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For Chargers, There are Plenty of Reasons For Moving to L.A. … But What’s the Real Reason?

After 56 years of playing football in San Diego, the Chargers are officially moving to Los Angeles. Nothing crazy about that – except for the fact that the St. Louis Rams just moved to L.A one year ago.



After 56 years of playing football in San Diego, the Chargers are officially moving to Los Angeles. Nothing crazy about that – except for the fact that the St. Louis Rams just moved to L.A one year ago. Now, a city which just two years ago had no professional football teams will suddenly have two. Why would the Chargers move to a city which already has a football team?

The Chargers are Moving To L.A After 56 Years

Forget loyalty. Football is a business. And for an NFL team, business is always good. But in some places, it’s better than others. For the Chargers, business apparently will be significantly better in L.A. than San Diego. Considering the team was in San Diego for almost 60 years with a loyal fan base and a thriving market, what possible reasoning would the team have to leave?

For starters, Qualcomm Stadium, current home of the Chargers, is falling apart. The Chargers have been on a year-to-year lease for a while now, with talks of a new stadium seeming to hit a wall. With no new stadium coming, it’s a tough sell to convince the team to continue playing in the crumbling relic of a stadium.

And while that makes sense, it’s only part of the reasoning behind the move. The Chargers will be playing football for the next two years at the Stubhub Center, home of MLS team LA Galaxy. That makes the Stubhub Center the smallest NFL stadium with a seating capacity of 27,000 seats. The next smallest stadium would be the 54.000 seat Coliseum, home of the Oakland Raiders. And the Chargers won’t even own their stadium, but rent it (although at a rate of only $1 a year). Regardless of what team representatives may say, this move is about one thing – money.

By moving to L.A, the Chargers automatically boost their value. Just how much more money can the Chargers produce in a new city? It’s a big number. The Chargers are moving into the number two media market The Rams, who just moved to L.A. from St. Louis instantly doubled their value to $3 billion – just by moving. The Chargers, already valued at $2 billion, would likely double in value, as well.

This value comes from the market itself, which allows the Chargers to bring in more revenue from higher rates on TV advertising, more expensive merchandise, corporate sales, and even endorsement and vendor contracts with companies. The money from luxury suites alone will bring in significant profits for the team.

Watch as Sports Director Ben Higgins offers insight on the Chargers' decision on this ABC 10 News report:

The move can only be about money. The Chargers are moving into a stadium they don’t own (after two years in the NFL’s smallest stadium) to play in front of a smaller fan base in a new city. L.A.’s advantage is the media market, which will immensely benefit Charger ownership. As a result, don’t be surprised if the end result of this move is owner Dean Spanos selling the team at an enormous profit.

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  • Robert Iandolo says:

    I went to my first football game when I was 7, Joe Namath rookie debut, just by chance. When the jets left for jersey my father kept his season tickets for 2 years. It was a pain to go that far in traffic to watch them lose. I started losing interest in pro football after that slowly but I watched my 1st & 2nd game of the season this weekend. The game has lost its meaning to me. Good go he rich that’s fine but all the BS from players, the league, social acceptance. Im sick of it. I feel for the charger fans but guess what? It’s temporary, there’ll be another team looking to do the same and go to San Diego. I’d rather watch little league.

  • sportsforaliving says:

    All sports fans are basically chumps that are prey to the business interests of their teams ownership. Sports fans loyalties are misplaced. Leagues and ownership care for fan support only as a means of revenue, nothing more. Sports fans should hold regular boycotts of teams to remind ownership they have little without fan support.

  • midogman says:

    go for the game, not the individual team.

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