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House Passes 2 Gun Bills That Expand Background Checks



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Last Thursday, the House passed a pair of gun bills aimed to expand and strengthen background checks for gun buyers. In order to do so, House Democrats went over Republican heads to push for major gun safety measures after decades of congressional inaction.

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Vote Based on Party Lines

The two bills both passed due to partisan voting. The first bill, HR 8, dealt with requiring background checks for all gun buyers. Meanwhile, the second one extends the time the FBI has to vet those flagged by the national instant check system. The House voted 227 – 203 to approve the expansion of background checks. Then, the second bill passed via a 219 – 210 vote.

Despite the House win, these bills do not expect to survive longer. Both measures face insurmountable opposition in the Senate. Republicans do not favor any additional limits on guns. This includes stricter background check requirements or longer wait times. While Democrats can bring the measures to a vote on the Senate floor, they do not have the requisite 60 votes to pass either bill.

New Gun Bills

HR 8, introduced on March 2, 2021, by Representative. Mike Thompson (D-CA) CA-5), makes it unlawful to sell or transfer a firearm without a Brady Background Check. This bill expands the current Brady Law to every sale or transfer in private sales. Transactions become subject to narrow exceptions.

Meanwhile, HR 1446, introduced by Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC), adds more time to make background checks on gun buyers. The background check system will receive additional time to make a final determination on a potential firearms purchaser. The bill closes what is known as the Charleston loophole. This allows dealers to proceed with a transaction if the background check fails to complete within three business days. The bill pushes the background check time from 3 days to up to 10 days. 

NRA Issues Statement

The National Rifle Association reacted to the House approval of the two bills. Jason Ouimet, executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, released the following statement:

“These bills are a transparent attempt by gun control advocates in Congress to restrict the rights of law-abiding Americans under the guise of addressing the violent criminal culture in America.  The truth, however, is that neither of these bills will do anything to solve that problem. By giving full power to unelected government bureaucrats to indefinitely delay and prevent lawful firearm transfers, HR 1446 could ultimately destroy the Second Amendment rights guaranteed to every law-abiding American by turning it into a privilege enjoyed by a select few.” 

“HR 8, so-called “universal” background checks, cannot be enforced without a federal gun registry, will not prevent crime, and will turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals for simply loaning a firearm to friends or family members.​  If Congress is serious about the safety of law-abiding citizens, it should have passed concealed carry reciprocity so that Americans can safeguard themselves and their families across state lines and throughout our country during these dangerous times.”​​​​

Criticism of the Gun Bills

Critics mocked the newly passed bills, saying that neither can stop the most notorious mass shootings of recent history. “The Democrats have rushed two bills to the floor, no regular order, no hearing time. They have allowed no meaningful input from Republicans and – and these bills, again, would have not stopped a single mass shooting, not Newtown, not Charleston, not Parkland, not Las Vegas, not Sutherland Springs, would not have stopped the shooting of our former colleague, Gabrielle Giffords, because her shooter passed a background check,” declared Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC).

On the floor during deliberations, Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) said a gun registry is an ultimate aim. “This is about creating a gun registry to track guns of the American people. There is no way to implement what the Democrats are trying to implement without doing that,” he said.

ILA View on the Charleston Loophole

Critics also assailed the extension of FBI background checks from three business days to 10. The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (ILA), a gun rights advocacy group, points out that the term “loophole” is misleading. In addition, it’s wrong to see extending the number of days can prevent the Charleston shooting.

“The 3 day proceed to sale provision is a safety valve that ensures gun purchasers in the U.S. are not arbitrarily denied their Second Amendment Rights. Without the 3 day provision, the FBI has no incentive to complete checks in a timely manner,” the ILA said. The ILA says that the FBI would still allow the shooter to buy a gun anyway.

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How do you find HR 8 and 1446? Plus, do you agree that these are unnecessary bills that won’t solve any problems? What measures do you suggest instead? Let us know what you think about gun control. Share your thoughts below.



  • Catherine says:

    Enough is enough with the Democrats and their socialist agenda these bills are so unnecessary. They continue to divide the country and only cause more fear.

  • Rick Harris says:

    These bills are intended to entrap gun owners, manufacturers, dealers, with the intent of confiscation and the destruction of businesses related to firearms. It is up to US Law abiding Citizens to STAND on our God given rights and the Constitution of the United States of America to overcome this full frontal attack on our liberties and God given rights many of which are directly enumerated in the Bill of Rights. We have to show overwhelming force with our votes, activism, speech, and litigation.

