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New Gallup Poll Shows Massive Voter Shift of Voters From Democratic to Republican



Puzzled businessman and a split wall with Democrats versus Republicans, red vs blue sides | New Gallup Poll Shows Massive Voter Shift of Voters From Democratic to Republican | featured

A new Gallup poll reported that Americans are shifting their political identities from the Democratic party to the Republican party. The combination of a tanking economy, a continued pandemic, and numerous policy gaffes is making Americans rethink their political standing.

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Gallup Poll Shows More Americans Identifying Themselves As Republicans in 2021

Republican election on textured American flag | Gallup Poll

The newest Gallup Poll found that the quarterly averages for party identification shifted during the year. During the first quarter, 40% of Americans considered themselves as Republicans while 49% see themselves as Republicans. 

By the fourth quarter of 2021, things have shifted in favor of the GOP. By December, only 42% of Americans now see themselves as Democrats. Meanwhile, 47% now see themselves as Republicans.

The nine-point Democratic lead in the first quarter and the five-point Republican lead in the fourth quarter are both records.

These are among the biggest margins Gallup reported for each party in the last 30 years. Gallup started reporting party identification and learning in 1991.

Party Shift Coincides With President Biden’s Fall In Approval Ratings

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is also taking a beating at the polls. During the latest Quinnipiac University poll earlier this month, Biden’s approval rating dropped to a new low of 33%.

According to the survey, “Americans give President Joe Biden a negative 33 – 53 percent job approval rating, while 13 percent did not offer an opinion. “In November 2021, Americans gave Biden a negative 36 – 53 percent job approval rating with 10 percent not offering an opinion.”

Not Surprisingly, Biden’s approval rating from fellow Democrats also fell by double digits. Last November, 87% of Democrats approved of Biden’s leadership. A month later, the numbers dropped to 75%.

As a result, the number of Democrats who disapprove of Biden’s management doubled from 7% to 14%. Also, only 25% of Independents and 2% of Republicans are fine with the Democrat president. 

For Americans, Coronavirus Not The Primary Concern Anymore

Meanwhile, an Associated Press-NORC poll reported that the coronavirus is no longer the top concern for Americans.

The survey, conducted in early December, said that more Americans are more worried about the economy, inflation, and rising prices. The poll reported that 68% of Americans that their new top worry is the economy.

The coronavirus placed a distant second at 37%. Last year, 53% of Americans worried about the coronavirus over everything else. 

In contrast, only 1% of Americans worried about higher inflation in 2021. For this year, 14% of Americans now believe that inflation is something to worry about. 

“Consumer prices jumped 6.8% for the 12 months ending in November, a nearly four-decade high,” AP noted. “Meanwhile, roughly twice as many Americans now mention their household finances, namely, the cost of living, as a governmental priority, 24% vs. 12% last year.”

Watch Fox News’ Joe Concha reporting that Biden's sinking poll numbers are a ‘big, big deal':

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Why do you think more Americans are identifying themselves as Republican and ditching their Democratic-leaning? Do you think this will carry through the midterm elections?

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  • Jeff Wooldridge says:

    Dems have gotten too far left….Socialism is what they are shooting for…..and they are winning

  • The Rebel says:

    The biggest question at this time—————————who is the dumbest????????????????????

    Jose Bidumb or da dark skinned HO ????????

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