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4 Unique Benefits of Hiring a Travel Agent



Benefits When Hiring a Travel Agent

If you have the time and ability to plan your vacation, go for it. Some folks love browsing the internet for top-pick vacation destinations and researching flight deals and hotel reviews.

But if logistics and scheduling aren’t your strong suits, leave it to a pro. As conventional wisdom teaches us: always outsource your weaknesses.

You may be wondering what a travel agent can do that you can’t do on your own. Here are four unique benefits of hiring a travel agent that you won’t get doing it alone:

1. Save time and headaches

Saving money is important, but sometimes saving yourself time and hassle is more important. There is a lot to figure out when planning a vacation, especially if you have kids.

You need to pick out clothing, probably clean them, fold them, change your mind about them, unpack them, and repack them again. Now repeat that process with your kids.

You’ll have to text some friends to see if they can pet-sit and house-sit for you while you’re gone. Don’t forget to make arrangements at work while you’re absent, like changing your work voicemail.

On top of all of that, you need to figure out a destination that suits everyone’s needs. Then research flights, hotels, and plan your daily schedule for your vacation.

Travel agents can save you tons of time that you can spend on other important details. They can also save you the hassle of choosing a good destination and do the legwork of getting you there on your budget.

2. Suggestions for destinations

Experienced travel agents have helped hundreds of people like you get to places all over the world. On top of that, they receive detailed reviews of all these destinations.

That means they can match your desires with a perfect vacation destination.

They know which beaches are clean and uncrowded and what’s the best time of year to visit them. They know the best resorts for skiing and which cities have the best tourist attractions.

You can tell your agent what you’re looking for in a vacation. And they can give you a perfect suggestion that fits your needs, whether you want to go camping in the deep mountains or give your kids a fun-filled adventure at an amusement park.

In one regard it’s fun to use a travel agent. This is someone you can geek out with about vacation details. Researching on a computer at home is fun, but it’s even more exciting talking to a professional who shares your passion.

3. Insider knowledge and deals

Over the years, travel agents have built key relationships and knowledge within their industry. They know which airlines are the cheapest and friendliest. They know which hotels have great customer service and how close they are to tourist sites.

Travel agents also have access to deals and perks that most people do not. They can waive fees, get room upgrades, and get reservations at coveted resorts and tours. Sometimes they have credits with resorts that you can use towards the spa or for food.

In some cases hiring a travel agent can pay for itself.

4. Additional help when on vacation

Not only do travel agents help plan your vacation, but they also provide on-call assistance when you run into trouble. Sometimes flights are canceled or hotel bookings don’t work out.

Lucky for you, an expert is only one call away. Travel agents can quickly find another flight for you or a hotel room replacement. Even if you don’t use this additional service, knowing it’s available can bring peace of mind.

A separate but related option is travel insurance. You can insure your vacation through your agent. This way if your child becomes ill at the last second and you have to cancel your $1,500 vacation, it’s insured.

Vacationing is about relaxing

The whole purpose of going on a vacation is to relax. Researching flight options and reading hotel reviews can feel more like work than relaxing.

Travel agents take out the headache and work of planning for a vacation. Why not spend some money to make your vacation smooth and frustration-free?

Treat yourself to a vacation and a travel agent.

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