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DeSantis Sign New Law Against Deplatforming Candidates



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On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a ban on big tech social companies from deplatforming political candidates. The new law signals the latest Republican pushback against big tech companies. These social media companies enact arbitrary bans against individuals.

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Deplatforming Candidates

The new Florida law bans social media companies from deplatforming people. This is the first of its kind in the US and is a law that other Republican states might consider emulating. Already, one tech business group is crying foul, saying it runs counter to the First Amendment.

DeSantis celebrated the law as a blow against Silicon Valley elites. He said these companies actively censor conservative political views.

“What we've been seeing across the U.S. is an effort to silence, intimidate and wipe out dissenting voices by the leftist media and big corporations,” he added. Consequently, all Floridians treated unfairly by Big Tech platforms will have the right to sue companies that violate this law, and receive monetary compensation.

Prevent Social Companies From Moving The Goalposts

In addition, the law safeguards the online rights of every Floridian. It does so by requiring social media companies to remain transparent about their content moderation practices.

The companies should notify users when they change their policies. This prevents Big Tech bureaucrats from “moving the goalposts” to silence viewpoints they don’t like.

In addition, the Attorney General of Florida can bring action against technology companies that violate Florida’s Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

If found guilty of violating the law, social media platforms cannot contract with any public entity. Meanwhile, the “antitrust violator” blacklist will impose real consequences for Big Tech oligopolies’ bottom line.

Deplatforming Florida Candidates

Ultimately, the law will prohibit Big Tech from deplatforming Floridian political candidates. The Florida Election Commission will impose fines of $250,000 per day on any social media company caught deplatforming any candidate for statewide office.

In addition, they will levy a fine of $25,000 per day for deplatforming non-statewide candidates. Any Floridian can block any candidate they don’t want to hear from, and that is a right that belongs to each citizen.

The new Florida law says that social media companies may not “permanently delete or ban” a candidate for office. However, they can suspend accounts for up to 14 days.

Also, services can remove individual posts that violate their terms of service. It likely drew inspiration from the recent action by social media companies.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other major services blocked Trump shortly after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol by his supporters.

They said that Trump violated the terms of service that users agree to when they sign up, including terms that bar the promotion of violence, companies said.

Watch the Fox 4 Now video reporting Florida Governor Rick DeSantis signs bill banning social media ‘de-platforming’:

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Do you agree that social media companies should face sanctions whenever they try deplatforming candidates and others? Also, do you support Governor DeSantis’ initiative to make them accountable?

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