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Biden Calls On States To Offer COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives



A medical staff gives a drive-thru attendee an influenza vaccine during a drive-thru free flu shots | Biden Calls On States To Offer COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives | featured

Last Thursday, President Joe Biden called on states to offer vaccine incentives in order to get Americans to vaccinate. In addition, he announced that the federal government will require vaccinations for all workers.

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Vaccine Incentives To Make Americans Get Their Shots

Biden suggested that local governments offer vaccine incentives of $100 to unvaccinated Americans. He also suggested reimbursing businesses for employee days off for vaccination drives.

Biden talked about the need to increase vaccination rates. “I know that paying people to get vaccinated might sound unfair to folks who have gotten vaccinated already. But here's the deal, if incentives help us beat this virus, I believe we should use them. We all benefit if we can get more people vaccinated.”

Federal Workers And Contracts Required To Get Vaccinated

Biden also announced that federal government employees and contractors must get vaccines. They will need to disclose their vaccination status. Those who will still refuse vaccines will need to wear a  mask at work. They will also need to practice social distancing. Finally, they will need to undergo COVID-19 testing once or twice a week. Unvaccinated workers may also face restrictions on official travel.

Biden emphasized the need to integrate freedom with responsibility. “It's literally about life and death. It's about life and death. That's what it’s about.

I know people talk about freedom. But I learned growing up, school, and my parents, with freedom, comes responsibility. Your decision to be unvaccinated impacts someone else. Unvaccinated people spread the virus. They get sick and fill up our hospitals. And that means if someone else has a heart attack or breaks a hip, there may not be a hospital bed for them,” he said.

Vaccinations For Military Members

The President also directed the Department of Defense to look into adding COVID-19 shots into its list of required vaccinations. “Our men and women in uniform who protect this country from grave threats should be protected as much as possible from getting COVID-19. I think this is particularly important because our troops serve in places throughout the world, many where vaccination rates are low and disease is prevalent,” he added.

Biden also lauded the Department of Veteran Affairs for requiring vaccinations for its doctors and nurses. Many private healthcare systems also started requiring vaccinations for their entire workforce.

The VA made the decision following the deaths of four unvaccinated employees. “We must do everything possible to protect our veterans from getting covid when they come to get the medical care they so richly earned serving their country. We owe them,” he said.

Groups Objecting Federal Mandate and Vaccine Incentives

Soon after, groups representing federal employees across the country are raising their objections to the plan. Larry Cosme, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, issued a statement.

“As an association representing those men and women charged with protecting the Constitutional rights of all Americans, including the right to privacy and choice, we are concerned by any move that would mandate the COVID-19 vaccine among federal employees,” he wrote.

The statement also said that the federal government collaborates with the association and other federal employee groups to provide vaccine incentives for workers.

Chad Hooper, the executive director of the IRS group Professional Managers Association, urged members to vaccinate as soon as possible. However, he noted that employees will encounter a vaccine mandate for the first time. “Consistent with vaccines for other illnesses, such as measles or influenza, PMA believes that agency leadership should have the discretion to determine whether any, some, or all of their staff must be vaccinated against COVID-19,” Hooper said in a statement.

COVID Vaccines Has Not Yet Received Full FDA Approval

“At this time, no COVID-19 vaccine has received full approval from the FDA, and this may be contributing to vaccine hesitancy across our country. We must ask the administration to craft any such mandate with care and consideration of our members' individual contraindications as well as their closely held personal and religious beliefs,” the statement added.

Vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer, Moderna, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines operate under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

Now, the agency is facing pressure to issue full authorization of COVID-19 vaccines. This can open the chance to mandate vaccinations in schools and the military. “The FDA recognizes that vaccines are key to ending the COVID-19 pandemic and is working as quickly as possible to review applications for full approval,” FDA spokesperson Alison Hunt said in a statement.

