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Senate Votes Impeachment Is Constitutional



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Last Tuesday, the Senate voted that former US President Donald Trump’s impeachment is constitutional, paving the way for the trial to continue. Prior to the vote, arguments over the constitutionality of the trial permeated the Senate floor. the afternoon and afternoon of arguments on whether it was constitutional to try a former president. The final vote tally went 56-44 in favor of those who said the trial is constitutional. This meant apart from all 50 Democrats, six Republicans joined the yes votes. 

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Tuesday’s results only meant that the trial will proceed, and is far from a guarantee that Trump will get a conviction. In order for that to happen, at least 67 Senators need to vote guilty. Instead of six, Democrats will need 17 Republicans to vote guilty. At this point, it remains nearly impossible to get this number of GOP Senators to turn their backs on the former President. 

The afternoon of arguments featured Democrat prosecutors saying that the impeachment is on a solid legal footing. They insisted that the Constitution did not include an exception during January that allows presidents to commit improper actions in the final weeks in office. 

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers countered that the Senate can’t try him because he already left office and is now a private citizen. In addition, they accused the Democrats of political motivation when they filed the impeachment case.

‘Cold Hard Facts’

Presiding officer Senator Patrick Leahy (VT.), started the proceedings at 1 pm by calling for a vote on the trial rules. The Senate then voted 89-11 affirming the rules of the trial and gave each side two hours to debate. Then, lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin (MD) began their presentation. “Our case is based on cold hard facts,” Raskin opened. Next, he played a 13-minute video of Trump encouraging supporters to march to the Capitol last January 6. Afterward, he showed a montage of the resulting violence as the mob stormed the Capitol. “That’s a high crime and misdemeanor. If that’s not an impeachable offense, then there is no such thing,” he said.

Almost all 100 senators, mostly masked due to COVID-19 restrictions, sat silently as they saw the footage. The images displayed rioters in battle gear ramming doors and attacking police. These same lawmakers were in the Capitol that day voting to certify President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. “This cannot be the future of America. We cannot have presidents do this because they refuse to accept the will of the people,” Raskin implored. 

Six Republicans

A total of six Republican Senators sided with the Democrats in upholding that the impeachment is constitutional. These are Susan Collins (ME), Bill Cassidy (LA), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Mitt Romney (UT), Ben Sasse (NE), and Pat Toomey (PA). Previously five of the six Republicans also voted against Senator Rand Paul’s point of order on the constitutionality of the trial. 

The newest GOP member to cross party lines, Cassidy voted to proceed with the trial. He changed his position two weeks after supporting Paul’s question if the impeachment is constitutional. “We heard arguments from both sides on the constitutionality of having a Senate trial of a president who has since left office. A sufficient amount of evidence of constitutionality exists for the Senate to proceed with the trial. This vote is not a prejudgment on the final vote to convict,” Cassidy explained. “The House managers had much stronger constitutional arguments. The president’s team did not,” he added. 

Unfairly Targeting Trump

Trump’s lawyers, Bruce L. Castor Jr., and David Schoen did acknowledge that what happened on January 6 was wrong. However, they said that the trial is unconstitutionally targeting their client. “Presidents are impeachable, presidents are removable. Former presidents are not because they cannot be removed,” Schoen said. In addition, he accused Democrats of trying to disenfranchise voters who voted for Trump. At the same time, they are also trying to eliminate a political candidate that they disagree with. 

Reportedly, Trump watched closely as the trial unfolded, choosing to remain closely in contact with the legal team. A source reported that at points during the defense’s presentation, Trump called allies screaming and cursing.

Watch the new video of The Hill reporting that Senators voted votes 56-44 that impeachment trial is constitutional:

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What do you think about politicians who cross party lines when voting? Should they have toed the party line? Or, should they follow their own judgment when dealing with matters of national importance? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts below.



  • Donna Sue McKinney says:

    They should follow the rules of the laws, evidence and what their conscience tells that is the correct decision to make. Step up and out. The people will believe in a politician that knows right from wrong and vote accordingly.

  • Dale Griffin says:

    I think if you’re voted in office by your state. And you don’t want to do you’re very best to keep America first. Then your state needs to get you out of there.

  • C R LANE says:

    Currently politicians play a game of chest! Apparently they forget it is should never be about personal gain, power mongering or monetary gain. It should always be about what the citizens they “work” for want and need. I personally feel politicians for the most part have no concern with regards to doing what tax payer dollars pay them to do. A good start would to put “Term limits” on the ballot and let the voters decided. All laws that apply to working citizens should be the same for all politicians that includes, health care, social security and every other special treatment they afford themselves. Politcian’s have by action have shown us they have agenda’s not in line with the country’s best interest.

  • Steven Rauch says:

    If this is allowed to stand then they need to impeach Hillary Clinton, Adam Schi**,Adam Sadler, Obama,Biden, CNN, Jim Acosta, Facebook, Twitter,Nancy Pelosi,and the entire Senate and Congress for allowing our Country to fall into this pool of lies and deceit that is totally false,starting with the Russian hoax and going all the way thru to the CHINESE VIRUS and this phony election. The only thing the AMERICAN PEOPLE AREN’T ALLOWED TO HEAR IS THE TRUTH.

