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15 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be An Excellent President




15 Reasons Donald Trump For An Excellent President

Whether you hate or love the Donald, there is no denying that he is exceptionally different from the norm of political elite candidates that’s usually offered to us.

He’s caused high controversy, extreme emotions, and a new challenge to all the other political opponents.

Even his own Republican party have been very skeptical of Trump, despite managing to defeat the likes of Jeb Bush and gaining an increasing surge of support from the public.

But, will he actually make an excellent President? Let’s look at the 15 reasons why he could actually do some good for America by taking up the high office.

1# Trump doesn’t originate from the usual Washington gravy train

Unlike the other 3 Republican candidates, who have all been governors or senators, Trump comes from a business background.

He knows the mechanics of a working business, and will bring his savvy business knowledge to help create a more prosperous economy for America.

Other benefits of having a fresh face:

  • Having someone from a different background can bring new ideas for our nation.
  • His decisions can benefit private businesses big and small, creating more jobs and a competitive economy.
  • His fortune was made from his own enterprise, rather than receiving handouts from the public.

2# Trump isn’t owned by anyone

As he’s funded his own campaign, it hasn’t been necessary for Trump to accept lobbying or money for favors.

Other US politicians, on the other hand, are notorious for:

  • Borrowing from large firms, in exchange for policies in their favor and not for the interest of US citizens.
  • Stealing public money.

This key factor alone suggests Trump’s motive is for the good of America and not large corporate companies.

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3# The Donald is all about business

He’s a self-made billionaire from his Real Estate empire, who will be natural in diplomacy and being a negotiator – he already has received plenty of respect for his business acumen.

This will benefit America by new profitable trade deals and foreign affairs.

4# His immigration policy is sensible

Despite the calls of racism and other remarks made by the liberal machine, there is no denying that the United States currently suffers from a huge immigration problem, which is causing the following problems for US citizens:

  • Keeping wages down.
  • Lack of employment in many US cities and towns.
  • Higher risk of terrorism.

Why shouldn’t we have a Mexican border to protect us from drugs, weapons, and other illegal trade?

Someone taking action is surely better than ignoring the problem, which is what other candidates seem to want to do – before it’s too late.

5# Donald Trump is clean

If you ignore the media smears to make him a laughing stock, Donald Trump has no record of misleading or causing outrage from the public – where his integrity is at stake.

Apart from his divorce and choice of haircut, his lifestyle and personal issues have never amounted to controversy or breaking the law.

However, look at Hillary or other Republican rivals, and you’ll see their closets aren’t short of a few skeletons…

6# He believes in performance and targets

Trump is a notorious figure for his outward aggression, in order to bring the result he wants – even if it means somebody has to be sacked or a hard decision needs to be made.

All President’s should have this quality and be included in the job requirement.


7# Donald is a straight talker

Another refreshing quality, which mainstream politicians don’t seem to possess – you just know he won’t white wash or sugar coat, and will say how it is.

8# We won’t get stuck with Hillary Clinton

We’ve already had one Clinton who had an affair whilst lying about it, so does America really need that again?

9# Trump backs the little man

He always fights for open and honest debates – every time in those debates, he always speaks what the majority of the public are thinking; without worrying about being offensive or being P.C.

A great strength of character.

10# Donald is very open about a stop to American adventurism

He has a firm belief that the Iraq war was a mistake, and the loss of American life in failing to bring peace in the Middle East was completely wrong.

His desire is peace and bringing neutrality, which he believes will bring more prosperity to both the FED and the public.

#11 He wants to clean up corruption

Trump has said if he becomes president, then he would prosecute Hillary for her crimes.

He will clean up the elite, who seem to live above the law and do what they like.

#12 Trump wants better education

He knows the children are America’s future, and is very passionate for vastly improving the performance of education – bringing more skilled workers to the future US economy.

13# Donald wants to manufacture resources in America.

This is against the status quo of Washington, but he believes this will create more jobs, whilst cutting spending on imports and being less reliant on other nations.

He will bring a more self-sufficient and competitive America.

14# Donald has no filter

Although a loudmouth can be annoying and obnoxious, Trump uses no PR or spin and shoots straight from the mind. A much better leader characteristic than someone who lies and is secretive towards the public.

15# The establishment are running scared and don’t want him.

We already know that the elite’s agenda is vastly different to ours, so the fact they are running scared shows maybe for once they won’t get their own way – but don’t think they’ll let this happen so easy…

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RetailMeNot's Five to Buy in February
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The wintry temps may make you cold, but February deals are sure to warm your heart. It’s not only a great time to shower your valentine with roses and gifts, but it’s a great time to make other smart and timely purchases as well.

The shopping and trends expert for RetailMeNot, Sara Skirboll, agrees. “With the biggest football game of the year, Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day on the horizon, retailers will offer tremendous savings on a variety of categories — from TVs and TV dinners to all of your Valentine’s Day needs.

1. Play Cupid

With Valentine’s Day this month, shoppers might be struggling to find the right present that symbolizes their love. You can never go wrong with a customized gift made especially for them. This month, shoppers looking to go the extra mile for their loved one will save an average of 40% on items like personalized photo albums, picture frames, wall art and more. You name it, they make it — and just because it’s customized doesn’t mean it will break the bank. Turn to retailers like Shutterfly who is offering a RetailMeNot exclusive for 28% off your regular priced purchase.

2. Ding-Dong Deals

While some might make dinner reservations at the fanciest restaurant in town, many will opt to eat at home. Those who do can take advantage of special promotions and discounts. In fact, diners can save an average of 30% off all month long, so be sure to search the food delivery deals from RetailMeNot. Right now, DoorDash is offering 25% off your first purchase and Postmates is offering $15 delivery credit for existing users.

