world. This sounds like Biden has some friends there and is pushing to take our guns abd 2nd amend…from us.

  • Laura Slater says:

    This is insanity! Mexico is taking advantage of having far left liberals in our current administration that do not support Americans second amendment! Maybe close the damn borders! Put the blame on the criminals for a change, not the gun!

  • Dennis Burkart says:

    I would bet that this is set in motion by the Biden administration. It is stupid to blame manufactures for the problem that Mexico created. Tell them to shove it.

  • James G Robinson says:

    They should sue oboma and holder this is where the illegal guns came from

  • Anonymous says:

    Sue the Gun companies. They donate a lot of money to politicians running for office. Anyway where will the wealthy Americans go to buy land n build a larger vacation home than what they had last year. Cheap tourist packages for newlyweds. This gun situation is a smoke screen.

  • Eloise says:

    Mexico is owned by the drug cartels, and so many of it’s police, government, and military officials are corrupted by greed and are on the take that Mexico has only itself to blame for the violence that occurs there. Gun manufacturers are not to blame for gun violence. The criminals who choose to commit the gun violence are to blame. Go after the criminals, Mexico, and leave the U.S. gun manufacturers out of it.

  • Vince says:

    They should be suing Obama and Eric Holder as they are the ones that shipped thousands of illegal firearms into Mexico during the years that Obama was president.

  • David says:

    Mexico has had a problem with guns forever. Interesting because they have very strict gun laws?! I’m sure the new laurel and hardy admin is behind it. They are really coming after guns. What are you up to that you want to kill people off with a plandemic, then a “vaccine” that somehow was developed, tested and released to the public in under a year?! Surrrre! The 2nd A is there for this very’s not for uinting food, it’s to protect ourselves and primarily from a tyrannical government.

  • Estella says:

    What about both Mexico and the United States shutting the border the southern border that is. Cooperation between the two countries might actually get something done to make it livable on both sides of the border for law-abiding citizens.

  • RICK MAYS says:

    its the beaners fault,no government,wont prosecute cartel because they are on the take,they just want more money in there pockets,and are government is stupid enough to give it to them,are country is going to hell!! we need to sue those idiots in mexico and our country for giving us covid!!! GOD BLESS MY GREAT COUNTRY and TO HELL WITH this so called GOVERNMENT we have!!

  • Jack Clendenin says:

    We should finish the wall. Then post armed guards and put an end to illegal crossings. Then send the Mexican government a bill for 2/3 of the cost(since it is their fault that their government sucks). And if they refuse to pay, then we file a lawsuit against them.

  • Buck Fiden says:

    This scheme was cooked up in cooperation with Biden’s handlers to go after U.S. gun makers. Mexico’s government is paid off by the cartels and they just hope for some monetary settlement. The border will stay open until we can get rid of our own liberal criminal politicians.

  • Marjorie Hacker says:

    I think that JACK CLENDENIN is 100% dead on! Shut down the border and keep their trash out! Mexico can start paying families the damages that result from their crimes. It’s so stupid it shouldn’t even be discussed. We all know this administration wants our guns. I would bet that they are behind this.

  • David Fields says:

    Before filing that they should have checked the laws that protect those companies from bulshit like this! They should have enforced their own laws and got off their ass instead of taking payoffs from the cartels!

  • Billy W says:

    This law suit just explains how corrupt Mexico is. Can not control their criminals so they blame the Gun companies. Close their border to the US, keep the illegals there or close their southern border.

  • Jeffery Sullivan says:

    Close the border and let them deal with it. Don’t go after the guns, go after the criminals.

  • Renato Domenech says:

    We should sue the Mexican government for all the drugs that come through the border.

  • John says:

    No I don’t agree with the lawsuit and furthermore if the Mexican government would close their borders,oh come to think of it maybe we can Sue the Mexican government for allowing all these illegals coming over into our country. Why must people always blame the gun makers for what the criminal people do.

  • JoeyB123 says:

    The United States should counter sue Mexico for all the DRUGS they allow into this country

  • Aubie says:

    I think the anti-gunners in the US are using Mexico
    to stir up some crap that they haven’t been able to do!!!
    Just look at the crime in all the limp wristed Demo– rat cities
    God made man the gun industry made them equal!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe the US should file a lawsuit against Mexico for all the drugs they let into the US

  • james jeffries says:

    blaming the gun companies wont help you mexico.close your borders.stop sending your undesireables to our country.we dont want you here.stay away.

  • Nia says:

    This question is not even about the law suit. Everyone knows Mexicans are not wanted in United States. Just their Land, Taco Tuesday, Margaritas are ok. Never mind the thousands of white men chilling out under every bride in united states who doesn’t want to work. in the meantime Mexicans are putting food on our table working in crazy conditions. Every day we wake up in stolen land but still can’t stop bitching about what a great country we are. Someone forgot to read their History full of hate, lies, murder, rape just to name a few. I support the right to bear arms, however we also need to be responsible for the hatred we spread.

  • David Garvey says:

    Aint that some SH-T? Biggest crooks in the world want to sue Gun Man. They are all COWARDS and should ALL GO HOME WHERE IT IS SAFE!

  • BARRY TUCKER says:

    Thay can not blame the gun companys on the wepons being used in these crimes.there is only one thing that will cause this type of action, and that is letting the spiritual enemy and greed into there minds. Thats what the problem is, thats what the problem is all around the world. Its not the guns its the people behind the guns that do it. And if thay cant see that then thay realy are blind.all i can say is this, get your heart and mind in the right place and this type of activite will not be an issue.

  • harm says:


  • PAR says:

    Mexico should sue Obama & Eric Holder for the “fast & furious” trafficked guns

  • Kenny says:

    Close the borders then sue Mexico for not stopping all the drugs coming into America

  • Mario Calderon says:

    Close the boarders and deport all illegals.

    Why don’t we sue Mexico for all the illegal drug, money laundering, human trafficking and murders as a result of the drug trade. Maybe we should start holding other countries accountable. We could write a book of all the problems and American lives that has caused.

  • Anonymous says:



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