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Biden Slams Trump, Accuses Him of Inciting January 6 Capitol Riot



President Joseph Biden delivers his speech | Biden Slams Trump, Accuses Him of Inciting January 6 Capitol Riot | featured

President Joe Biden took to the offensive during the first anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riot. Without mentioning his name, the President slammed his predecessor Donald Trump.

Specifically, he accused the former president of instigating the deadly events of January 6.

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Biden Accuses Trump of Masterminding January 6 Capitol Riot

Trump supporters rioting at the US Capitol | January 6 Capitol Riot

Biden delivered one of the most forceful speeches of his decades-long political career. He went at Trump using a full arsenal of accusations. He accused Trump of inciting attendees to the Capitol march on January 6.

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The president said that Trump used a web of lies about the 2020 elections in order to rile up supporters. Biden said that Trump did so because he couldn’t accept his recent defeat at the polls.  

Speaking at the US capitol on the anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riot, Biden said that Trump “held a dagger at the throat of democracy” that day. “They didn’t come here out of patriotism or principle. They came here in rage,” Biden thundered.

‘What Is True and What is a Lie’

In his speech, Biden asked Americans to make the difference between truths and lies. “We must be absolutely clear about what is true and what is a lie.

A former president of the United States of America has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election.

He’s done so because he values power over principle,” he said. Biden hinted that Trump’s interest was “more important than his country’s interest”. As a result, Biden said that Trump “can’t accept he lost.”

Biden then proceeded to mock Trump and other Republican officials for their lack of proof on their claims of election fraud.

Not satisfied with his diatribe against Trump, he then issued another insult at Trump without mentioning his name. “He’s not just a former president. He’s a defeated former president.”

Democrats Push For Voting Rights Bill

Aside from Biden’s fiery rhetoric, Democrats are also using the January 6 Capitol riot anniversary to push for voting rights. Democratic party members like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) are urging the White House to emphasize voting rights.

Meanwhile, some Biden allies argued to keep the issues separate. They said that voting rights are about preventing the disenfranchisement of minority voters. Meanwhile, the January 6 Capitol riot is about an attempt to overturn an election. 

Biden did minimize his mention of voting rights in his speech and contented himself with hurling accusations against Trump. However, Vice President Kamala Harris, in her introductory remarks, called on Congress to pass voting rights laws. 

Why is Biden Not Mentioning Trump By Name?

Earlier in his tenure as President, Biden actively avoided criticizing Trump by name. It’s as if he’s afraid of uttering Donald J. Trump’s name for fear of making something happen.

When asked by reporters about his reluctance to name Trump, Biden gave a very confusing answer. He said that he “did not want to turn it into a contemporary political battle between me and the president”. He added that “It’s way beyond that.”

Watch the CBS News video reporting that President Joe Biden blames Trump for January 6 riot in a speech marking anniversary:

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Do you agree with President Joe Biden that former President Donald Trump is the brains behind the January 6 Capitol riot? Or, do you find Trump a convenient scapegoat for the Democrats?

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