3. Flower Power

Everything’s coming up roses! According to a recent RetailMeNot survey, 46% of shoppers plan to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, up from 34% in 2019. Many florists will be offering promotions and discounts to help shoppers prepare for the holiday. This year, retailers like 1800Flowers are having up to 40% off flowers & gifts and FTD is offering a RetailMeNot exclusive offer for 20% off sitewide.

4. Get Your Game On

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5. Meet Your (Price) Match

Life can easily get in the way of finding “the one,” but online dating sites and convenient mobile apps are here to help. Those looking for love are in luck: Dating sites can offer up to 75% off enrollment fees to encourage singles to put themselves out there. Dating sites like eHarmony are offering 35% off all subscriptions and OkCupid is offering free membership.

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STUDY: Being Wealthy Adds 9 More Healthy Years to Your Life




STUDY Being Wealthy Adds 9 More Healthy Years to Your Life
Image via Shutterstock
By Amelia Hill

Being wealthy adds nine years to healthy life expectancy: a life free from disability and pain, according to transatlantic research.

The 10-year study, conducted across the UK and US, looked at all the social and economic factors behind the reasons why people sink into ill-health as they age.

“We found that socio-economic inequalities in disability-free life expectancy were similar across all ages in England and the US but the biggest socio-economic advantage in both countries and across all age groups was wealth,” said Dr Paola Zaninotto, a professor in epidemiology and healthcare at University College London, which led the research.

Published on Tuesday in the Journal of Gerontology, the data from 10,754 UK adults aged 50 and older, and 14,803 US adults over 50, examined how long people can expect to live free from disabilities and to what extent socio-economic factors play a part.

The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and the US Health and Retirement Study both found that while life expectancy is a useful indicator of health, the quality of life as we age is crucial to determining our health.

“By measuring healthy life expectancy we can get an estimate of the number of years of life spent in favourable states of health or without disability,” said Zaninotto.

“We know that improving both the quality and the quantity of years that individuals are expected to live has implications for public expenditure on health, income, long-term care of older people and work participation and our results suggest that policy makers in both England and the US must make greater efforts into reducing health inequalities,” she added.

In both countries people in the study were divided into groups based on total household wealth. Comparisons were made between the richest and least wealthy groups.

The paper shows that at 50 the wealthiest men in England and the US lived about an additional 31 healthy years, compared with about 22 to 23 years for those in the poorest wealth groups.

Women from the wealthiest groups from the US and England lived around an additional 33 “healthy” years, compared with 24.6 and 24 years from the poorest wealth groups in England the US respectively.

Recent ONS statistics also showed that those aged 65 are seeing their healthy life expectancy increase: since 2009, men in England and Wales aged 65 have gained 31.5 weeks of life and 33.5 weeks of healthy life. Women of the same age have gained 17.4 weeks of life and 23.3 weeks of healthy life over the same period.

But the data also revealed that children born today are likely to spend a larger proportion of their lives in poor health than their grandparents.

They will also benefit from substantially smaller increases in their life expectancy than those born a few years earlier, in the first decade of the 21st century.

In contrast, the proportion of life expected to be spent in good health in the UK has decreased between 2009-11 and 2016-18, from 79.9% to 79.5% for males and from 77.4% to 76.7% for females.

This article’s headline was amended on 20 January 2020 to more accurately reflect the content of the article.
Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved.

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STUDY: Number of Billionaires Doubles in Last Decade




Number of Billionaires Doubles in Last Decade
Image via Shutterstock

The number of billionaires has doubled in the past decade and the world’s wealthiest 2,153 people controlled more money than the poorest 4.6 billion combined last year, the charity Oxfam said Monday.

Meanwhile, unpaid or underpaid work by women and girls adds three times more to the world’s economy each year at least $10.8 trillion than the technology industry, the Nairobi-based charity said in its “Time to Care” report.

Women around the world work 12.5 billion hours combined each day without any pay or recognition, while the world’s 22 richest men have more wealth than all the women in Africa.

“It is important for us to underscore that the hidden engine of the economy that we see is really the unpaid care work of women. And that needs to change,” Amitabh Behar, CEO of Oxfam India, told Reuters.

“Our broken economies are lining the pockets of billionaires and big business at the expense of ordinary men and women. No wonder people are starting to question whether billionaires should even exist,” Behar said ahead of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, where he will represent Oxfam beginning Tuesday.

“Women and girls are among those who benefit least from today’s economic system,” he added.

There will be at least 119 billionaires worth about $500 billion attending Davos this year, according to Bloomberg, with the highest contingents coming from the US, India and Russia.

“The very top of the economic pyramid sees trillions of dollars of wealth in the hands of a very small group of people, predominantly men,” the Oxfam report said.

“Their wealth is already extreme, and our broken economy concentrates more and more wealth into these few hands,” it said.

To highlight the inequality, Behar cited the case of a woman called Buchu Devi in India who spends up to 17 hours a day walking almost two miles to fetch water, cooking, preparing her kids for school and working in a poorly paid job.

“And on the one hand you see the billionaires who are all assembling at Davos with their personal planes, personal jets, super rich lifestyles,” he said.

“This Buchu Devi is not one person. I in India encounter these women on a daily basis, and this is the story across the world. We need to change this, and certainly end this billionaire boom.”

Behar said that to remedy the problem, governments should make sure above all that the rich pay their taxes, which should be used to pay for amenities such as clean water, health care and better schools.

“If you just look around the world, more than 30 countries are seeing protests. People are on the street and what are they saying? That they are not to accept this inequality, they are not going to live with these kind of conditions,” he said.

Source: New York Post
Vanguard News

(c) 2020 2019 Vanguard Media Limited, Nigeria Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (

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