  • Voldemort says:

    The senate cannot vote to make an unconstitutional act constitutional. What every congressman should remember is their vote is to represent the constituents who voted them into office and not their petty issues.

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Steven rauch you are a idiot and need to stop doing your own research because your obviously bad at it and believe things that completely insane please do everyone a favor and seek help from a mental health professional

  • Herkimer says:

    isn’t it funny how one person lashes out add another for simply posting their opinion. Very liberal thing to do.

  • Gaberal says:

    96% of Dems.& 4.5% of the Gop.
    Rinos R truly playing with political M.A.D. Plutonium with
    The American People! In which
    Can only result in a 2d. Civil War
    With in our Constitution & Bill of Rights!and 4 what [GREEDY] Swamp
    Politicians & their Lobbyist 4 their own personal Egotistical
    Greed. & Who Suffers the American
    People & Generations 2 come, Their R the 1s Who Will suffer as bad as
    The Hoover Adminstration But Even Worse! Pelosi’s Gang of Lying Thieves! & when it Reaches Critical Mass Implosion will Ocur,

  • Carey says:

    Branden, Steven has a right to his opinion whether it be right or wrong to your standards, he is entitled to it! Image what would happen if we all thought alike? You have a right to disagree with him as he does to disagree with you! No need to be sarcastic this is why the country is the way it is now! NO ONE RESPECTS anyone! I do not like Biden but hopefully things will change next election! That’s how it is done!

  • A concerned voter says:

    They all need to learn what Patriotic means,Constitutional means by heart first and foremost. The word peacefully is yet another word the would useful for the democrats to learn while all four years of hate towards anyone that sees outside of their destructive box, thats killing our Constitutional rights!

  • A concerned voter says:

    They all need to learn what Patriotic means,Constitutional means by heart first and foremost. The word peacefully is yet another word the would useful for the democrats to learn while all four years of hate towards anyone that sees outside of their destructive box, thats killing our Constitutional rights!

  • Bob Roberts says:

    We look like a joke. The Chief Justice refuses to preside. The senate doesn’t get to vote if something is Constitutional! It either is or it isn’t. The Supreme Court needs to intervene, TODAY, and declare the Constitutionality of trying to impeach an ex-president; try to impeach a private citizen. If Trump broke the law, bring him up on charges in federal court! Impeach is for removing a president from office so he can then be brought up on charges. You are all watching the country being flushed down the toilet and no one is doing anything.

  • June Marie Busold says:

    The Dems are only creating more hatred in our country. There is a list of politicians that should be IMPEACHED or OUT OF THEIR POLITICAL POSITION. The law has been broken NOW by lawyers and they are protecting the politicians who are devious, malicious and evil. This whole trial is a disgrace to our beautiful country and is going to be destroyed by this Administration. President Trump is a private citizen now who has done a great job while in office. Shame on you for destroying a person’s life. HOW DO YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR OR SLEEP AT NIGHT??? Apparently some of the American people will vote for liars and misconduct of politicians. We’re in Trouble and will pay dearly for this action.God help us.

  • Kay walters says:

    I agree totaly with what was posted by Steven Rauch, Herkimer & Carey. Well said. As well as the Concerned Voter comments. This is a great country, the best in the world. Patriotic leaders should put the Nation first over & above & beyond partyl lines. & for the well being of the people who voted them into office to represent them & the whole country. United Stares of America means just THAT..United for common cause! Not this garbage these overly sensitive, over paid, politicians who want to control & censor everyone in America in every way they can with forcing policies according to their whims or for payback favors. Unethical , unhonorable , greedy & callous to those who disent & if disent ltoo loudly then labled a domestic terrorist! A nation that has no issue with killing a baby in the womb & favoring sex in all manner with whatever “they” want to have recognized as legal is going against the Lord God.History shows all the past great nations were swallowed up & gone thru inner collaspe brought on by greedy & stupid UnGodly divison among the top leaders & the people. Plz dont let that be the cause for the USA demise! Do what is right in the sight of the Lord. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 …take That to heart everyone before it is to late for your self & to late for the United States… a divided house falls & is like a house built on shifting sand that cant withstand stiroms but falls. Dont make this country fall. Dont weaken it. Dont mess with our awesome brave military in ways that leaves the U. s. Defenceless & suceptanke to other countrys who wish death to America. Dont be idiots in Washington , nor all of us citizens either!

  • William Phillips says:

    The main problem we have at this moment is that toeing the party line is exactly what the democrats are doing. Nobody has their own voice because they’re scared of being chastised by the dem party and then being ousted all together. In their book if you don’t agree with their agenda, then you will be persecuted. It’s not a democracy, it is becoming a dictatorship. I can’t voice an opinion or say that I disagree or I don’t like someone or something or just plain be truthful. The truth is often harsh, brash, and yes at times even hateful/hurtful. DEAL WITH IT. They can slam everyone but you are not allowed to say anything about them. I cannot stand for a bunch of hypocrites telling America what to do. And why do they feel its ok to rewrite the constitution whenever it suits their needs. Politicians in general are a huge and disgraceful bunch of people.