Watch the KHOU 11 video reporting that President Joe Biden calls on states and local governments to offer incentives for vaccines:

Do you agree with vaccine incentives like $100 to every unvaccinated American who agrees to take their shots?

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Do you agree that providing vaccine incentives can convince unvaccinated Americans to finally get their shots? Will you agree to a COVID-19 vaccine for $100. Or, do you think it’ll take more than $100 to agree to vaccines?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments below.



  • Joel Rosenbaugh says:

    Taking the shot is crazy

  • Ariel Gonzalez says:

    I support the idea of monetary incentives to accomplish herd immunity. Statistically, very few cases of people vaccinated with the Moderna Vaccine or the Pfizer Vaccine have died. So the worst that could happen to a relatively healthy person is to suffer some collateral discomfort or in the worst of a situation, having to undergo some treatment. The alternative of not being vaccinated is too ominous.


    This is the United States of America. If a person doesn’t want to get a shot, isn’t that their right? Or did the Liberal’s change the Constitution overnight and we weren’t informed? When the government has the right to tell me what I must put in my body, that tells me that I have no Constitutional rights as an American. I don’t have the right to tell another person what they can do or not do with their body, but the a shot can be forced upon me?

  • Larry Duane Marquell says:

    This pandemic was paid for by the Leftist liberals. The Elite atheist are about to if not already released another pandemic 10 times worse. It is all about taking control over the masses. They are trying to abolish the constitution. Because it is based on God’s Law
    Won’t be much longer God will be sending his Son Jesus to usher in the Kingdom Of GOD on earth

  • Michael Wittig says:

    I do not support giving money to people to get vaccinated, if that happens what about all the people that got their vaccination do we all get $100 also

  • Darrell Winesett says:

    A book couldn’t describe the horror about to unfold with these emergency vaccines being used against the world population. Globalist plan’s will become reality with the medical extermination of over half of world population. Check out Georgia guidestones in elbert Georgia regarding their plane for global harmony with nature and a new world order. God help us all!

  • Terry says:

    Typical Democrat way of doing things,,,,just throw out money,,,never mind where it comes from,,,oh wait ,,it comes from you and I not out of their pockets

  • Pam Williams says:

    I didn’t receive any incentive I was anxious to get my vaccination as well as my husband and 12 year old granddaughter so we could live. If they don’t want the vaccine nothing will change their minds. I don’t want to die or lose a loved one so we got vaccinated. It’s the right thing to do.

  • Methodical 66 says:

    The Vaccine is a DNA Altering Bio Weapon. This ” Pandemic”is manufactured. This vaccine doesnt have FDA approval and when it does, There will be Forced Inoculations and Vaccine Passports, followed by a Chinese style Social credit score. Manufactured Pandemic that was created in a Wuhan lab that’s controlled by the Chinese Military, and paid for by American Tax Payer money, that was diverted by Fsuci and others. The real threat us in the shots. Autopsies have been done on people and they found Spiked Proteins everywhere in the body. I read a Precious comment from a Dipshit named Ariel. You sir do not know what you’re talking about…and you can believe all the Bullshit hype being pushed by Traitors,Liars, Mainstream Media Bullshit and Big Pharma Shills all you want saying that the vaccines work. If they truly work….then why the need for a mask even after you receive the vaccine? And if you say variants…well then you sir will get booster shots everytime there’s a variant. It will never stop. So once again…if the vaccines works…why is wearing a mask still necessary? Whoever takes the shot if I were you, I’d monitor your health closely for the next 3 to 5 years. Because you may start to get blood clots, a stroke, brain swelling, nervous system disorders, etc

  • Marc says:

    Why is our Government pushing products that are knowingly killing people and harming so many. At this point I know more people harmed by the shot than the virus. The false incentive for them was wellbeing, now they are sicker than if they would have not poisoned themselves. When will our Government actually start protecting us from all the harmful chemicals they so easily approved for big pharmaceutical? For $100 per person, that would be more than enough to provide every American the protection of ivermectin. Americans need truth, not bribes.

