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Government Shutdown

Dems Reach Deal With GOP To Avert Government Shutdown



Politicians working together to balance the budget | Dems Reach Deal With GOP To Avert Government Shutdown | featured

Congress is now rushing to avert a government shutdown this Friday. In a last ditch attempt to get Republican support, Democrats agreed to remove measures suspending the debt limit.

Once they proposed a clean bill which only proposes stopgap government funding, Republicans gave their support.  

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Looming Government Shutdown By Friday

Democrats originally wanted to sponsor a spending bill that also included suspending the debt ceiling. While the measure passed the House of Representatives, Senate Republicans effectively blocked the bill.

Senate GOP leadership declared they would support only a  funding bill that prevents the government shutdown. However, Democrats need to address the issue on the debt limits on their own. 

In order to resolve the issue in time, Democrats agreed to drop their demands on combining the two measures in one bill. However, they still insist that the debt limit remains a shared responsibility that both parties should bear. 

Rushing The Vote Before The Government Shuts Down Friday

As a result, the Senate is now preparing to take up the vote Thursday on a revised short-term spending bill. This aims to give the federal government the necessary funds to operate until early December.

For this October 1 deadline, both parties earlier gave their pledge not to allow a government shutdown to happen. Hopefully, Congress will come to a new agreement before the next deadline arrives. 

Once the bill passes the Senate, the House of Representatives will then vote on a counterpart bill. Congress hopes to place the reconciled version to the desk of President Joe Biden before the 12 midnight deadline arrives. 

Republicans Got Concessions

The last minute spending bill will sustain current spending levels. It will also include billions of dollars to help Americans hit by two recent hurricanes. The spending bill will also have funds intended to assist Afghan refugees.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (NY) announced the plans late Wednesday and said they only have hours to spare. “We can approve this measure quickly and send it to the House, so it can reach the president’s desk before funding expires midnight tomorrow,” he said.

“With so many critical issues to address, the last thing the American people need right now is a government shutdown,” he added. 

In return for their cooperation, Republicans managed to get a few concessions. Among the amendments they wanted is the proposal from Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS).

Marshall wants a prohibition on the government from enforcing federal vaccine mandates on private businesses. Earlier, Biden announced an executive order directing employers with 100 or more workers to require COVID-19 vaccines, require immunizations or subject them to weekly testing.

Budget Good Until December 3

Once Biden signs the provisional funding bill, the government will have enough money to function until December 3. Afterward, Congress can issue another short fix known as a continuing resolution.

Alternatively, lawmakers can act more decisively and work out a new budget that includes all their wish list programs. 

Either way, Congress will need to address other incoming problems. Besides the threat of a looming government shutdown, the country’s debt ceiling is about to default by October 18.

If Congress fails to raise the debt limit, the US could lead to a recession. The shockwave can potentially affect global markets and not just the local ones. For the solution to this one, Democrats shouldn’t look to the GOP for help.

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) remarked Tuesday that they'll only support averting a government shutdown. “Bipartisanship isn’t a light switch that Democrats can switch on when they need to borrow money and flip off when they want to spend money,” he explained.  

Watch the CNBC Television news video reporting that Congress is racing to raise debt ceiling, avert government shutdown:

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Do you agree with how things get done in Congress? Do you agree with the Republicans in insisting that Democrats should solve the debt ceiling by themselves?

Let us know what you think about the two party system's way of dealing with things. Share your comments below.



  • Eric says:

    It is this citizen’s opinion that this country needs several viable political parties to reach a truly modulated set of opinions that will positively affect the political function in this country. The two party system leads invariably to stall and deadlock with the extremes of Socialism and Capitalism. ie: more imput equals amelioration of extremist position in Government.

  • BBA says:

    We not only need a Government shut down but we need a Government cleansing in the worst way. The two pathetic parties we have in place right now need to all be fired and start all over. We the People have no representation. The illegal aliens and welfare leeches are the only ones benefiting from what we have now. I’m a true conservative and I can promise you that there are only a handful of Federal Politicians that even remotely have my interest in mind. I’m over the cowardly spineless Republican party we have now and cannot believe that anyone who even half believes in our Constitution would be onboard with what the communist Liberals have to offer??? We need to start all over and get back to “For the people by the PEOPLE”!!!

  • Donald Lakey says:

    Our government is not for we the people they are full of deception honesty is not among Them. They manipulate the entire system to get their agenda the merchant ships sit in the harbors full of goods they create shortages shut down oil production allow millions to illegally invade us.They create news to sway the public by using the main stream media they create racism among a people that has overcome racism hopefully this will change before they destroy us all.

  • G says:

    First, we need term limits both House and Senate. Second, they are paid to work for the people, not for themselves which most do. They go in well off and leave worth millions more. Third, we need civility and respect in both Chambers.

  • George says:

    The shut down doesn’t hurt the republicans or democrats it hurts the average AMERICAN CITIZENS the politicians don’t care about any one but themselves they all need fired and replaced but we know that won’t happen our politicians are modern day romans and organized crime combined our country is being destroyed by these politicians but all we can do is vote and that is even corrupt

  • William Moore says:

    Both the Democrats and Republicans should get together and vote with the American Taxpayer in mind. After all we are the “Ones” paying Bills for the Congress and Senate “Screw Ups”.

  • Cheryl Preston says:

    how did we,is suppose to be for, we the people, for the people, not for those who are saying they represent the people, what a bunch of BS, wake up folks, open thy eyes, open thy ears, we all have a brain, let’s use it wisely, concerned citizen

  • Paul Peterson says:

    I agree with BBA. The idiots in Congress represent no one but their own self-interests. We the voting public are excluded from the process. They make laws that do not apply to them but which we the citizens are supposed to abide by. Congress votes to raise their salaries and benefits without any outside control and become millionaires while most of us struggle with a daily job to make ends meet. They don’t do any work. They grandstand at hearings that for the most part are partisan witch hunts that really benefit no one. We need term limits which may help. What we really need is to get rid of all of them and start over. Good luck with that!

  • joe contreras says:

    this is not a 2 party system. it is a system of republicans and multiple factions making up the democrats. ie: liberals, greens, multiple race centric groups, communists leaning organizations and multiple others.
    the democrats are all minor groups lumped under one standard, each vying for control but on their own not enough supporters. So they each make deals with other minor groups to get as much as they can and want. the old scratch my back and i will scratch yours. they will undercut any of their groups to try and get that control. these democrats (so called) then try and fleece the general public by promising anything and every thing to sway people into supporting them. push comes to shove nobody gets what they need alot of empty promises more taxes and restrictive laws.
    where else can you get a “job” and give/vote yourself a raise, make laws giving you gold star medical plans while restricting public access to those same style plans

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