  • Nathan says:

    Well that’s just GREAT! Now, get busy and do background checks on ANTIFA and BLM members immediately along with all those with criminal ties and people who have served time in jail and have rap sheets! You all know? THE DAMN CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gregory Griessel says:

    I had background checks and my guns are registered. I don’t know what the problem is besides the Dummycrats pushing their Socialist agenda. The Democratic party is simply Anti-American.

  • Nate says:

    Now do background checks on ANTIFA & BLACK LIVES MATTER personnel, those who have committed crimes, those who have been arrested for crimes with the use of a hand gun or other firearm, those with mental disorders and all those who have illegally entered The United States! GET BUSY, YOU SOB’s GOT WORK TO DO!!!!!!!!! KEEP AMERICA SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS SAID!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JCJ says:

    The ONLY reason our government would seek to disarm, us, (law abiding American citizens) after 243 years, is because they’re planning on doing something to us, we would shoot them for.
    That folks, is the plain truth.
    “From my cold dead hands!”

  • Darrell Winesett says:

    It’s not only about gun control. It’s about total control over American citizens by gutting the bill of rights, especially the 2nd amendment. Our forefathers understood this all to well. People are waking up to the globalist elites agenda, with the puppet spineless democrats catering to their end game scheme. I could go on but the bottom line is a disarmed America will be their ultimate goal. With no means of self defense, against foreign and domestic threats, again with all our freedoms being taken, looks like it will be the ruling one percent over the rest of us sheeple.

  • D. Jay says:

    Time for the legal gun carrying Americans to stand up to these Dickacratics.

  • Scott says:

    Gun bills only restrict LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. CRIMINALS DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT LAWS. Otherwise they wouldn’t be criminals in the firat place. The only way leftists can cram Socialism down our throats, is by disarming all freedom loving Americans. This is just the start. Ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t pay attention and stand up for our God given rights. We will wind up like Venezuela, or Cuba,or China. Where no one has the ability to defend themselves or their families

  • Robert Phoenix says:

    I love how everyone is quick to add “law-abiding” to what the 2nd Amendment guaranteed to EVERYONE. NOWHERE in the 2nd Amendment is their a clause that states the right to keep and bare arms is only applicable to “law-abiding” Americans. Those who want to enforce the right guarnteed by the 2A need to enforce it as it is written, not as they deem fit. Otherwise they are no different then politicians who are trying to eliminate the 2A through enacting legislation to “control” gun violence that anyone with a brain cell knows does nothing to stop criminals. Want to stop criminals, enact harsher penalities for gun crimes, arm all citizens or at least give them the choice, and eliminate permits for possession and concealed carry in every US state.

  • Diane says:

    I agree with all of the above voices. I think the dems want our guns registered so that they can confiscate them when their agenda catches us at a very vulnerable time and when they declare no biullets will be sold to any one except the government.

  • sar patriot says:

    Guns don’t kill innocent citizens. Guns in the hands of felons that are now allowed to vote and illegal unregistered aliens allowed to cross our borders do. Domestic terrorists such as BLM and Antifa kill innocent citizens do. Film them and the law enforcement personnel arrest them instead of standing down watching the criminals are a part of the gun problem. The lieutenant that ordered her seargent to not enter the school in Florida was responsible for the innocent students murdered etc., but leave us innocent lawful gun owners alone. FBI, CIA, AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT DO YOUR JOB AND CLEAN THE STREETS OF GANGBANGERS BUT LEAVE US PROTECTING OUR FAMILIES ALONE.

  • Theresa Gilman says:

    Why can’t people protect their self and their property? Democrats have a fence with barb wire, national guards and capital police to protect them at the Capital What makes them so much better that they can have protection and not the American People? Now with all these immigrants wondering around the country not knowing what kind of person they are we need protection more that ever..

  • Dannie comly says:

    People will go to black market and by hunt rifles these bills are senseless if someone that wants a gun like criminals you won’t stop them

  • KelvinSkye says:

    I agree with all the above postings, especially the one about the only reason the Government seeks to disarms Americans is because they are planning to do something to us that we would shoot them for. We are now living under the Tyranny our Founding Fathers warned us about.