  • The professor says:

    What about all the illegal immigrants who are being shipped by planes trains and automobiles all over the country without being vaccinated or checked out …. are they going to get $100 …. this country is in big trouble if you own a gun make sure it’s cleaned and you have plenty of ammo and have some money stashed away ….. if sleepy Joe should kick the bucket we’re going to be in more trouble with Pamela ….I know that’s not her name but I call her Pamela

  • Yvette Clupny says:

    The government is struggling to communicate vaccine effectively amid increased breakthrough infections. The leaked CDC document outlines “communication challenges” fueled by cases in vaccinated people, including concerns from local health departments about whether coronavirus vaccines remain effective and a “public convinced vaccines no longer work/booster doses needed.”
    “The presentation highlights the daunting task the CDC faces. It must continue to emphasize the proven efficacy of the vaccines at preventing severe illness and death while acknowledging milder breakthrough infections may not be so rare after all, and that vaccinated individuals are transmitting the virus. The agency must move the goal posts of success in full public view..” -The Washington Post
    I have the J&J vaccine, however I am skeptical that it will help since apparently the vaccinated carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated. I don’t like that the vaccine may not be safe for me and it could be ineffective. I took it to help the community, but now they are communicating it’s not enough. FDA is being pressured to say it is effective by BIG government.

  • Anonymous says:


  • JPB says:

    After watching how the fearless DIMS torched our country for the last 5 years, refuse to hold responsible any one from their ilk which are corrupt to their core (Hillary, Bill, Cuomo and the list goes on), allow illegals to cross our boarder at will…. Too many sheep in this country. We need lions.
    Screw anyone in gov that suggest I get jabbed with an unproven drug. FU.

  • Anonymous says:

    If everyone who took the vaccine had researched what this type of vaccine does to your body, no one would have taken it. The mrna vaccine has been tested in lab animals for years and all the animals have died, that’s why it has never been approved for human use. So many innocent people are dying and being seriously disabled because of these vaccines. All the money in the world could not convince me or any member of my family to take it. Just the fact that the government is willing to pay people to take it is a big red flag!!

  • Mary Robinson says:

    If your So called Vaccine works for you and protects you … why is it so important that the rest of us get it ??? I’m not going to put it in my body , it’s my choice, my body. And your pushing it on me, is against my constitutional rights. It’s a experimental Vaccine, and I am not going to be your guinea pig…

  • PMA says:

    This isn’t about saving lives it’s about control and midterm elections! just think back all of this BS was started by the Dem’s way before the 2020 elections so they had a platform for mail in ballots so they could cheat and steal the election!, and so it starts again! Soon Biden will have us lined up against a wall and will demand that we show them our papers or get shot to save the rest of the “GOOD CITIZENS”. this is no more than a path for them to take over and control us! the last time I looked this is still the land of the free and We as true Americans need to keep it that way!!!!!!!!

  • george a torres says:

    this country gone to hell thanks biden you fuck.

  • RN says:


    BOTH VACCINATED AND UNVACCINATED PEOPLE CAN GET COVID AND SPREAD COVID. The vaccine aims to protect the person who received it from death or critical illness by familiarizing the body with spike proteins specific to ONE strain of the virus. Much is being omitted about NATUAL IMMUNITY. Most who had COVID recovered. And if a person was exposed they will develop T-Cell immunity and that protects a person from ALL strains of coronavirus and contributes to herd immunity. (T Cells in general last a person’s lifetime.) There is much risk already known associated with the vaccine that was never tested beyond 60 days and bypassed animal testing. It is NOT FDA cleared and has been linked to blood clots, heat enlargement, cancer, CNS problems, and STERILITY!
    COVID was never a crisis for our children. We need to protect them by ensuring vaccine safety first. It is an American right to make healthcare related decisions. If a person decides that the vaccine is worth the risk for their individual situation, why would they feel threatened by those who choose differently? Is the vaccine effective or not?

