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Fox Anchor Chris Wallace Leaving For CNN+



Fox News Channel at the News Corporation headquarters building in New York City | Fox Anchor Chris Wallace Leaving For CNN+ | featured

On Sunday, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace announced his departure from his network of 18 years. Wallace will move to rival CNN’s digital streaming service.

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Chris Wallace Leaves Fox News

Fox News anchor stops for a photo with two delegates in the hallway of the Quicken Arena | Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace’s announcement means that Fox News will lose another down-the-middle journalist from its roster. Consequently, Fox News’ conservative hosts like Tucker Carlson are now primed to set the network’s agenda.   

The resignation of Chris Wallace comes at a crucial time. Fox News is running rings around rivals CNN and MSNBC with its right-wing and conservative commentary.

This includes the continuous reports of shortcomings from the Democrat administration, especially President Joe Biden.

In addition, the channel also continues to champion the cause of Republican leaders, notably former President Donald Trump. This led to some Fox News employees, including Chris Wallace, having second thoughts about the station’s programming choices. 

Chris Wallace Expressed Concern Over ‘Patriot Purge’

The 74-year old Wallace earlier expressed concerns about a documentary aired by Fox host Tucker Carlson. The report “Patriot Purge” includes the claim that the January 6 riot at the Capitol was a false flag operation designed to blame the right. Two sources who remained anonymous confirmed Wallace’s objections over the documentary. 

Meanwhile, Chris Wallace’s contract with Fox News Sunday ends this December. Sources said that the veteran host weighed several factors before deciding to hang up his Fox career.

Wallace also reportedly wanted to expand his work beyond politics. He also wants to delve into the business, sports, and entertainment.

As a result, Chris Wallace’s new job at CNN+, the network's digital streaming platform, will include hosting an interview program. 

Wallace Joins List of Journalists To Leave Fox

Fox News often referred critics to Chris Wallace as the epitome of their impartial reporting. Wallace made a following for his no-nonsense interviews of politicians from both Democrat and Republican parties.

Wallace also served as the first Fox News anchor to moderate a presidential debate in 2016. He repeated the task in the 2020 debate featuring Trump and Biden.

Chris Wallace also received a nomination for an Emmy Award in 2018. The journalist received several accolades for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, as Wallace gave his notice to leave Fox News, he joins a list of other media personalities who are Fox alumni. This includes the likes of Shepard Smith, Kristin Fisher, and Donna Brazile.

Also this year, liberal journalist Juan Williams lost his spot at the afternoon talk show “The Five”. Depending on who you ask, conservative commentators Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg either quit their jobs or Fox didn’t renew their contracts.

Hayes paid tribute to Wallace in an interview. “For lots of serious journalists of all stripes, we looked to Chris as a guide on how to do real news and real reporting is sometimes disorienting moments over the last several years,” he said. 

Wallace Ready For a New Adventure

Wallace gave an indication of his decision during his latest broadcast. “I’m ready for a new adventure,” he said during the show. Afterward, the savvy veteran thanked his network home since 2003.

“The bosses here at Fox promised me they would never interfere with a guest I booked or a question I asked, and they kept that promise.

I have been free to report to the best of my ability, to cover the stories I think are important, to hold our country’s leaders to account,” he said. 

Watch the CNN News video reporting that Chris Wallace leaves Fox News for CNN+

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  • George Archer says:

    He’s a liberal suck ass!

  • Mark and Debbie Winn says:

    He is and always has been a liberal!! Now we have one less trader at Fox. Now get rid of the rest!!

  • Marilyn Evans says:

    Agreed. The way he treated then President Trump at the debate he moderated was disrespectful and utterly shameful

  • The Rebel says:

    AGREED 125%———————

    A TRUE PINKO COMMIE———————he will now be employed with his own kind in working to destroy these once GREAT United States !!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Like Shepard Smith before him, Mike Wallace is a true hero. Trapped in the quagmire of Fox’s outrageous, Mr. Wallace nevertheless stuck to his guns in his objective, non-partisan reporting of the news.

    MSNBC is just as guilty of prejudice in the opposite (i.e. liberal) direction.

    For real news these days, you have to turn to the likes of Euronews and BBC.

  • The Rebel says:


  • Chris says:

    Maybe he’ll bring some sanity to CNN?

  • mike ledin says:

    so .chris waiiace wants to leave so what. he only reads reports any idiot can do that

  • Fishing4fun says:

    He’s only recognized because of his dad. He was almost a reporter. He’s just another opinionist that will fit in well with the Confused Not News Network. He was treated fairer on Fox than the former conservative on CNN (can’t remember his name). He was just waiting for the opening from Cuomo or Lemonhead.

  • Jorge says:

    Good riddance! Now boot Geraldo and Juan Williams!

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