  • nick gloden says:

    I beleive each situation can be different.In this case where the democratic party has headhunted president Trump since he fierst ran for office.I beleive they should vote along party lines because its the only protection against such a corrupt group of politicians!

  • JC says:

    It is not constitutional to try Trump for impeachment. They all know that to be true. Leahy is repulsive like most all of the liberals. As for those GOP that voted against Trump, they will receive their just rewards. No one respects those that behave as if they have no legal father.

  • Broken says:

    If Trump gets impeached then when your done there get started on impeaching Hillary Clinton, Adam Schi**,Adam Sadler, Obama,Biden, CNN, Jim Acosta, Facebook, Twitter,Nancy Pelosi,and the entire Senate and Congress and the list goes on!! As Steven Rauch said above. The dems are making a mockery of the UNITED STATES!! They are a walking joke. There are a crap load of people should be in prison for what they have done. The democrats started the riots in the BLM killing people burning people’s bissnesses down looting you name it they done it and what happens to all these people nothing!! The two that was in the capital building at the time this all happened the Instigators that got everything rolling!! They are on video bragging on how they did it was so proud of themselves!! Is everyone in there doing the voting forget about all this crap?? Let get these people impeached!! We demand something be done to this list of people when your done falsely Impeaching Donald Trump. Let get the real people who need to be impeached for their lies their adding fuel to the fire of the rioters.. I could go on and on with why these people need to be put behind bars they are more dangerous then a serial killer.. child molester working in our white house but that’s OK with some people it’s not ok with a majority of the people.. they have poof of this but they sweep it under the rug cause it don’t fit in with there plans. All child molesters are suppose to be registered as to where they are residing. Well we now have one at the address of the white house..

  • Broken says:

    Another thing Big Bad Biden says let’s all pull together what a freaking joke he is ripping Americans apart at the seams and no Doubt they are doing all this on purpose! Notice I say they. The Anti-Christ and his little demon seeds.. I have never had so much hatred in my heart in my life as I have these days. I fight it off everyday because God say love everyone even the devil. Jesus is such a wonderful person and I love him with all my heart and soul. I thank him everyday for my freedom my family my friends my fur babies. I pray for each and everyone of the people causing all the Chaos in the world as they set back and laugh about it. These people are so evil that us as Christians can not let the Anti-Christ and his demon seeds do this to us. Not like the Traders in the white house back stabbing you all should be ashamed of yourselves. The jobs Biden took from thousands of people said well they are only temporary!!! Well let me tell you trader’s something you back stabbing little minded people. YOUR JOBS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY!!!!! How do you even sleep at night! Your a desecration to the UNITED STATES and THE AMERICANS… SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU ALL!!! Filling people’s heads with all your betrayal and lies SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR YOU ALL…I WILL KEEP LOVE IN MY HEART WITH GOD!!

  • jpm says:

    You all (DAMOCRATS) want to impeach President TRUMP because you just do not like him, you cannot stand that he is a full blooded AMERICAN and he loves our country, and you despise Republicans because all we want is the FREEDOM that was so gallantly won by our forefathers. You DAMNOCRATS only want to control us “deplorables” and march us all to the slaughterhouse! Guess what Hillary, it isn’t going to happen. You want my guns? Come and get them!

  • Joan Freda says:

    If impeaching an ex-president who is now a private citizen then that indicates that now we can go after obamanation for his crimes. There are 27 articles against him…all valid designed to destroy this country, not some made up crap that the liberals are accusing President Trump of doing.
    IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joan Freda says:

    If impeaching an ex-president who is now a private citizen then that indicates that now we can go after obamanation for his crimes. There are 27 articles against him…all valid designed to destroy this country, not some made up garbage that liberals are accusing President Trump with.

  • Pamela says:

    56 Senators who have voted to impeach a Former President saying it is Constitutional Should Be Stripped From Their Seat in The Senate. The Justice in the Supreme Court is not Over Seeing This Charade Because it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Senators and Congress men and women TOOK AN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION and 56 SENATORS HAVE NOT UPHELD THEIR OATH for and by THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION. The UNITED STATES and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are being betrayed by their ELECTED OFFICIALS IN THE CONGRESS AND SENATE.

  • JR says:

    Really, we have Eric Swallow well talking on the floor about the so called insurrection. Why are our politicians above us. What happens to them is an insurrection, but if it is against the everyday citizen it is peaceful protesting. He should shut up and go find another Chinese spy that he can bang.

  • Waynell Tatom says:

    This is the most dishonest stuff I’ve ever seen!!!! I will stick to the news media that tell the truth!!!! Just sickening!!!’ Praying that God will prevail soon!!!!!

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