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New iPhone 11: What to Expect?



New iPhone 11 What to Expect

It’s almost that time of year again– the release of the next generation of iPhones.

This year, analysts predict three phones will be released on the third or fourth week of September:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11R
  • iPhone 11 Max

Apple hasn’t officially announced the names of these phones and may opt to use roman numerals (example: iPhone XI Max). Each phone is a successor of the previous generation of iPhones.

Historically, newly released Apple phones have been expensive. In 2018, the new iPhones cost $1,000 for the lesser-specced option and $1,370 for the full-specced option.

It’s reasonable to expect that the 11th generation of iPhones will be similar in price if not slightly more. But, of course, the question on everyone’s mind is “What will these new iPhones offer?”

One of the most common trends for iPhone releases is to first provide dummy phones. Apple produces these dummy phones so companies can create appropriately sized iPhone cases.

And they tell us a lot about what the new iPhones are like:

1. Triple lens camera bump

The camera received an upgrade with an additional lens. There’s the standard, telephoto, and now the ultra-wide.

The 2018 iPhone cameras were 7 megapixels, but the 2019 iPhones will get an increase as high as 12 megapixels.

Users will be able to take extremely high-quality photos and videos, as well as have a variety of camera options. Including 3x optical zoom, better performance in low light, and better 3D sensors for augmented reality.

This will be significant for Instagram-users, photo-lovers, and augmented reality-gamers.

The downside is that the camera has a “bump,” meaning it’s not flat with the rest of the back. Due to its size and protrusion, the camera looks clunky and inelegant.

The front side still has a selfie camera and a small-notch for quick facial recognition.

2. Lightning charge only

The dummy phones reveal that the new iPhones have lightning charge ports. Unfortunately, they do not have any kind of USB type C port.

There are a lot of different ports pioneered by manufacturers. Lightning is designed by Apple.

The significance of a USB type C port is that it’s universal and not proprietary. Meaning, they can be used anywhere and by anyone.

Many tech giants are beginning to release products with USB type C ports, believing they are the future universal port.

But with Apple’s lightning-only iPhone 11, this means users must always use an Apple-specific cord to charge their phone.

3. No more 3D touch

3D touch debuted with the iPhone 6 generation. This introduced a pressure-sensitive screen, which allowed iPhones to distinguish between “light” touches and “heavy” touches.

This meant users had more options when touching their phones. For example, a user could open an app with a light touch or open the app’s menu with a heavy touch.

Many Apple users have long suspected 3D touch would be removed from iPhones. It received largely negative reviews for being unnecessary and a lot of iPhone carriers simply do not use it.

It’s rumored the iPhone 11s will do away with the feature altogether. Theoretically, this should lower the company’s cost of production.

4. Similar size and color

The iPhone 11 appears to be similar in size to its predecessors. They’re easy to hold in one hand, fit in a pocket, and seem to have the same screen size as an iPhone 10.

Approximately, the iPhone 11 is 5.8 inches and the iPhone 11 Max is 6.5 inches.

iPhone 11s have the same sleek design as previous iPhones, maintaining that metallic case and dark glass front we’re familiar with.

5. Circular mute switch

The buttons and speakers are similar to previous iPhones, but the mute switch is different.

Instead of a thin oval, the mute switch will be circular. Users frequently mute and unmute their phones, even in a single day.

A circular switch makes the process easier and more natural than attempting to find a tiny button hidden on the phone somewhere.

6. Shipped with iOS 13

It is not confirmed but almost guaranteed that the new iPhones will arrive with iOS 13.

Earlier this year, Apple released iOS 13 beta testing to the public. And since then they have improved the software with additional updates.

This means the new iPhones will have the latest and most cutting-edge software that Apple has to offer.

A few announcements, leaks, and beta-testers have revealed a few noteworthy features with iOS 13:

7. Significant speed boost

Apple Vice President Craig Federighi spoke at WWDC, saying, “nothing is more important to our iPhone users than performance. So this year, we worked top-to-bottom making everything faster that you do the most.”

Here are the specific statistics Apple claims about iOS 13:

  • App downloads will be 60% faster
  • App launching speeds will be twice as fast
  • Face ID unlocking will be 30% faster

One of the biggest expectations for the iPhone 11 is a significant speed improvement.

8. New Siri voice

With the iOS 13 debut, there’s now a new Siri voice that sounds less robotic and more human. Apple claims users will notice this particularly with longer sentences, such as reading the news.

Siri also totes some new features. For example, Siri can now discern between voices. If a user says, “Siri, what’s my schedule,” it will pull up that specific user’s schedule, rather than someone else’s schedule.

9. Sign in with Apple

Apple is now competing with Facebook and Google by offering users to sign into third-party accounts. Therefore users won’t have to give their email to unknown parties when signing into apps and websites.

Users do not have to give Apple their own private email either. They can create a unique email for Apple’s services.

This adds an extra layer of security and privacy for users.

10. Dark mode

Beta testers for the iOS 13 have reported that there’s a nifty feature called dark mode.

With it activated, the screen now automatically changes white backgrounds into black or dark gray on supported apps.

Phone users will be able to use their devices at night time without blinding themselves with bright white backgrounds.

11. Silence unknown numbers

With iOS 13, the iPhone 11 will be able to automatically silence unknown numbers.

Spam cold calls are becoming more common for mobile users and annoying thousands of people. Apple is responding with this feature.

Siri scans your recent calls and contacts to see if it recognizes the incoming number. If not, it goes straight to voicemail.

12. Changes to camera and portrait mode

iOS 13 enables users to change the intensity of light when taking photos and videos. Something Apple users have wanted for a long time.

Users will also have more options and control when navigating and editing photos. For example, the photo gallery allows easier navigation with pinching and holding photos.

The photo gallery will have a new tab that holds the user’s best photos for each week, month, and year.

Beta testers report a more user-friendly camera and photo editor. iOS 13 finetunes photo editing, giving the user more filters, effects, and options for rotating and cropping.

13. More formatting options for email

Up until now, email text has limited options. Users can’t send a hyperlink via email and instead have to copy and paste an obnoxiously long URL right into the email.

With iOS 13, users can send a hyperlink and customize their text more. This includes more control over font size, style, color, alignment, and indenting or outdenting text.

Users will also have more options with bulleted and numbered lists.

14. More customization for memojis

Memojis are the emojis of the Apple world. They were immensely popular in the previous generation of iPhones.

Apple empowered users to customize their own emojis. The iPhone 11 will capitalize on their popularity and expand customization.

Apple announced a wider selection of emojis will be available by fall of 2019. And many users anticipate the ability to customize their memojis on a detailed level with the iPhone 11.

For example, users will be able to apply make-up and add piercings or headwear to their memojis.

Once a memoji is created, the iPhone 11 can create a sticker pack of various expressions of the memoji. The pack would live in a small menu on your keyboard and would be shareable across different media and apps.


It appears the biggest features to the iPhone 11 are the additional camera lens and the expectation of iOS 13.

The design is roughly the same as previous iPhones, but will likely cost the same or slightly more.

Do you plan on buying the iPhone 11?

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