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GM To Invest $1 Billion In Mexico to Make Electric Vehicles



The internal workings of the Chevy Volt at the 2012 New York International Auto Show | GM To Invest $1 Billion In Mexico to Make Electric Vehicles | Featured

General Motors announced plans to invest $1 billion in Mexico to produce electric vehicles. The decision comes even as the Biden administration pushed for more American companies to invest on American soil.   

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$1 Billion in Mexico Plant

GM will pour its investment into its Ramos Arizpe production complex in Mexico. Beginning 2023, it will start the production of at least two electric vehicle models, which remain unidentified. Currently, the Ramos Arizpe plant and nearby facilities produce the Chevrolet Equinox and Chevrolet Blazer. They also manufacture many engines and transmission systems. 

Even as President Joe Biden advocated for more local investments, especially in green initiatives such as EVs. Instead, GM went forward with upgrading its Mexico plant to make it ready for EV production.

The automaker did not disclose if the EVs targeted for production in Mexico will cater to the US market. At present though, GM imports the cars made in Ramos Arizpe for sale in the US. 

Slap In The Face

Meanwhile, United Auto Workers Vice President Terry Dittes called GM’s investment of $1 billion in Mexico a “slap in the face” to auto union members and American taxpayers. “At a time when General Motors is asking for a significant investment by the US government in subsidizing electric vehicles, this is a slap in the face for not only UAW members and their families but also for U.S. taxpayers and the American workforce,” he said in a statement. 

Dittes said companies that utilize labor outside the United States should receive government subsidies. Since GM sells Mexican-made in the United States, American workers should make them. “That is why our nation is investing in these companies.

Taxpayer money should not go to companies that utilize labor outside the U.S. while benefiting from American government subsidies. This is not America any of us signed on for. Frankly, it is unseemly,” he said. 

GM Should Reaffirm Their Commitment to the US

Even lawmakers reacted to GM’s decision. Representative Debbie Dingell (D-MI) issued a statement voicing her displeasure.

“Not one American dollar should support our own jobs being shipped off to Mexico — especially when we have the workers and the technology to manufacture the best vehicles of the future here at home. General Motors needs to reaffirm their commitment to working, American families,” she wrote. 

The automotive giant defended its decision to invest $1 billion in Mexico by saying it’s just one of many investments. In fact, three out of its five committed expansion programs will happen in the US.

In a statement, GM said the Mexico project is the latest of five new facilities that will produce electric vehicles. The four other plants are located in Spring Hill, Tennessee; Detroit and Orion Township in Michigan; and Ontario, Canada. 

Other Investments Will Create Union Jobs

GM said that its three US investments will create new union jobs.“General Motors is committed to creating good-paying US jobs as we transition to an all-electric future and our recent announcements are proof of that commitment,” said Dan Flores, GM spokesman.

“In fact, we recently announced nearly 9,000 jobs and more than $9 billion in new electric vehicle or battery cell manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee,” he added. 

However, some of the new jobs might now qualify as union jobs. GM will assume manufacturing at some of the plants as a joint venture. For the jobs to become union jobs, the UAW will need to organize unions in these plants and negotiate a separate contract. 

GM Thanks Mexico For Support

Meanwhile, General Motors CEO for Mexico Operations Francisco Garza issues a release thanking both federal and local governments for “promoting” the investment. However, GM did not specifically share details of the government support but it did share what facilities will open.

GM expansion plans in Ramos Arizpe include new facilities to manufacture two EVs. It will also create manufacturing space for battery packs, electric motors, and other components. In addition, GM will start operations this year for a new paint shop. 

After Mexico, GM will continue building or converting existing plants to EV facilities globally. It targets to completely transform into an all_EV manufacturer by 2035. The ambitious program includes the production of at least 30 new EVs by 2025 under a $27 billion investment plan.

Watch the WXYZ TV – Detroit news video reporting that GM's electric future plan raises job concerns for some UAW members:

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Do you agree with GM’s decision to invest $1 billion in Mexico for their EV production? Or, do you feel they should have opened more plants in the US to generate new jobs for Americans?

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  • Russell messer says:

    If they start building in Mexico then we should stop buying GM cars and trucks this is not amarcan

  • Mary Ann Crofoot says:

    I just sold my truck I will no longer buy GM this was a slap in the face we are going through a very bad situation here and they are producing our cars in another country I had no clue that our trucks and SUV’s were being made there I will no longer drive a gmc or Chevy for that matter 😞it’s a shame I really loved my truck.

  • BBA says:

    We as a family had always supported GM with our trucks & cars but after the last government bailout where GM started using China for almost everything besides assembly we stopped buying their vehicles. They are no better than the other “American” companies who have totally sold out for gain of profit. We have been buying Ford products now for the last 10 years and will NEVER give another dollar to the sellout GM corp!!

  • Preston C Sousa says:

    Trump wants Americans to be self sustaining, but you Democrats want to ship our jobs out. Trump started to get companies to come back, Biden canceled a lot of incentives an now those companies are staying in china.So america can be a third world nation an lining their own pockets. When more democrats get in they go from senate or congress salary to millionaires. Keep America strong not make it a communist state

  • Christine says:

    This administration does not make an effort to keep the USA strong and promote American jobs. It denigrates American values by allowing illegal immigrants to come here and take what we have worked hard for, jobs, socal services and the freedoms we have fought for and some have shed their blood for those values. Also the government is working to silence the churches of our Lord Jesus, God is in charge an will always.

  • George says:

    What has Mexico done for this country? NOTHING!!! US is to support GM then build the vehicles here! Make America strong!!!

