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Trump Signs COVID Relief Bill, $600 Stimulus Checks



Donald Trump files papers to run in the New Hampshire presidential primary on Nov. 4, 2015-$600 Stimulus Checks-ss-featured

Days after saying the $600 stimulus check in the Covid relief bill is “ridiculously low,” President Donald Trump signed the bill. This means the government will remain open. Meanwhile, Americans in need of relief will start receiving assistance. Had Trump refused to sign, the government would shut down by Tuesday for lack of a budget. 

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The bipartisan bill costing $2.3 trillion, includes a $900 stimulus package to help Americans get by as 2020 winds down to its last week. Aside from the stimulus check, it includes an extension of unemployment benefits and fresh loan funding for small businesses. Also, the package extends the federal moratorium on evictions, which expires December 31. 

$2000 Rather Than ‘Measly” $600

The $900 billion Covid relief package is a part of a larger government budget bill. Both parties worked details out with White House aides to produce an acceptable budget that made it before the deadline. However, Trump objects to the bill having money for foreign aid but allotting only $600 per household in relief. He asked Congress to get back to him after increasing the $600 stimulus check to $2000 and trimming foreign aid. At one point, Trump said that the bill “is called the Covid relief bill, but it has almost nothing to do with Covid.”

He reiterated his demand last weekend “I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600.” Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the White House will help ensure that the stimulus checks go out immediately. 

Delays in Signing

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, a fellow Republican, called out Trump for delaying the signing of the bill. The President wants Americans to know he pushed for a bigger check, but he risks sowing confusion. “I think, as he leaves office, I understand he wants to be remembered for advocating for big checks.” But, Toomey said that Trump will be known for “chaos and misery and erratic behavior if he allows this to expire. So, Toomey suggested that Trump should “sign this and then make the case for subsequent legislation,” he said. Toomey said he opposes the $2,000 checks proposed by the president.

Trump’s aides prepared the bill for a Christmas eve signing and announcement. However, Trump had a change of heart and wanted more for American households. As a result, the unemployment benefits expired Saturday, while a government shutdown loomed by the following week. Apart from initially refusing to sign the bill, Trump received flak from both sides as he chose to spend the holidays at his private golf club in Florida. Soon as he tweeted his decision to sign the bill Sunday evening, he returned to Mar-a-Lago. 

GOP Didn’t Fight for Him

Also during the weekend, President Trump continued his assault on Republican leadership. He accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans failed to defend him from falling victim to election fraud. With Congress meeting on January 6 to confirm Electoral College results, Trump remains fixated that the Democrats cheated. Referring to his Republican party mates, he said that this outcome “didn't have to be that way.” 

Trump tweeted: “If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death,” Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!”

Watch the CBC News: The National reporting that President Trump finally signs COVID-19 relief bill, extending benefits for millions:

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Do you support the signed COVID relief package that features $600 stimulus checks? Given the deadline for the remainder of the year, do you think this is the best decision? Or do you feel that Trump should have played hardball until a better relief bill is passed? Let us know what you think by leaving your comment below.



  • cathy says:

    600.00 that just paid my husbands dr bill not extra for food or rent other country have been getting money every month our goverment only worries about them selves or i take the millions to look at fallen tress or count fish in the gulf of mexico or the billions they are giving to over seas yet we get 600.00 6.60 a day that just 75 cents under mim wage try living on that

  • Wendy Wilson says:

    This bill has very little to do with covid,it saddens me,America has become nothing more then the devils play ground

  • James Kenneth Rushton says:

    A government of the people for the people and by the people no longer exists. Not in the GOP or democrats. All were offered is losers to vote for. What a pity.

  • Lin says:

    Every politicians from state levels on up to federal level as are nothing but corrupt ,greedy, vulgar lying scumbags! They all deserve to go to hell!

  • Tim Martin says:

    It’s a God damn shame that we send money to countries that don’t like us while our own citizen suffer like never before and the cowards and crooks in office don’t give a rats ass. I say fire every fuckin’ one of them and start fresh with farmers and regular people who know how to manage finances and have integrity. Congress is lower than whale shit! I’m not writing cuz I want money, I’m not gonna get a check either way, but the other poor people is who I worry for.

  • Judy Leveille says:

    It is absolutely disgusting how Congress included money to other countries when our own country is in trouble. The Congress doesn’t care about the American people, they have all become Millionaires on the backs of the American people😡 That’s why there needs to be Term Limits !!!! Also President Trumps heart was in the right place but his hand was forced to avoid a government shutdown . Congress should have had this bill on his desk a long time ago not so close to the deadline😡Also on an end note Biden will Never be my President the whole Democrat party are crooks!!!

  • George says:

    This the DISASTER Trump leaves behind. He Bankrupted casinos, airlines, universities, all super profitable businesses in the hands of the proper people and then so many idiotic americans decided to put him in the Presidency, and he did the only thing he knows best: bankrupted America.