    Venezuela banned private gun ownership in 2012…then their country started descending into totalitarian chaos…..just before the 2020 election, I spoke with a Venezuelan refugee who was going door to door in my area to warn Americans that our nation is at the same exact tipping point theirs was, and that when things crash, it happens rapidly within hours. This person was strongly urging all Americans to wake up – because if the USA falls, the entire world falls and individual human freedom disappears.

    Wake up America! Get off the bench and into the game!

  • Ed Kenlon says:

    Background checks just “slow role” the purchasing process. The overwhelming majority of checks are approved. Lots of false positives and it does nothing to stop criminals who will NOT purchase guns through normal retail channels and therefore avoid any scrutiny. Registering guns means the government knows who has guns and can too easily find them and take them away.

  • Steve says:

    To quote one of our Founding Fathers, George Mason: “To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them.”

  • Martin Cooke says:

    These laws only affect the biting gun owners. Criminals don’t follow the laws. They will keep their guns. And raise the crime rates even higher than before. It’s time to stand up to tyranny. And impeach these democrats who want to take our constitutional rights given by our creator. Wake up America and fight what is your rights and freedom. Now.

  • Jackie says:

    This is what communists do, they take away citizens ability to defend themselves. The democratic party has too much power, that is why we desperately need term limits.

  • Gaylord Coston says:

    This will become another unenforceable law like banning alcohol during Prohibition. It will create more illegal activity and only impact the poor and groups of people that are already targeted for various reasons. It will not be long before guns and ammunition are smuggled in like illegal drugs. These changes will prove to be a burden for the courts in the few places they are in acted.

  • DrK says:

    I think that the Prohibition laws of the 1920s has shown us that making a law prohibiting something will cause the illegal trafficing of that thing go into high gear. Rather than restricting it actually forces the users to get that thing illegally and then all control is lost.

    Rather than facing the problem the democrats believe that complete government control is the only solve it. Most of the mass shooting came from gun legally acquired, but stolen or appropriated without the owners. consent and used.

    Stricter controls only make it easier for criminals to acquire guns.

  • Jim says:

    Prepare or the Up and Coming WW# 3, We are going to war in the near future, We will all be over come before we can have another election, SO GET PREPARED

  • Terry Bell says:

    F*CK BIDEN AND PISSalocie and all the DUMPACRAPS !

  • Suzy Q says:

    WAKE UP Americans they are trying to take our constitutional rights away! “You will own nothing and be happy” sounds like a communistic society to me. Get your gun Quickly before you can never get one to defend yourself as you will regret it and need it. Hard times are coming. Did you ever believe the pandemic could happen before all this. Do not shut your eyes it does not change the reality of what is to come. G-d help us all. I pray I’m wrong and just as crazy as some will think I am with what I am saying. However, my gut tells me and a lot of others it’s not.

  • CM says:

    These bills are “common sense gun control” only to tyrants and fools. They do nothing to prevent criminal gun violence as criminals tend to disregard the law. It’s overwhelmingly clear in these bills that the Marxists are seeking to identify and disarm the population to make it easier to enforce their wildly unpopular authoritarian “reset”. Full exercise of 2A is the only thing preventing this country from becoming a fascist state overnight. 2A is our rubicon people, defend it with your life: anerriphtho kybos, let the die be cast.

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”- T. Paine

  • Tim says:

    Here is a novel idea, how about enforcing the 20,000 plus gun laws already on the books instead of enforcing more gun laws on the law abiding citizen.

  • Pam says:

    Stop the criminal Democrats now. Stand together to stop the lies,corruption, and stealing.

  • Evans Bevill says:

    I’m a God Fearing , Bible believing , family oriented and loving blue collar man who farms and works -a job 60 hours a week , I pay my taxes and voted Republican Party and voted for President Donald J Trump both times – I will continue to fight for my and others 2nd Amendment God given rights that Honorable men bestowed upon us years ago ,
    God bless America- keep Praying- vote and stand your ground
    I’m locked and loaded

  • KelvinSkye says:

    I hope all of you who are posting here are also working hard to educate others who are blissfully unaware of what is happening. The current global efforts by those who seek ultimate power over human civilization on this planet cannot succeed as long as the USA remains a free nation.

    I’ve heard the personal stories of many people I’ve met who have escaped totalitarian regimes and made it to the USA (not just the one from Venezuela I mentioned in my earlier post). I”m sure many reading this article have had similar experiences.

    We are the leaders we have been waiting for….every single American must now become a leader in some way, and push back. You know who you are, and you know you have it within you to do so.

    The rate of the rate of change towards a complete totalitarian form of governance in the USA is accelerating rapidly.