  • Carolyn Hunt says:

    I took the vaccine because I have diabetes among other health problems and now I’m concerned about the long term effects it will have on me.
    I’m really scared for my mom and other family members that took it.
    I prayed about it for a couple weeks and finally decided it was a good idea to get vaccinated. Now I’m not so sure because of the way they’re pushing it on people. I don’t believe that anyone who doesn’t want the vaccine should be forced to take it. The lefties have really got me worried about this country. If the Republicans don’t ever gain control again we’re ALL in for a miserable existence. Makes me want to move out of the country I’ve loved all my life. If something doesn’t change soon for the better I just may do that. I could never imagine living anywhere else but it could be a real possibility for my future, that is if I have any kind of future due to taking the vaccine

  • Carlos Ortiz says:

    If I have had COVID my inmune system has increase !
    Why should I take a Vaccine if I am inmune to Covid??
    Its that simple!!!

  • Florence Bradley says:

    Even vaccinated people are getting COVID. Wbother to get a vaccine if you can still get COVID. Also the vaccine is killing people and I don’t want to gamble with my life. Yes it’s few who die but it could be me. Some people like myself have underlying conditions (lupus) and have been told by their doctor not to get the vaccine like me. Mandatory vaccines or passports should never happen as these people will be discriminated against because of that.

  • Brian c says:

    It’s all about personal freedom. If you feel safer taking the shot go for it. However My family has been supplementing for years our immune system is solid.

  • Ed says:

    Biden will do ANYTHING to keep from focusing on the REAL problems he created in our country. Now he wants to give out more borrowed money. SAD

  • Michael Williams says:

    Why should we pay people it’s there lives there gambling with the ones that are vaccines should be rewarded

  • Florence Bradley says:

    It’s not even approved yet. You can’t force anyone, including Feds, to take the vaccine. More than 59,000 have died from it and I don’t want to be a statistic

  • Barbara Syvertsen says:

    First and foremost, IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL TO FORCE PEOPLE TO PUT ANYTHING INTO THEIR BODIES THEY DO NO WANT!!!! Secondly, this vaccine is not proven to be safe!!! It has already been proven that you are not immune EVEN IF YOU DO TAKE THIS EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE! Why would anyone want this in their systems???? Also, besides being UNCONSTITUTIONAL, I wouldn’t put anything into my body that the Communist administration is forcing upon us. Who would listen to a lying Dr Fauci (friend of China) and a moron, Joe Biden (also in the pocket of China)???? OH HELL NO!

  • Kathie says:

    There is absolutely no way I would receive the shot! There have been so many people who have had adverse reactions and over11,000 deaths!!! People risk their health and life when they get this unapproved shot. Our 42 year old daughter had a massive heart attack 4 days after having the shot!!!! She actually died, heart not beating, for over 30 minutes. God bless the EMT’s , all 10 of them who worked on her and would not give up. It is because of them she is alive and doing well. She has some neurological issues but overall she is alive and well. So, there is no way I would consider these shots. All they are is money maker’s for those producing them!!! There have been lots of people who received the shot and GOTTEN COVID-19. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH on sites like Children’s health defense, Epoch Time’s. There are several other sites that actually tell the truth. Be proactive, don’t just believe mainstream media, they are so slanted to the left that they don’t dare report the truth!

  • Rick says:

    This is or at least was a free country. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrats are acting like Authoritarians. If they wish to turn America into an Authoritarian Dictatorship ran by Marxist/ Democrat/ Socialists, then they will have to really ramp up the military and overturn Posse Comitatus and basically do what Fidel Castro did in Cuba, to America. I guess there are dark days ahead in America. I really don’t care about arguing the science because that has been politicized and weaponized as well.