    So thanks to all the citizens who believed in this idiot we are where we are.

    Stop drinking the poisonous trump koolaid and open your eyes to the real reality, not the fake BS he keeps saying and people keep believing.

  • Joe dirt says:

    For years America has pointed the finger at other countries and their corruption. Now we are the most corrupt country in the world. We are no longer in United States of America, we are just the corrupt States of America. The reason our government sends all this money to foreign countries is because they have secret business set up to funnel the money back to themselves and their kids. It’s pretty simple really.

  • Mary O’Connell says:

    I guess $600.00 is better than nothing.. However I’m glad the government isn’t shutting down! I agree with President Trump that the Republicans didn’t do anything to help him with the fraud situation. It’s a shame on the part of the Democrats that their giving more to foreign countries and illegal aliens than the American people ! Especially when many people need the money badly!

  • Missy C. says:

    While they are keeping you busy over this meager check, the new communist party is making new ways to take away your S.S., MEDICARE, GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE, ETC. They are at this moment checking every Americans case, to see who they can dump. They have to take from the American people to give to the illegals.

  • Former CI says:

    This is not a disaster that our POTUS created, it was all of Congress. All the money that is going to other countries for what? Idiots like George that probable voted Biden now will see real disaster. China is across the border in Canada coming to America bought & paid for via Biden & Democrats. Both parties caved on this bill. Its time for real Patriots to take our country back. Hey George, humor the world with your expertise in Government. That $600 wont help anything if true.

  • Kevin says:

    $600 is way too little – single dad of 3 but it’s better than nothing for sure.

  • Tim says:

    Everybody starting to get peedoff ? A lot of us have been mad for a while now. All the foreign aid for other countries checks for illegal immigrants oh ya they get bigger ones than YOU tax paying American. When are people (Republicans) going to step up take charge and put an end to this anti American behavior that comes from the left. This is not the United States of America I was raised in. The Republican Party is not representing the people’s will as far as I’m concerned. Doesn’t have to be this way there’s a lot of you out there we can sacrifice for what we know is right from wrong. Wake up party your being attacked from several directions and we are running out of time.

  • Ernest Cromer says:

    This is suppose to be a covid relief bill. Get rid of all that other sh-t and take care of our country and our people first and formost. After that is done we could consider helping others but not before. Democrats want to take care of the rest of the world before our people and our country what the hell are they thinking!?.

  • All king says:

    Lol, 600$ no bill would be better than this one ,I’m sure every country got something but the American people.

  • Bill says:

    Not so much for the $2000, but because they are throwing away good American money for useless boondoggles in foreign countries. None of which have anything to do with national security! No, this is a bill that only fuels more graft and corruption on a global scale.

  • Amarilys Fuentes says:

    Trump is the only one fighting for you and me. The corruption has gone too far and our only hope is in JesusChrist. He will deliver us, and expose the darkness. And He will continue to use President Trump to bring America back to Him. One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

  • Sally Hawley Chesser says:

    I was so proud of Trump when he didn’t sign the bill. This is such a let down. Much more should have been said about the Pork. Other countries are getting more than the American people, and that money they are spending it OUR money! Our Taxes! They should have helped America FIRST and 6 months ago. The fight should have been over all the NON-Covid pork, wasting billions of dollars that we don’t have! Already the national debt is over 3x the amount America produces in a year – where is this even coming from?? More loans from China? Our country is doomed. I am very sad, and scared – without Trump in office, we’re gonna be under the rule of the CCP soon – lead with a smiling, rich lying Biden who could care less about the rest of us.

  • Mike says:

    Pres Trump was pressed to pass this. I’m so tired of our “leaders” manipulating bills so that their “pork” programs get funded. Why can’t they just vote on a relief package without the extras. These extra programs cost millions of dollars (which tax payers ultimately pay for), would be better spent in the U.S.for real needs.

  • Fedup says:

    Billions of dollars for border security in foreign countries, none for america’s borders.
    What has this to due with covid prevention.
    Other funds to bail out corporations, higher institutions of learning that already charge high fees and pay administrators outrageous salary, museums that are closed due govt regulations, all payoffs to political donors.
    Govt for the people, not.
    Govt for corporations by democrats and Republicans.
    Term limits for all levels of fed, state, county, city govts is required .

  • Bob Stevenson says:

    Fire every body in control period starting with Nancy

  • Carol says:

    I first of all Pray our faithful President stays strong God has your back. We can only remember all he can and has done, how aboit the red sea ? How anout the Lions den ? How about walking on water pur God can do all things, no mayter how it comes out it will all work together for the hood ALL.
    You may see the hand of God working in your behalf sooner than you can believe. I live in a very small town in Oregon W of Portland and so glad except of Kate Brown who doesn’t care about Oregonians.
    She’s connected to Newsom and Jerry Brown so that tells all.
    Thank you for all your trying to do.I can’t do lots of emails though.
    Carol Hoffmann

  • Philip says:

    $2,000 would have been extremely nice, but $600 is better than nothing.

