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How to Keep Your Electric Bill Down This Summer



How to Keep Your Electric Bill Down This Summer

Summer is the most fun time of the year– warm weather, beach trips, flowers in full bloom. But it also seems to be the time of year where the utilities cost the highest, especially electric bills. Electricity and cooling bills go up, sometimes an alarming amount, during the summer and it may seem impossible to get it back to normal. However, there are eight simple ways you can do to lower your bills during this warm season.

8 Easy Ways to Save on Energy

1. Turn the thermostat up or off

It may seem counterproductive to turn up the heat during the summer, but turning the thermostat up even a few degrees will help a lot with the bills. If you think you are up to the challenge, try turning your thermostat off, which is the best way to cut costs completely.

2. Open the windows

Especially if you turn your thermostat off as mentioned previously, opening the windows is another great way to get “free breeze” into the house. Opening windows will give your house airflow and fresh air to breathe while saving some money on your cooling bill.

3. Use natural light (or candle light)

It is very easy to flick on the lights and use them wherever you're home whether during the day or night. However, really think before turning the light on to a room in the middle of the day. Is the sunlight enough light to help you do what you need to do? At night, you can try using candle light during dinner a few times to change up the setting, but also to cut down on some electricity costs.

4. Unplug electronics

Your electronics can use up electricity even when they aren’t turned on! Some electronics are energy suckers and just being plugged into the wall can be enough for them to “use electricity” even if they aren’t being used at that moment. Consider unplugging things such as a TV’s and game consoles before leaving the house or before going on trips. You would be surprised how much you will save doing this small tip.

5. Fully load your washing machine

Really use your washing machine to its fullest potential and fill it to the brim when washing clothes during the summer. Washing machines can hold a lot more clothes than we think they can and this also saves on your water bill since you will be using the washing machine less.

6. Consider blackout curtains

If you are trying to shut out the heat from the sun coming in through your windows during the summer, consider investing in some blackout curtains. These curtains will make a room much darker, but you will also save energy trying to cool a house this way.

7. Consider cutting back on TV time

Watching TV is a common summer pastime, but consider turning off the TV for a little while and enjoy the outdoors! Try going on a walk, playing ball, or doing things around the house outside. Entertaining yourself outside during the warm summer months is a great way to change up your routine while also saving electricity.

8. Get your AC checked

Getting your AC checked will help prevent the AC going out during the summer, but it will also help your bills as well. If the AC filter isn’t cleaned, the AC unit will need to use more energy to cool your house, which results in a higher bill. Having a professional clean and provide maintenance for your unit will help cut on bills and help your AC run more efficiently.

Every Little Bit Helps

If you are able to do everything in this list or just a few, great! Remember, even the little things that you do around the house matter. Try out any of these tips to help you cuts costs and trim your bill so you can have an enjoyable summer this season.

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