  • Michael Hall says:

    There is not enough money in the world to make me take that damn vacation Biden and the rest of the idiots that are trying to control us they can take that vacation and shove it up their ass

  • Citizen Bill says:

    Hey Joebob…please take a moment and go F$#k yourself…tic toc mfer

  • Ella says:

    Noon entices! The leftist government CANNOT JUST BUY THEIR WAY THROUGH THIS. The people are supposed to be FREEand able to make their own decisions, it it seems these days under the leadership? that we currently have it is all about spending money that our country does not have. We are fast becoming a communist country all WE CAN DO IS PRAY THAT GOD WILL TAKE CONTROL AND LEAD US BACK TO THE GREAT COUNTRY WE ONCE KNEW.. SO, PEOPLE GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY.

  • Jeanne Thomas says:

    How about giving the people that’s has already taken their vaccination $1000 and the ones that haven’t nothing

  • Elaine says:

    As a freethinking American citizen I have to wonder why immense funding and resources have been thrown at a vaccine the likes of which we’ve never actually made before or had success with before instead of throwing as much resources and money into finding adequate treatment? Where is the traditional vaccine we were told long ago was also going to be rolled out in a slower yet timely fashion? There’s not so much as a whisper about a traditionally placed vaccine. What is big Pharma and Liberal America so afraid of if it actually turns out that there’s very simple and inexpensive treatments.
    Let’s face it folks if treatments being used off label are not helping then The death toll would be much much greater.
    Just asking people to think!

  • Jen Nieuwstadt says:

    I don’t think it’s right to monetarily reward those who are NOT vaccinated. Unless, of course, the same reward is given to those who ARE vaccinated.

  • Sam says:

    The moronic thought process of taking something, unapproved and was developed, tested and released to the public in under a year? Yea right. If it’s so safe why did they demand, and receive immunity from liability? Oh and people stating all of the numbers on deaths, they believe that the number on VAERSE represents 1% of adverse events. All of these companies are repeat srial killers, knowingly putting dangerous/deadly products on the market, in an arena where there is liability. They all have paid out BILLIONS of dollars. Imagine if they have no liability! Also phizer just release thst it’s only 39% effective. Here’s some data and “science” for all of the crazy tin hat people. I don’t care about politicians, I’m apolitical. Even the orange man said it was safe!

    The swine flu killed 700,000 people around the world in 2009 and 2010. In the US, it infected 61 million Americans, hospitalized over 300,000 and killed more than 18,000, including children and young people. There was no panic. No hysteria. And it was downplayed by the media. No lockdowns. No social distancing. No masks. Obama was President.
    Similar story with the Asian flu when Eisenhower was President. It infected millions of Americans and killed over 116,000.
    The Hong Kong flu during Johnson/Nixon’s reign in 1968 was similar to covid in that it was especially lethal for people over 65. It infected tens of millions of Americans and killed over 100,000. Worldwide, it killed over 4 million. Considering false declarations on death certificates because hospitals got paid 39,000 per corpse, they are very comparable numbers. Again, no panic or lockdowns or social distancing.
    What a different world we live in. By now the commies have been indoctrinating our youth for decades and setting the scene to take over. This was so deliberate.

  • Just me says:

    No amount of money will i take the shot its all about control. What next will the dumb asses throw our way. Dont know their ass from a hole in the ground

  • BC's MOM says:

    Here’s a Thought! How about the Gov’t Close the Border and finish the Wall and I’ll discuss MY Medical options with MY Doctor!

  • Sheila Hutton says:

    So, what is going to stop certain people from getting repeated jabs just for the money?

  • Dave says:

    To force people to get the vaccine or to bribe them is wrong that’s taking your freedom away and to many people have died from taking it if the vaccine is so good why dose it have a disclaimer on it what about the United pilots that where forced to take it and now are dead and British airway pilots that were fired to take it and died oh that’s right they don’t talk about that they are trying to cover it up just like the states that put COVID people from the hospitals in nuresing homes and killed several older people don’t there lives mean anything tell the truth and let us deside for our selfs

  • l says:

    Just say: NO! Joe NO!