  • Jim Houston says:

    And of all things, Nancy Pelosi stands up and beats her chest about how this is for the children. What about the millions of children that are murdered each year through abortion. Guns did not get to them, the democrats did.

  • Donnie Bawkum says:

    I totally agree with all comments God bless America

  • William Burrows says:

    While they are going through our pockets. Passing stupid laws to get our minds off the thievery that is going on. Socialism at its finest . PEDOPHILES and there little secret societies of the rich . Why do you think the National Guard is still at the Capitol look familiar?

  • Ed Melroe says:

    I pray the middle of the road democrats see what the way crazy democrats are voting and what they are doing to our country, and VOTE REPUBLICAN in the next election. If it is not too late to save us.

  • Tony says:

    Gun control, Democrats, and history. Democrats are counting on the short term memory of democratic Americans and taking advantage of our schools no longer teaching history in our classes, here are a few examples of why.
    In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln. In 1881, a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, our President who later died from the wound. In 1963 a left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy. In 1975 a left eing radical Democrat fired shots at President Gerald Ford.
    The list and dates go on and on about disgruntled democrats shooting and killing co-workers, church members, office workers, and the list continues. History shows these individuals like Martel Abram (2019), James Holmes (2011), all registered Democrats shooting our children, parents, loved ones, Americans!
    The American people do not need gun control…we need to control the Democrats from killing our people…we need the ability and means to protect ourselves from the Democrats who want to take away our freedoms and turning our population into mindless robots to serve the wants and needs of this administration.
    Let’s all remember that we, the American people, are paying to have our administration protected by armed security personnel, we are not trying to place them in danger by passing laws, trying to rewrite the constitution, or removing their right to feel safe…

  • michael wade says:

    Double standard . The Dems are a disgrace to the USA and make us the laughing stock of the world with all the security. Just shows the AMERICAN people never elected them or Biden and they are running scared now. All about control of power when the DEMS are the true racist.

  • Christopher E. says:

    The “Deep State, shadow government, democratic – socialist regime” will do anything to rid us Americans of our second amendment right issued to every American at birth. The luciferian New World Order can not take power with America standing. The very existence of our great nation and the fundamentals this nation was built upon, stands in their way. They (new world order) cannot take power and achieve their agenda of world world domination with America standing. They are against God, so they have for ages been working to shove God out of everything. They can not stand against us while we are armed… They know we won’t put up with that shit and we will fight to the death to protect our freedoms and our land. So more laws, more control to disarm us. Once disarmed, that’s when the sick cowards will make their move to round all of us up and and continue with their agenda 21/30 plan. No nation or physical entity can stand against our great military. It would be complete suicide to attempt. They know it, so they fabricate fake pandemics to try and create mass panic and further decide us… Not to mention destroy our great petrol dollar that has dominated the world’s trade market for centuries. Keep us divided (heaven forbid all of us like minded to band together and wake the masses up, that can’t happen because we would overthrow them in a heartbeat) destroy our economy so we are dependent on them, try to take are guns so when they do round all of us up, we cant fight and protect ourselves or our property as our forefathers intended… They want to depopulate the entire world by 85%? I say we start with them! Let the purge begin!

  • Nathan says:

    When our guns are gone so is America! Enough is enough! When they come to get mine I hope they send Biden and his Posse

  • Donnie says:

    There are enough guns laws out there now. And don’t count on the senate not getting the 60 votes, there were 20 Republicans who voted to confirm a Anti-gun Attorney General. Remember you gain control of people by disarming them. And with the majority of Democratic ran Cities and States wanting to defund law enforcement, Law abiding gun owners are the ones who will be affected by these laws, not the criminal.

  • Carl Bean says:

    IF I were a DEMOCRAT in United States Congress I’d SURE Want GUN CONTROL!!! Those “citizens”?? realize someone “MAY come for them”Jan 6,2021; close call!! What about when they return to their homes (lairs) IQuestion!!! Did- Are ANY of those arrested on 1-6-21 have a rap sheet?? Were ANY (if) firearms seized LEAGALLY OWNED ?? (Due to existing background check LAWS!) Does anyone KNOW or give a DAMN!! IF EXISTING ANTI- GUN LEGISLATION has proved worthless WHY WHY!!! Make up MORE BS!! 10s of 1000s of firearms exist!! Half of those never on the “books” in the first place!! Democrats only hope is To Confiscate/ Destroy All firearms! IMPOSSIBLE- there will be at least one waiting for YOU! CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS you IDIOTS!!!!

