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Andy Puzder’s Withdrawal the Latest in a Series of Red Flags for Trump’s Administration… Can it be Fixed?



It seems like President Trump’s administration has been under constant fire recently. The media has lampooned Kellyanne Conway for her “alternative facts” and “Bowling Green massacre” quotes. And that was before her possible breach of ethics while hocking Ivanka Trump’s clothing brand on national TV with a “free commercial”. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was confirmed solely on a historic tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence, a dangerous sign considering Republicans control the Senate. Just a few days ago, Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned under allegations of impropriety with Russian contacts. Now, Trump’s pick to head the labor department, Andy Puzder, has withdrawn from consideration for the position.  Should the administration be concerned?

Why Would Andy Puzder Withdraw?

The last four weeks since taking office have been rough on Donald Trump. Between dealing with protests, butting heads with the media, and Twitter wars with celebrities, President Trump is meeting with foreign heads of state, signing executive orders, and overseeing the policies of this country. His administration’s job is to make his life easier by handling the day to day responsibilities of the office. However, they’re just making his life harder. Trump’s latest concern, the withdrawal of Andrew Puzder from consideration for Labor Secretary.

Puzder is withdrawing because he’s “tired of the abuse” he’s taking from Democrats and the media. Reports have surfaced of allegations of domestic abuse from decades ago, which would be made public during his confirmation hearings. In addition, he paid back taxes for hiring an undocumented housekeeper. Both are incidents Republicans would prefer to avoid.

And avoid they are. At least seven Republican senators have declined to publicly back Puzder leading up to his scheduled Thursday confirmation hearing. Four Republican Senators already said they would not vote for him, with sources saying that number could be as high as 12. With Democrats holding 48 seats, all they would need for a no would be three Republican votes. Now, Puzder bows out without having his dirty laundry aired to the public.

How bad is this for Trump?

It’s definitely not a sign of a competent administration as many of Trump’s top advisors continue to come under attack. But this is actually a blessing in disguise for the president. Trump has a chance to make a hard pivot and start uniting parties with whoever he chooses to replace Puzder.

While Puzder was pro-business, critics said he was extremely anti-worker and wanted to replace employees with automated machines. That’s not a great trait for someone being chosen to represent the interest of the American work force. Labor workers, unions, and politicians were all vocally opposed to Puzder.


Watch the news from Fox Business regarding Andy Puzder's expected withdrawal:

As Trump scrambles for a replacement, he should consider looking for a Democratic candidate who the Dems would not only approve, but applaud. As the wall of supporters around the president shows some cracks, he can gain support on the left by compromising and throwing the Democrats a bone. With many top White House positions still not filled almost a month into his presidency, Donald Trump may need to bend to strengthen his role in leading this country.

See the news on Janet Yellen latest congress testimony right here.


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  • Marc Clamage says:

    Luckily for us, he won’t. He’ll just find someone even more horrible than Puzder because it’s not about doing what’s best for the country; it’s about stickin’ it to the libs and making them squirm. That’s what makes his base happy, that’s what makes him happy. His whole political philosophy is based upon getting even for slights real and imagined.

    Incidentally, if he does offer a “bone” to the Democrats,the answer should be no. It is essential that the entire grand clusterfuck of the Trump administration be ascribable solely to the Republican Party. There can be no “well, you voted for it too” mantra in the upcoming elections when it comes time to apportion the blame. Sorry, GOP, he’s all yours.

    “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?
    For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.”

    — John Harington

  • Donald J. says:

    Sounds like the new administration is getting serious vetting unlike the previous administration with so many ties to ISIS and unpaid back taxes who were given free rein by the previous administration and the political elite (in their own mind). Does anyone in addition remember the previous POTUS administrations tie with ISIS and how many hadn’t paid back taxes? The MSM is complicit in the turmoil being forced on us at every turn every day.

  • Kbuzz says:

    Makes me wonder if Trump is playing a game of chess.
    Is he sacrificing pawns?
    In a world of cut-throat business and political back-stabbing, the guy that got their is usually the one who did it best. Trump is no amateur to politics – no Billionaire ever is because they have to play both sides.
    The real threat is the leaks – that and the masses that are so easily swayed..

  • Bill Mackey says:

    I don’t think it’s good policy to choose anti-efficiency positions simply because it keeps people employed. It reminds me of the painter’s union which prohibited use of paint rollers when they were invented because they increased efficiency. So they used huge, 1 foot wide brushes. I know – I have one that my uncle, a union painter gave to me. It’s ridiculous. In the long run it simply hurt the union because non-union workers could work so much faster. They did the same thing when airless paint sprayers came out.
    If robots can flip burgers faster and cheaper than Europeans, Mexicans, Africans, Asians or Arabs (yes – I’m aware that some of you ‘easily offended’ will be offended – whatever) can, then trying to stem that tide of automation is a losing battle. What are you going to do – outlaw automatic burger flippers?
    The fact is that with efficiencies increasing, which they will continue to do, there will not be enough actual non-‘make-work’ labor needed to keep everyone ‘gainfully’ employed.
    Society can only use only so many ‘artists’ to build silly-looking ‘sculptures’.
    So how can society deal with the increasing numbers of essentially useless mouths to feed?
    It seems pretty foolish to me to have a welfare-dependent class living alongside an illegal-immigrant class that is doing the jobs that the welfare-dependent don’t want to do – at least until the illegals (or their children) figure out how also to become members of the welfare-dependent class.
    Is it reasonable for society to promote an industry of poorly educated girls whose ‘job’ is to get pregnant? But isn’t that exactly what subsidized housing, free phones, food stamps, welfare, free child care, free schooling, free school lunch programs, etc. do?
    Of course, it’s pretty obvious that that’s what the Democratic Party promotes because it means votes for them. But, regardless of their pandering politician’s self-serving rhetoric, it’s not good policy.

    Sooner or later, someone is going to have to address overpopulation.

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