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EV Orders Coming In, But EV Stations Are In Short Supply



A solar powered electric car charging station in a public parking lot | EV Orders Coming In, But EV Stations Are In Short Supply | featured

American auto manufacturers are churning out electric vehicles by the thousands, but what about EV stations? For now, it seems that electric vehicles will have to charge at home for the most part.

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EV Stations Lagging Behind EV Production

Charging modern electric cars from station outdoors | EV stations

Even as automakers produce electric vehicles at a frantic pace, the number of EV stations to support these vehicles is sorely lacking.

According to Department of Energy data, there are around 46,000 EV stations in public sites nationwide. In contrast, gas stations across the US number more than 150,000.  

In addition, several EV charging network providers currently dot the landscape. These include EVgo, Blink, ChargePoint, Volta, Wallbox, and Electrify America.

They build, operate, maintain and lease equipment to businesses. They also offer subscription services to members.  

EVs Vs EV Stations

Meanwhile, the administration of President Joe Biden set the ambitious goal of requiring that EVs comprise 50% of all car sales within ten years.

To reach this goal, at least 1 million EV stations need to go into operation. This is according to Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. However, only 5,627 fast-charging sites exist in the entire US.  

Instead, EV owners will have to make do with charging their vehicles at home. That’s assuming living in a house with a garage within the premises.

Many apartments and condominium dwellers remain dependent on public EV stations to charge their car batteries.

Ultimately, the lack of EV stations can mean long lines and even longer charging times. “Thirty percent of Americans do not have access to home chargers. We need the infrastructure to get consumer confidence,” Zoi said. 

Infrastructure Money To Help Build EV Stations

As a result, EVgo partnered with major supermarket chains to install charging stations in supermarket parking lots.

The company also partnered with General Motors last year to build 2,700 fast charge EV stations over the next five years. “We've identified 40 metro areas in America's heartland that are part of this program.

The Biden infrastructure money can get us into places even farther afield in rural America,” Zoi added. 

The infrastructure money Zoi mentioned referred to President Joe Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure package. The budget includes $7.5 billion toward building a nationwide network of 500,000 EV charging stations within the next ten years.

However, the $7.5 billion budget might not be enough. Michael Farkas, CEO of Blink, said that Biden only budgeted half of the $15 billion he proposed as a presidential candidate.

This money falls short of what’s needed to accomplish the electrification goals set by the administration. In the end, “it will take substantially more [money] than that,” Farkas said. “Every state is lacking in infrastructure — even California. We have a massive need for chargers both in the U.S. and globally.”

EV Stations Need Four To Eight Weeks

Building an EV station will take between four to eight weeks. The final cost depends on the type of charger used. A Level 2 charger usually found in the workplace or home garages, can cost between $3,000 to $5,000 to install.

However, DC Fast Chargers, which allow EVs to complete 80% charging in 30 minutes, require an investment between $125,000 to $300,000.  

However, the cost is not the biggest challenge for EV stations. Securing approvals to build stations from local officials can tie up the work for weeks or months.

Even connecting to the existing grid can present its own complications. “We're working with the electric utilities to make sure the local power infrastructure can support fast charging,” Zoi said.

Watch the CNBC Television video warning consumers beware of EV charging station companies:

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What do you think of electric vehicles and EV stations? Do you think that the US is ready to start the EV revolution? Let us know what you think about EVs. Share your comments below.



  • Gregory Crawford says:

    EV’s are crap!! Especially in the United States!! If it weren’t for the Socialist Traitors, and the Puppet P.O.T.U.S. of the Left, Our Country would still be #1 in the world in oil, fuel, and Natural Gas production and not as it is now, #7!! The fool Biden and his attempt to carney EV’S is a dedicated and intentional attempt to return us to the years of Middle East Dependence on oil and all of it’s varied uses. I FOR ONE WILL NEVER OWN AN E.V.!! I’ve seen the photos of the EV grave yards in certain European Countries! Hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles in junk yards because when the batteries run out, it cost as much, or more, to replace the damn batteries, than it did to buy the damn vehicles in the first place!!

  • cimbon says:

    EV and their technology are still not geared for the entire driver population who rely on their own vehicle to get around. Until the general public has as easy access this is still way out of my preference to buy. Too many cost variables and lack of access for the general public use is a big negative in my book. Fix this access and cost problem.

  • BBA says:

    I’m in the automotive field and can tell you that there are no “cheap” fixes to do with EV’s. The battery packs are insanely expensive to replace and you cannot just run out to your local mechanic if you have issues. Another never mentioned issue is mileage vs charge time. If you are planning on a trip in an EV you better plan for a lot of extra time for charging or waiting in line if a charging system is already in service. The idiotic plan that the Biden administration has in mind to please all of the “greenies” is not healthy for this country and things are going to become much more FUBAR as this stupidity is implemented.

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