  • BBA says:

    Here is the real question to all of you. What are you going to do when these Rights stripping 2nd amendment communist laws come into effect,…….and they are coming?? When military style federal law enforcement officers comes to your property and ask for your weapons because you have been red flagged from some bogus data log that your name is stocked piled in,.. what are you going to do? Tell these armed Federal officers to F’ off and physically fight them, have a shootout with them, …or are you going to hand over your firearms?? My money is on bowing down and giving up your firearms! People you better damn well wake up to what is coming!! We have already exposed just how cowardly we are as a society by giving up all of our Rights & Freedoms over a politically engineered pandemic. We let the last election which was a total farce take place and now we are being told that the idiot Biden is our President which is a total lie but yet we did nothing! I have been shot at and can tell you it is not a feeling you ever want to experience when someone is coming toward you with the intent to take your life. In a perfect world I would hope that there are millions like me who will step up and push back at our corrupt communist acting government but I’m not seeing it from those tough talking “patriots” around me???

  • PLW says:

    This is of course ridiculous and self serving for the Left! On another note though, I read an article years ago one of the reasons that the Japanese never tried to invade us in WW2 was due the the numbers of Armed citizens they would encounter.

  • Rosco says:

    There should be a coalition of states that band together to live in a man or in line with the constitution- including the Second amendment.

    If the democrats/leftists want to live under total control, so be it – those of us who do not should have an avenue to live under a constitutionally supporting and capitalistic economic system.

    If the rest want to operate under the UN, give up their sovereignty, give up their means of self protection, defund the police, live under chaos, that is their choice . I choose not to

  • Robert L Ratliff says:

    Screw the Democrats. They forget that they work for us. They need to read the first sentence in the Constitution.

  • MBE says:

    Someone once ask me what I’d do if they came to my guns? My reply was that they would come through a cross fire of all my neighbors! By regulating honest gun owners they will make all of us criminals. Their are generations of unregistered guns out there. Having my own gun at Twelve year olds, coming from responsible parents and hunting background I continue to enjoy the outdoors and the shooting sports. They will never get all of the guns that will someday protect us from a. Foreign enemy or a tranical government. We must stick together and not let them separate patriotic honest Americans. Last year we added some 4 million new gun owners to our roll. Their are more hunting family’s that have responsible and trained children as I was. Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. We will always be hear for America

  • marlene says:

    I am a 85 year old woman who has shot guns since I was 10 ( a BB gun). I am so grateful and proud of all of you for the stand you are taking against the evil Dems, Deep State, George Soros’s crew and Obama’s crew. I may be too old to go to war for America but if they try to take our guns, they will find I am not to old to pull a trigger! God bless all of you and God bless America and President Trump!.

  • Ken says:

    Over the years I have watched republicans in times where they have held the majority in both the house and senate and for some reason that I do not agree with, those members that we elected to do the right thing and follow the constitution have fallen short on really big matters every time. I am a republican, but the elected officials that go to DC to do the job for the people are spineless, yellow bellied cowards who get roped into the money and lifestyle and there is no accountability for there actions or lack of. Even the ones that I think are good from my own state are weak men. I mean come on, laws are being broken much less rules in congress and from actions of different leaders like the speaker of the house and there is no coniquences – guess why? Because if republicans call them out, they will reveal the skeletons in the republicans closets. That’s why republicans are spineless. Because republicans act as if they are above reproach but are hiding things. That’s why we never get ahead when the republican party has control. Instead of an elephant I suggest a slump backed yellow bellied coward be the symbol for republican politicians and the party sadly enough. Just sayin it like it is. We are our own problem. Get your heads out of your asses leaders and hold some people accountable for the insanity. All the republicans do is sit there and talk about everything that is wrong and all the laws being broken and things that the Dumbassocrats are doing is wrong but the republicans do not have the brains to do something about it and actually make the change needed with actual solutions – they just talk and talk and talk about what is wrong. This is exactly why America came to be a FREE country. Because people wanted to get away from other countries that were controlling their lives and taking there free will away. We already have a great foundation here in America! We all need to respect each other’s opinion and race and try our best to compromise back and forth between parties but here is the problem. Compromise, republicans compromise because they understand that America was founded on Godly principles yet those who are not for God do not compromise and therefore things get out of balance. Once you bring up God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit things change and the conversation ends but it’s funny how America was based on in God we trust and they meant the one and only God. So the more there are of the liberal mindset the less there is interest in the wisdom put forth by our founding fathers as flawed as some of them may have been. It was a different time back then and we have learned things and changed. The problem with liberals and mind numb devil possessed Democrats is that they DO NOT COMPROMISE because their hearts are wicked and cold and against God. SOLUTION TO GUNS AS RELATED TO THE 2nd? And a WHOLE lot of other things going on here in America – pray, read Gods word, and actually get out there and love the people that are our enemy and pray for God to bless them and hopefully a whole lot more will get saved in order to vote in a more wise way that helps promote freedom instead of dismantling freedom. Yes I have called people some names in this but I’m just calling it like it is.

