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15 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be An Excellent President



15 Reasons Donald Trump For An Excellent President

Whether you hate or love the Donald, there is no denying that he is exceptionally different from the norm of political elite candidates that’s usually offered to us.

He’s caused high controversy, extreme emotions, and a new challenge to all the other political opponents.

Even his own Republican party have been very skeptical of Trump, despite managing to defeat the likes of Jeb Bush and gaining an increasing surge of support from the public.

But, will he actually make an excellent President? Let’s look at the 15 reasons why he could actually do some good for America by taking up the high office.

1# Trump doesn’t originate from the usual Washington gravy train

Unlike the other 3 Republican candidates, who have all been governors or senators, Trump comes from a business background.

He knows the mechanics of a working business, and will bring his savvy business knowledge to help create a more prosperous economy for America.

Other benefits of having a fresh face:

  • Having someone from a different background can bring new ideas for our nation.
  • His decisions can benefit private businesses big and small, creating more jobs and a competitive economy.
  • His fortune was made from his own enterprise, rather than receiving handouts from the public.

2# Trump isn’t owned by anyone

As he’s funded his own campaign, it hasn’t been necessary for Trump to accept lobbying or money for favors.

Other US politicians, on the other hand, are notorious for:

  • Borrowing from large firms, in exchange for policies in their favor and not for the interest of US citizens.
  • Stealing public money.

This key factor alone suggests Trump’s motive is for the good of America and not large corporate companies.

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3# The Donald is all about business

He’s a self-made billionaire from his Real Estate empire, who will be natural in diplomacy and being a negotiator – he already has received plenty of respect for his business acumen.

This will benefit America by new profitable trade deals and foreign affairs.

4# His immigration policy is sensible

Despite the calls of racism and other remarks made by the liberal machine, there is no denying that the United States currently suffers from a huge immigration problem, which is causing the following problems for US citizens:

  • Keeping wages down.
  • Lack of employment in many US cities and towns.
  • Higher risk of terrorism.

Why shouldn’t we have a Mexican border to protect us from drugs, weapons, and other illegal trade?

Someone taking action is surely better than ignoring the problem, which is what other candidates seem to want to do – before it’s too late.

5# Donald Trump is clean

If you ignore the media smears to make him a laughing stock, Donald Trump has no record of misleading or causing outrage from the public – where his integrity is at stake.

Apart from his divorce and choice of haircut, his lifestyle and personal issues have never amounted to controversy or breaking the law.

However, look at Hillary or other Republican rivals, and you’ll see their closets aren’t short of a few skeletons…

6# He believes in performance and targets

Trump is a notorious figure for his outward aggression, in order to bring the result he wants – even if it means somebody has to be sacked or a hard decision needs to be made.

All President’s should have this quality and be included in the job requirement.


7# Donald is a straight talker

Another refreshing quality, which mainstream politicians don’t seem to possess – you just know he won’t white wash or sugar coat, and will say how it is.

8# We won’t get stuck with Hillary Clinton

We’ve already had one Clinton who had an affair whilst lying about it, so does America really need that again?

9# Trump backs the little man

He always fights for open and honest debates – every time in those debates, he always speaks what the majority of the public are thinking; without worrying about being offensive or being P.C.

A great strength of character.

10# Donald is very open about a stop to American adventurism

He has a firm belief that the Iraq war was a mistake, and the loss of American life in failing to bring peace in the Middle East was completely wrong.

His desire is peace and bringing neutrality, which he believes will bring more prosperity to both the FED and the public.

#11 He wants to clean up corruption

Trump has said if he becomes president, then he would prosecute Hillary for her crimes.

He will clean up the elite, who seem to live above the law and do what they like.

#12 Trump wants better education

He knows the children are America’s future, and is very passionate for vastly improving the performance of education – bringing more skilled workers to the future US economy.

13# Donald wants to manufacture resources in America.

This is against the status quo of Washington, but he believes this will create more jobs, whilst cutting spending on imports and being less reliant on other nations.

He will bring a more self-sufficient and competitive America.

14# Donald has no filter

Although a loudmouth can be annoying and obnoxious, Trump uses no PR or spin and shoots straight from the mind. A much better leader characteristic than someone who lies and is secretive towards the public.

15# The establishment are running scared and don’t want him.

We already know that the elite’s agenda is vastly different to ours, so the fact they are running scared shows maybe for once they won’t get their own way – but don’t think they’ll let this happen so easy…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Big Richard Long says:

    U just told 15 Lies.trump is the most corrupt,Lying,Racist, accused Rapist, divisive,treasonous, murderous, immoral, Traitorous individual to ever hold public office.his exaggerated fortune was allegedly made through Russian money laundering,Bank Fraud,Tax Evasion,& Failure to Pay.He appears to be owned by Vladimir Putin.

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