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Democrats Are Using Coronavirus To Do Their Dirty Work, Political Commentator Says



Democrats Using Coronavirus To Do Their Dirty Work, Political Commentator Says

The Democrats are using the coronavirus to do their dirty work, according to Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

In a scathing “My Take” segment, “I guess this is politics 101,” Varney said. He then laid out a list of examples showing how Democrats are using the virus. He believes they use the virus “to get what you want when you can’t get it at the ballot box. I’ll call it virus abuse.”

In Illinois, Democratic Senator Don Harmon wrote a letter to Congress. In the letter, Harmon asks for more than $40 billion in taxpayer money to be sent for state coronavirus relief. Astonishingly, Harmon wants $10 billion to go towards bailing out the pension plan for retired government workers.

“What’s that got to do with the virus?” Varney legitimately asks. “Their pension problem has been festering for decades but now they’re using the virus as an excuse to grab your money.”

No State Bailouts?

Varney points to an interview where Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says “It’s very clear that anything that Congress does is not going to have a bailout of pre-coronavirus issues. So states that were mismanaged beforehand are not going to get a federal bailout.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also rejected the idea of state bailouts. He said the federal government wouldn’t send money to states for “solving problems that they created for themselves over the years with their pension programs.”

Even the Chicago Tribune used “shameless and dishonest” and “beyond galling” to describe Harmon's request. It added that “Taxpayers across the country should not be responsible for Illinois’ financial mismanagement and particularly its unfunded pension liabilities.”

On “Universal Income Schemes”

Varney’s next target is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She is using the pandemic to reintroduce “universal income schemes” that would pay Americans every month with “no strings attached.”

Representatives Ro Khanna of California and Tim Ryan of Ohio have introduced their own version of a universal basic income via a bill to provide at least $2,000 a month to Americans making less than $130,000 annually until employment numbers return to their levels before the coronavirus.

“Please note: Universal income schemes have failed elsewhere and have been soundly rejected by voters,” Varney adds. “But hey, why waste an opportunity to buy votes and dress it up as virus relief?”

Varney even went to far as to say that the coronavirus has allowed Joe Biden to hide from the sexual assault allegations he’s facing.

“He’s conveniently locked down in his house, free from any dangerous interaction with voters,” he said. “And when he does appear in the media, the network anchors don’t even mention the allegation!”

Varney’s final target is Adam Schiff, a Democratic congressman and very vocal opponent of President Trump, who plans on holding hearings on the White House’s coronavirus response just before the November elections.

“Please don’t tell me Mr. Schiff embodies objective analysis,” he said. “He’s a Democrat who detests the president and he’ll use the virus as an excuse to pour out his contempt.”

The bottom line is that the Democrats have “messed up” their own economies and are now trying to “grab your money” to fix their problems.

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