  • Christy M Ackley says:

    These laws will only prevent law abiding gun owners from doing business with other law abiding gun owners. Criminals don’t give a rats backside what laws are passed. The House of Representatives needs to get off their high horse and start providing more funds for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to get the illegal guns off the streets. That would be true gun control.

  • Charles Wickham says:


  • George Hall says:

    Let the dumbocrats start enforcing the gun laws we already have, and get the criminals off our streets. It seems every time I read of a problem caused by a criminal with a gun, the article says the person was also charged with “possession of a gun by a restricted person.”
    And while you are enforcing our existing laws, dumbocrats, how about securing the borders?

  • Gwyllim says:

    Humans have the right to self-protection. Any ‘law’ that restricts or infringes on that right is wrong at it’s core, and should not be instituted or followed.

  • David Vee says:

    All these politicians are just money hungry they don’t want to help the public they don’t wanna help United States we’re supposed to be a strong country and they’re destroying us maybe we should send them to China and banned them from United States for life

  • RAAM says:

    THERMOPYLAE- from my cold dead hands!!!

  • terry traylor says:

    its all for F

    its all for F—— votes that’s all it is

  • KURL says:


  • Mark E Skinner says:


  • Bob says:

    Our Current Socialist Party is so far left that they are now trying to control Americans under a Communist rule by taking away all of our Constitutional Rights. Beware! Do not awake the Militia! They are the real protectors of our country. Can you hear that echo inside your head? That’s your Pea Brain bouncing around. Dumb Ass!!!

  • Tony says:

    As stated above and by every American who knows the Democrats stole this presidential election we need to protect ourselves from those idiots pushing socialism and slowly stealing our individual freedoms. I believe the Democrats are following this speech given in 1935, it goes as follows:
    “This year will go down in History. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future !” This speech was given by Adolph Hitler.
    The House Democrats went over Republicans heads to pass gun control bills HR 8 and HR 1446. The mindless socialists 1% in Washington are working hard to steal our freedoms, they’ve pushed their weight around to stop Twitter and other social media from people expressing their views other than what the Democrats want. The major media stations don’t say a word about Biden being China’s puppet…WE ALL KNOW IT! Not a word is said about Hunter Biden’s illegal activities, his money laundering to China Joe. The news media hasn’t said a word about the trouble in Mpls regarding George Floyd’s death, there’s a 6 block area around the scene of his death that police can’t enter, shootings, murders, destruction and the city council isn’t doing a damn thing about it !
    It’s been 2 months since the election and the Democrats aren’t wasting any time putting Americans under their thumb, or at least trying. The Strong Will Survive and it won’t be the ones in Washington now, I’m not going to let all our service men and women that gave their lives for our freedom to be in vain for those who are trying to take my freedom ! China Joe, Camel Toe and all their socialist, communist buddies can take a flying f..k !

  • JOEL K GOODMAN says:


  • Paula S Capracotta says:

    People who break the law don’t worry about gun control legislation. It’s the law-abiding citizens who pay the price for unnecessary laws.

  • Mel says:

    Gun laws don’t mean a damn thing to criminals. As long as there are criminals, they’ll always find a way to have illegal guns. Those high & mighty clowns in the Whitehouse could NEVER stop that ! So, wyd are the legal & responsible gun owners expected to do when some asshole comes at our family wanting to blow everyone away ? Cower in a corner while watching our family get destroyed ? NO FUCKIN WAY ! Just how many more illegal guns ( attached to criminals already ) are being welcomed with Democratic arms & crossing our borders ? TOO FUCKING MANY !! There’s not a freaking thing they can say or do to make us sit back while some asshole is trying to wipe out our families ! WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT HAVE THAT BULLSHIT !

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