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Growth Hacking, 6 Most Effective Strategies



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The term growth hacking is in itself proof that marketing techniques for startups and businesses have greatly matured and have been improvised.

Marketing at a later stage is not as challenging as getting your name out there for the first time and this is where growth hacking comes in.

One needs to be very creative and at the same time knowledgeable of database programming to effectively growth hacking to make a significant difference. Here are the 6 most effective strategies for growth hacking.

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6 Most Effective Strategies for Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Concept | 6 Most Effective Strategies for Growth Hacking

1. Be Exclusive

Adopt a strategy that will make your product stand out and be instantly available to a large group of people right away. It is customer psychology that people always desire to be part of something exclusive and special.

2. Offer Something For Free

Although there are no free lunches in life, the term ‘Free' is always able to attract people and if the word is planted strategically then they are willing to overlook the cost that they have to pay for the product/service that they are getting for free.

3. Start a Referral Program

Both large and small businesses have benefitted from a referral program and it seems to work for both ways so develop a referral program so that your customer automatically attracts other customers themselves without you having to do anything about it.

4. Study the Customer's Desire

Amongst the essential things that you should know about your customer is what exactly they look for in your product. Advertise that, exploit that; do what you have to, to project that very thing in your product.

5. Relate to the Customers in a Language that they Understand

Once you have fully understood and identified the target market, you must get to know the culture that they are used to and follow so that you reach out to them in a language that they can understand and hence relate to you.

6. Establish the Product/Market Fit for Your Product

Survey to see just how much of your target market appreciates the product that you are offering. The person who coined this term believes that at least 40% should want your product.

There is no step-by-step method for growth hacking your startup or website. Growth hacking breaks the natural law of organic evolution, that's why it takes creativity and ingenuity to break the initial growth barrier.

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