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DeSantis Rejects Biden’s Request For National Guard Support



National Guard protecting people clean up & vadelized businesses after the protest | DeSantis Rejects Biden’s Request For National Guard Support | featured

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said that he denied a request for National Guard support from President Joe Biden. The President asked DeSantis to send National Guard troops to Washington DC for his State of the Union Address today.

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Avoiding Part 2 of January 6, 2021

Members of the National Guard patrol the area surrounding the outskirts of the Capitol Building | Avoiding Part 2 of January 6, 2021

As Biden prepares for his first State of the Union speech, rumors of a trucker convoy are rumbling louder.

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Apart from protesting COVID mandates, the convoy will reportedly head to Washington DC to disrupt Biden’s first-year address.

Critics of modern State of the Union speeches are against the pomp and extravagance of the current version. Historically, the address was a letter sent by the President to Congress.

However, President Woodrow Wilson transformed that letter sending event into a grand political event. He hoped to turn the State of the Union into a grandiose event that can raise the White House’s profile among Americans. 

With hours to go before the event, local and federal officials ramped up security at Washington DC to head off any potential unrest.

In fact, the US Capitol Police said that will bring back the security fence surrounding Congress. Police will also close some streets to restrict traffic. 

Trucker Convoy Thought To Head To Washington DC To Disrupt State of the Nation Address

In preparation for this event, the US Capitol is buzzing with law enforcement officers. They are tasked with maintaining security in the area. Many are still wary of what happened at the Capitol on January 6 last year.

As a result, officials are working round the clock to ensure that the Capitol riots won’t happen again. This year, the US Capitol Police already bolstered their security preparations.

This time, officials are preparing for trucker convoys planning protests against pandemic restrictions. The protesters are modeling themselves after Canadian truckers.

These demonstrators managed to snarl Ontario traffic as they let their giant rigs occupy main streets. 

Officials expect at least three trucker convoys to converge at the nation's capitol to protest against Biden’s COVID mandates. One of the larger convoys started from the Mojave Desert in California.

They have now embarked on a cross-country route since last week. One Democrat called on law enforcement authorities to seize the trucks from any protest.

Police should “give the trucks to small trucking companies looking to expand their business.”

DeSantis Rejected Request for National Guard Support

In preparation for Biden’s security-heavy State of the Union Address, the Pentagon approved the deployment of National Guard support in the form of 700 unarmed troops.

They will assist with traffic control during potential demonstrations. It was a particular request to add to this contingent that DeSantis rejected.  

Among the current crop of US governors, DeSantis is seen as the foremost and most vocal critic of the President. The Florida governor tweeted his decision to thumb down Biden’s request.

“Last week, the Biden Administration requested the assistance of State National Guards to deploy to Washington D.C. I have rejected this request — there will be no [Florida National Guard] sent to D.C. for Biden’s State of the Union,” the governor tweeted.

Watch the Sky News Australia video reporting that DeSantis rejects Biden’s pleas for state National Guard assistance:

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What do you think of DeSantis’ rejection of the federal request for National Guard support? Also, do you see any repercussions for DeSantis’ refusal?

Let us know what you think about Biden’s upcoming State of the Union speech. Share your thoughts below.

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