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Sleepy Joe Says There’s No Federal Solution to COVID, Then Announces a Federal Plan



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How can not having a federal solution lead to a federal plan? President Joe Biden is giving out confusing and conflicting statements. This is indicating that the federal government remains unsure about how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

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No Federal Solution, But There’s A Federal Plan

Briefing of president of US United States in White House | Federal Solution

On Tuesday, President Biden said that there is no federal solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. The President tweeted that his administration is rallying behind all US governors fighting the pandemic.

He then said that he rolled out a federal plan to address the rising surge in Omicron cases.  

“My Administration has the back of every governor fighting COVID-19 in their state,” Biden tweeted. “Last week, I rolled out a federal plan to tackle Omicron by adding vaccination and booster capacity, hospital equipment, staff, and more. We’re going to get through this by working together,” Biden added.

No Federal Plan As Of Monday

A day before, Biden admitted that the government does not have a federal solution to end the two-year-old pandemic.

This was a response to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s warning not to let “federal solutions stand in the way of state solutions.”

Biden fired back at Hutchinson by saying the states should work on the problem. “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level,” Biden said.

He then mentioned another Republican governor, Chris Sununu (R-NH). “I'm looking at Governor Sununu on the board here. He talks about that a lot,” Biden said.

“And it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road and that's where the patient is in need of help or preventing the need for help.”

Biden’s Actions Show There Is a Federal Plan

However, Biden gave the federal government a central role in the pandemic efforts right from the start. Along the way, he also issued orders that applied at the federal level, including mask mandates and vaccine requirements. 

For example, the Education Department opened civil rights investigations in several states for banning mask mandates in schools.

In addition, Biden insists on mask mandates in airports, airplanes, and other public transportation. In addition, concerned government agencies continue to ramp up fines for violators.

Also, the White House recently ran to the Supreme Court to help sustain its vaccine mandate. The order requires businesses to employ over 100 workers to ensure they complete their vaccinations or go through regular testing. 

Policy Shift In Accepting COVID is Here To Stay

The Wall Street Journal suggests that Biden might actually be turning his back on a wholesale COVID solution. If this is the case, then this would give governors a wider latitude to combat the virus on their home turf. 

This can also mean that the White House will now shift its rhetoric from solving the pandemic to living with the virus.

However, this would mean withdrawing its overreaching mandates that only apply to specific areas anyway. This not only bolsters his messaging that there is no federal solution.

It can also mean the White House can avoid any embarrassing losses from the Supreme Court over the constitutionality of his orders.

Watch the Fox News video reporting that ​​US President Joe Biden admits there is no federal solution for COVID-19:

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What do you think of Biden’s inconsistent messaging on whether they have a federal solution or not?

Also, should the White House shift its messaging to living with the virus instead of solving the pandemic?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



  • Jim Platter says:

    Biden and his side kick K. Harris, are too incompatant to do anything right. I think that we should get rid of the masks. No doubt people will die. Look back at the one we had in 1918–1919, that killed was it 53 million people World wide.This is natures way of thinning out the weak. I’m in my mid 60’s and I’m the healthyest I’ve ever been. Nor have I had the shots. Last time I accepted the flu shot, 12-hours later I was sick and sick for the next 3 days. Now I have a neighbor that lives above me, that broad, sucks on Ciggaretts, drinks like a fish, she never leaves her apt. Her boy friend supports her, (what a fool he is)and she is sick several times a year. Well it is her choice of life style. Very unhealthy, and she is only half my age. Now could I catch this C-19, maybe yes that could happen. But I could get hit and killed by some car first. Just last 25-July-21, I was bicycling down Foulton Ave. Sac. CA. and a car struck me. Dec.12=2020, a car struck me on ElCamano Ave, in Sac. Calif. I don’t touch drugs, almost never drink, Don’t eat McDonalds, or other junk food. Since 30-May-2019, I have bicycled just a couple hundred miles shy of 10,000 miles, I scuba dive, Yes, I could catch this C-19, and if I should kick the bucket, well good riddence to the world population.

  • Candace Willard says:

    You are absolutely 💯!!! I had covid in Oct, my whole family did actually, we all survived! When it’s your time, there’s nothing gonna save you! All in GODS timing and will!

  • None Yobiznez says:


  • Susan A Davis says:

    I can say that I am grateful I did not vote for Biden. His first 11 months in office have been one error after another. I’m not sure he could respond to any questions he is asked by the press unless they have chosen specific News reporters chosen and notified that they will be called on and what questions they will be asked we have seen this for ourselves if you watch his News conferences. The man can’t even speak without a Teleprompter, and he can’t even get it straight then. I have no confidence in Mr. Biden. He is definitely showing signs of dementia, but if he steps down from his Presidency look at who we will be our
    President then, she would be worse and Pelosi as Vice President, God help us All! Biden has humiliated the United States and made the United States a laughing stock. Look at all of the mistakes he has made, my opinion is that the biggest fiasco was the way he pulled out of Afghanistan and the troops that were killed along with hundreds of people that were mamed and injured including children. His entire time in office so far has been one tremendous Shit Show.

  • RetrumplicanQ says:

    I guess all the RetrumplicanQ have forgot about their daddy trumpq lieing as usual saying ITS A HOAX WE GOT THIS BE OVER SOON DRINK LYSOL LIE AFTER LIE

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