  • Masterredfox says:

    He planned to sign the bill but felt that by delaying his signing of it, he could point out all the unnecessary porked additives in the bill plus try to get Congress to take care of USA citizens better than they were planning to do. He did succeed in showing how little Congress cares about us citizens, especially since they are giving away so much money to anyone but citizens. That $600 is an insult. And this only a taste of what’s to come from the Democrats, especially the progressive section that wants us to be blind loyalists living on the scraps they toss us under the label of “FREE”. Giving up our liberty to enable people to be lazy and dependent on the government is not my ideal world. Some of the commenters appear to live in pocket areas not totally overrun by PC liberals which are great and gives me hope for the future. But unfortunately, we will have to live with the mess that is coming as best as we can, one day at a time. We have to let them fall on their faces for them to realize their mistakes.

  • Rhonda says:

    IT is sad that they have to give other countries money and us only 600 this is crazy that they are blaming all on Trump well get Nancy out of there and I don’t see that Biden will be any better

  • Carol says:

    Is there anything we can do about All the news showing so many getting the vacine on national TV.
    Who wants to keep seeing this sure not many, I Do Not,
    It’s so rediculous, absurd and does not encourage me at All.
    Who does it encourage ? What we need is Honesty and Truth what happened to facing responsibility for our mistakes, let’s bring it back. Please
    Not confident in the vacine as Colorado congressman also is not or will not. Thank you congressman.
    Some have health issues w the mask, where did the seasonal flu, other issues go ? Hun !
    Thank you Mr President Trump stay strong.

  • Anonymous says:

    The bill helped everybody except the American citizens. Our government works for us. We really need to change , people stand up. The whole bill is a joke and so are those that voted for it.

  • Indian Mike says:

    Let’s start with George your a dumbass. Trump did what he was meant to do. Which was expose how crooked our government is. It’s been for a long time. Thank you Mr.Trump for all that you’ve done and tried to do. Your own party did nothing to help you. I hope the V.P. grows a pair an does the right thing 1/06. I’m not counting on it. Now the six hundred dollars really. I know why it’s not more they know what we Americans would do with more money,that’s right we will prepare our selfs for what is coming. It’s already happening,just try an buy 30 30 shells. I’m sorry but this is what it will come down to. They can not have my country they will have to take it from us.

  • Jacqueline says:


  • Bennie Campbell says:

    I’m disappointed with the signing of this bill by our duly elected President Donald J. Trump. I’d rather have zero stimulus and let the chip’s for where they may, than to have accepted this bill as is. I no longer recognize this country and everything I believe to have been true, I am in question of. I believe for me, this was my final straw!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    It is DISGUSTING AND CRUEL that this Government has actually even offered the $600 to the American people they don’t care they all have jobs they all have food on their table, they all have plenty (millions of money)
    Why would they care. Trump, really, he waits to the last minute then he flips he’s always been a Joke as a President. I’ve never seen any President of the United States be so unprofessional in my life. So Glad he’s out of there. Can even own the TRUTH of what the people have chosen, really grow up and keep on going with your Millions you never cared for the People.

  • Larry says:

    This Bill is a insult to us americans 600.00 while giving billions to foriegn countries an insult an outrage an Trump should not Concede election Those congressmen are giving mine an your country away an spit in our faces

  • Jeremy myers says:

    This is bullshit. They didn’t give me a stimulus check in the beginning because I was claimed as a dependent and someone’s taxes the year before. What does that have to do with the whole covid and needing help. Now their gonna give me 600 probably not though . They will find someway to not help me like they have been doing. America is going to shit fast

  • Anonymous says:

    Why aren’t people uniting to stop our greedy,self serving congressman from giving our hard earned money to countries that will use the money to kill us?Does anyone else see what road this country is going down?We’re a volcano ready to erupt!Covid will not be the only killer of Americans.Our government is doing better than the virus.GOD help us.

  • margaret says:

    600. is next to nothing. how many weeks have many gone without pay. those that got unemployment plus the over and above amount were ok with rent and needs… but those that couldnt get the unemployment lost everthing and are homeless living in shelters or with friends. these people were hurt badly by covid and our politicians bad decision.
    600. is a 1 week paycheck only. with high rents youll be lucky to pay a month rent. these are politicians we vote for to represent us. be very discriminating in all elections, get involved. we need a way to get them voted out for bad service to us. until dems and republicans quit their power struggles and work for the people and our nation, we are all f–cked.

  • Linda says:

    I’m behind in my bills this won’t help me at all now it will make me late now on all my bills.

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