  • Paul says:

    Sounds like another Hunter Biden deal. Thanks “big guy”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Traitors! This Administration is talking about spending billions of dollars her to create jobs and GM ships jobs to Mexico!

  • Jimmy Young says:

    President Biden is pushing the US into a Socialist country. With his rule making, taxes etc. I would run somewhere else too.

  • Bkaz says:

    Tax credits for evs made outside of the US should not qualify for these benefits. That would stop gm from moving there.

  • The professor says:

    GM closed a huge factory in Lordstown Ohio over a year ago why not make the electric cars there … A lot of factories closed in the 70s and 80s and the machinery was shipped to Mexico and nobody Blinked an Eye…. and before Mexico we were also shipping machinery from factories that closed to the southern states and other southern states we’re shipping those machines to Mexico it’s all about the money …. I was a truck driver and rigger for over 40 years and I moved a lot of machinery from these dead factories one in particular was going to Mexico and the workers at this plant in CT.we’re getting $15-$18 an hour back in the mid 80s ….when the plant was operational in Mexico the workers would get $.50 an hour plus one meal think about that….. if President Trump was still in office I bet this wouldn’t happen ….. GM says they’ve spent 9 billion on other factories in Tennessee and several other states well if we didn’t bail them out….. where would they be …..I mean what’s another billion?

  • Peter says:

    GM knows that Biden and the other spineless democrats will not do anything to stop them. Funny how they waited until Mr Trump is no longer in office, for now. Funny how Putin is getting ready by mobilize troops at the Ukrainian border. Maybe President Kamala Harris should talk to Putin and tell him that his actions are causing global warming

  • Anonymous says:

    Mexico is a neighbor of the US. Lots of good people in Mexico and lots of good people in the US. We would all fair well with cooperation and opportunities working with each other in many ways from medicine to innovation, to everyday life

  • EG says:

    Why build in Mexico? They’re pouring over the border for a better life here.

  • Anonymous says:

    Open yer eyes nobody seems to see ! Get yer head out of the sand people! High corporate taxes that our union backed president is pushing it t always pushes business out of this country. Its amazing how unions once made this country great and now they are destroying this country! What really sucks is I am embarrassed because I am a UAW member

  • Bkaz says:

    Tax credits for evs made outside of the US should not qualify for these benefits. That would stop gm from making them there.

  • Russell Kissinger says:

    Dats rite

  • Ted Bailey says:

    GM….used to mean General Motors. Since they were bailed out by the Govt., it now means Government Motors. Crap on Americans in the name of Profits. BKAZ is so right.

  • Ed Melroe says:

    WHAT A JOKE !!!! First Obama bails them out with US taxpayers money and now they are taking a BILLION dollars to Mexico ??? I HAVE SOLD MY GM VEHICLES. FORD is still ALL USA…….GM is selling out the American taxpayer as well as the American worker. Does the Labor Union see this ??????????

  • Gary Cook says:

    Maybe the unions should “Reaffirm their commitment to the US” by severing all ties to the Democrat Party.

  • Chandler Westwood says:

    Good job joe It’s only the start. We have a a stupid president. The dems are going to kill the USA

  • John Selmer Sr says:

    I have been a Chevy and Oldsmobile buyer for years, But NEVER AGAIN, G.M. accepts big dollar help from our gov. then sells out our country to Mexico. How stupid do they think we are. I will never , never, buy G.M. again. If I see some one in a G.M. having trouble i (a mechanic for 40 years) will not help. If you are driving a GM product, You deserve it and you are on your own.

  • Rose Elllenbrand says:

    will not buy GM if made out of the US

  • Jerry Woods says:

    G.M. has cars made in China. Now they go to Mexico. What’s next, India? With Biden raising taxes though, I guess he’s just trying to have companies move out of the U.S. and go overseas. He wants the Government in total control so that we have to depend on them. NOT!!!!

  • Cecelia Santillano says:

    When is AMERICA going to take care of AMERICANS!!! Mexico’s number one import is MONEY that their people SEND home to their FAMILIES!!! Most are illegal workers!!! Few of them ever become citizens then they return back home!!! How does any of this benefits AMERICA and AMERICANS!!!

  • Thomas murphy says:

    The only way all of this is going to change ..Is we that see all of the policical monolopy against the great american Life we have all enjoyed and love ..we had all better start carving out time in kur day lifes to get i volved .in any feild that is of great concern to maintaining this freedom and way of life .Or its going to vanish and then its gone .So if you have a talent .Or proficient in any trade or feild .We all need to search ,and reach out on your subject of intrest .and lets quite just talking about it ..Make a move .Do somthing that will help stop the insanity that we are all wittnessing .Like my grandfather taught me .If you really want to make a change .You have to go do it .Its not going to come to you .We have all wartched enough Tv and sports .its time to get involved. Do something .It willmake a difference .Not lets go make this a great day .Cheers !

  • JOEL K GOODMAN says:

    gm can make their shit in mexico or china. i will not buy iy, drive it or use it. fuk ’em.

  • Brian kovacs says:

    So then who’s vehicles will you buy? name one company that is “American” in today’s world.

  • Tim says:

    All vehicles have foreign parts in them one way or another

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t buy GM products anymore,Ford only!

  • Marilin says:

    Weren’t they bailed out before? Slap in the face.

  • Preston says:

    This is more evidence of because Biden efforts to cripple american workers job here with high taxes and more obama like regulations we loss , so then i wonder how many jobs and money will the American people loss to bibens china alliance ,alot I guess.

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