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Biden’s Support Ukraine Programs Are Taking Too Long



Protestors rally in support of Ukraine in Washington DC | Biden’s Support Ukraine Programs Are Taking Too Long | featured

Last Tuesday, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said that Republicans largely approve of programs that support Ukraine over its war with Russia. However, lawmakers are now deadlocked in finalizing the aid package the US wants to give to Kyiv.

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What Took Biden So Long To Support Ukraine?

Anti-war Protesters holding pro-Ukraine signs outside the White House | What Took Biden So Long To Support Ukraine?

McConnell held a press conference after the White House announced increased sanctions against Russia. “I think there's broad support for the president in what he's doing now. Our biggest complaint is, what took him so long?” McConnell told the media. 

McConnell called out Biden for acting too late as usual. “Much of this might have deterred the aggression in advance. But, yes, we're all together behind the Ukrainian people.

We're thrilled at the changes that have occurred within NATO, and I think I've seen our country pretty unified. As a matter of fact, the whole world seems to be unified,” McConnell said.

Talks with Democrats Over $6.4 BIllion Ukraine Support Stalled

Biden’s White House asked Congress to approve a $6.4 million package aimed to support Ukraine. This includes humanitarian and security for the country that Russia recently invaded.

Democrats want to include the funding for Ukraine in a larger, omnibus spending bill they drafted. The House of Representatives will likely vote on that bill by early next week. 

However, McConnell said that discussions with Democrats are falling apart. Both parties could not agree over the defense segment of the package to support Ukraine.

In particular, Democrats want to fund this provision from a defense spending level all parties agreed to. This agreement happened prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We're not going to do that,” McConnell told reporters. He added that in an emergency, the process should be different. “We’ve hit a snag,” he admitted.

McConnell, Republicans Wanted Biden to Impose Sanctions to Russia Before Invasion

Even before the first Russian tanks went into Ukraine territory, McConnell and other Republicans were calling on Biden. They wanted the President to start imposing sanctions against Moscow.

It aimed to make Putin realize that economic sanctions await the country if he continues with his expansionist plans.  

In addition, some other Republicans slammed the President for his supposedly weak handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Many GOP capitalized on the Ukraine crisis to boost American oil production and pick up the slack. This includes cutting back on environmental regulation while boosting local oil production. 

McConnell Disagrees With Trump As Well

In addition, the Senate Republican leader also trained his guns on party mate and former President Donald Trump. Previously, Trump spoke at a conservative radio show and characterized Putin as a “genius” as well as “pretty savvy.” 

McConnell strongly rebuffed Trump’s comments on the Russian President. Instead, he said that “

“What President Putin is, is a ruthless thug who's just invaded another sovereign country and killed thousands of innocent people. That's what President Putin is,” McConnell said when asked about Trump's remarks.

Watch the Fox News video reporting on Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who said that Biden deserves to be in a tough position on Ukraine:

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Do you agree with Senator Mitch McConnell that Biden took too long to provide Support Ukraine? Also, could the US prevent the loss of lives and resources if Biden made a stronger stance before Russia Invaded?

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