  • Billy W says:

    Maybe if the DNC pay’s for it not before.

  • Elaine says:

    How about those of us who are beholding to our faith in God? I simply believe everything that’s actually written in the Bible…that God created my body which includes my immune system it is exactly as he intended it to function And why would I believe that anything created by man would be better than what God created? I have worked in the healthcare field for 32 years.
    I stopped accepting vaccinations in 1998. I have been bullied in workplaces usually by the employee health nurse but I simply sign a declination letter stating my faith in what is written in the Bible and I have not yet been fired.
    But some of what is in the news today seems like This democratic socialist party is really pushing to simply stomp all over faith and personal choice.

  • Lisa Blue says:

    Just when I think he’s reached the epitome of ignorance Joe comes up with yet something else that trumps his already well known stupidity with what clearly looks like, smells like,, oh wait…IS by all legal standards BRIERy! Oh sure, he calls it “incentives” but who the hell does he think he’s fooling? We’re smarter than that and people; Bribery is ILLEGAL! Will this administration stop at nothing to control the masses? There are known severe health risks and thousands of deaths from COVID vaccines yet Joe considers these people expendable. This is one step closer to communism which is exactly what this Administration is doing. These vaccines haven’t been approved by the FDA; they are experimental and have only been released on an an emergency basis. More research needs to be done and what we’re finding out that the government doesn’t want us knowing is these vaccines can cause crippling neurological problems, high spikes in proteins, painful muscle aches and headaches, some patients are even bed ridden, blood clots, heart attacks, CNS suppression, and their finding more everyday. Vaccines shouldn’t be forced on anyone—this is America damnit! I give no credence to Dr no nothing Fauci who has flip flopped on every issue during this Pandemic causing confusion and chaos plus he’s in bed with China along with Joe—nothing good there. We know we can’t trust the CDC , The WHO, Big Pharma, or the FDA who approves drugs all the time for profit that kill people! So no! I don’t agree with bribing smart people who don’t trust Joe and our government because they clearly don’t have our best interest at heart. Interestingly, this vaccine is likely to kill a large percentage of us who followed the guidance and got vaccinated. This is a calculated plan to control our population not to save lives. I have buyers remorse now that I know what’s actually in the vaccines oh and women: hope you don’t want children because this vaccine will likely make you infertile. Biden and all his cronies should focus on a vision for America for a change instead of keeping this dark cloud of doom gloom and despair hanging over us at all times. Change the narrative Joe! We’re sick of COVID COVID COVID!!!

  • Rick Saunders says:

    If this vaccine is so good, why do people have to be paid to take it? This Covid thing is man made and it’s all about people control.

  • Barbara says:

    I understand that our government has scared everyone so they can start controlling us all and turn our county into a communist cou ty where we can not think for ourselves. I support those that want the shot but I feel everyone needs to make there own chose. No one making people feel like they have to. I also say quit saying it’s a vaccine, a vaccine stops you from getting a disease this does not.. If you canstill get it why take a shot. I have just as good of changes 😌 of survival.

  • Jewell says:

    As I see it why pay the people who do not want to get the vaccine if they make up there own mind to get the shots well good for them. Each person can and should make up there own mind after they do all the research and gather all the information. It’s not a good thing to use cash in a way to try to change there mind, if anyone should get paid for the shots it’s the ones who have already got the vaccine and now there talking about another vaccine because the two injections are not enough to protect you, what’s next.

  • mike says:

    My Question is this. Why are legal U.S. taxpayers trying to be mandated to take a vaccine that is not a vaccine at all, yet let everyone across the border knowing they are positive for the virus an turn them out everywhere across the country an not one of them has been mandated take anything. If this does not open some eyes then what will. Come on AMERICA ITS TIME TO FIGHT BACK against this TYRANNY.

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