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Enterprise Sales Development with Brooke Bachesta



Enterprise Sales Development Podcast | Enterprise Sales Development with Brooke Bachesta | featured

Enterprise Sales Development | In this episode of the Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Brooke Bachesta, XDR Enablement Manager at Outreach and Chair of the Gals and SALs group.

Brooke talks about her enablement role and what that means at Outreach. She discusses some of the initiatives they use to grow the team and the professional development they offer.

She also talks about remote working and her interactions with the SDR team leaders and team managers that ensure the best for the team. She shares why she co-founded Gals and SALs, a group that provides women on the SDR team a place to get together, support each other, foster career growth and celebrate success.

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Enterprise Sales Development with Brooke Bachesta

Stock valuation. Increasing revenue and business profit-Enterprise Sales Development


  • What is the XDR Enablement Manager and what it's like at Outreach
  • Some of the initiatives for growing the team and what she's learned scaling that large of an organization
  • How she measures and knows when the team is successful; what KPIs she looks at to define enterprise upmarket success; how she prioritizes the metrics and goals
  • The mentality of going wide, who she likes to target more and what she's looking for, and how being meta – SDRs using Outreach every day – plays into this
  • The kind of professional development programs do they have for SDRs to get them to the expertise level
  • How she interacts with SDR team leaders and team managers to ensure the best for the team and the biggest thing she's learned from her enablement role
  • How the remote work is going, what does that look like from an enablement perspective, and how hiring remotely allows her to harvest better talent
  • Why she co-founded Gals and SALs


  • “Of course, you need to start with the end in mind, and just like we want our ASP to be at this level. For easy math, we want it to be 100. We're currently at 15. Let's just get ourselves to 100. There needs to be incremental steps in process in order to do that.” -Brooke Bachesta [05:25]
  • “That's part of why I love working here so much, because you're just forced to level up your knowledge of the industry.” -Brooke Bachesta [11:22]
  • “I'm really starting to understand what it means to make strategic decisions and to plan in advance.” -Brooke Bachesta [20:20]
  • “Thinking about how can we make sure that when we're training folks, it is not wholly dependent on a person. Like if I'm on vacation or I get sick or hit by a bus, the whole program doesn't die and people are still supportive and can find what they need to without having to Slack at here the channel, ‘Where is the script on so-and-so?'” -Brooke Bachesta [24:53]
  • “Second Friday of every month, the office is closed as a way to force people to take a mental break, because now more than ever the lines are blurred between work and your personal life.” -Brooke Bachesta [27:23]


  • [00:01] Intro
  • [01:05] What it means to be the ​​XDR Enablement Manager at Outreach
  • [05:01] Maturing modeling, measuring success and prioritizing goals
  • [10:59] Being meta
  • [14:39] Professional development programs for SDRs
  • [17:37] Interact with team leaders and managers
  • [21:38] Experimentation and automation
  • [25:14] Going remote
  • [31:48] Gals and SALs
  • [37:13] Brooke's pitch on Outreach

Enterprise Sales Development with Brooke Bachesta

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