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Invest in Gold – Hedge Fund Managers Tell You Why




Invest in Gold - Hedge Fund Managers Tell You Why

There are a variety of reasons why people invest in gold. 

Some are paranoid about the staying power of paper currency while some believe gold to be immune to deflation. 

There are also a variety of ways in which people hedge their investments. 

It was probably only a matter of time before gold and investment hedging came together, and several prominent hedge-fund managers endorse the practice.


First, The Price Of Gold Has Gone Up—Considerably

In the last five months, gold prices have gone up nearly 20%–a staggering amount. 

GCM6 is up .24%, and the World Gold Council says that demand for gold has increased by 21% in recent months. 

These numbers indicate a trend far too large to ignore, even for those who are not gold aficionados or who have yet to invest in gold.

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The Dollar Being Relatively Weak May Be A Factor In The Rising Of Gold’s Star

Colin Cieszynski of CMC Markets cites the fact that the US Dollar Index has declined to 94 or 95 after December’s peak of 100. 

He says that in the long term, the value of gold may continue to climb, though he cites certain geopolitical events in opining that gold’s value will be somewhat unpredictable in the short term.

Regardless, people may be more hesitant to invest in gold or to put their money into dollar-based investments.


All The Positives About Gold Have Caught The Attention Of Both Hedge Fund Managers And Commodities Investors, Including:

  • Stanley Druckenmiller, head of Duquesne Capital
  • Paul Singer, Hedge fund manager
  • Dennis Gartman, commodities investor


Stanley Druckenmiller On Gold

Stanley Druckenmiller, to borrow the current market slang, claims to be bullish on gold

He is, of course, naturally bearish on everything else.  He feels that the Federal Reserve has unwise monetary policies and that the corporations carry too much debt to be wise investments.

He believes global equity to be unstable and holds that its volatility is beginning to lean toward the negative. 

Usually, gold performance has an inverse relation with equity market performance.  The global instability and negativity may be another reason for gold’s resurgence.

Furthermore, as Druckenmiller believes that the equity market will continue to be unstable for some time, he is currently investing in gold.


Paul Singer On Gold

Paul Singer points out that this has been gold’s best few months in 30 years, and he believes it is merely the start of a long-lasting uphill trend for the metal as an investment. 

He says that central banks are harming their currencies, and investors are beginning to notice that they are doing so.  He suggests that gold is what those investors will turn to as they lose faith in the central banks.

He also believes that as the number of investors who no longer believe in central banks grows, gold will grow as a viable investment.

Singer is so confident in gold as a prospect that he is backing a venture that makes various forms of investment in the mining industry.  The venture’s leader will be Barrick Gold Corp’s Shaun Usmar.


Dennis Gartman On Gold

Dennis Gartman goes beyond telling people that he himself is investing in gold. 

He outright urges his audience to buy gold. 

While he stresses that he is not one of those folks who believe that Armageddon is on the way, he does think that as long as central banks are lowering interest rates, the upward trend of gold will continue.  


Goldman Sachs—The Dissenting Voice

Goldman Sachs believes that investors leaping to buy up gold due to mistrust of stocks are jumping the gun. 

It believes that the price of gold will go back down again.  It also states that the chances of a serious recession in the U.S. are only 15-20 percent.

Goldman forecasts that gold will be a mere $1200 an ounce three months from now, $1180 six months from now, and down even further to $1150 a year from now. 

It also addresses fears of continuing low-interest rates with the prediction that the Feds will almost certainly tighten in September, and may even do so in July.

Regardless of the validity or falsehood of these predictions, gold prices indicate that many people are clearly not taking Goldman Sachs up on its advice.


To Hedge Or Not To Hedge

It is clear that interest rates around the world are low, and some are continuing to lower. 

It is unclear when the Federal Reserve will tighten the market next, or how the S&P 500 will behave moving forward. 

However, it is also unclear how gold will behave in the next few months.  Like anything else in the stock market, it is a wonderful gamble, and each investor has both the freedom and the curse of choice.

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Shutterstock Announced as Official Photographer of the 2020 EE British Academy Film Awards




shutterstock 2020 EE British Academy Film Awards
Shutterstock Announced as Official Photographer of the 2020 EE British Academy Film Awards (Photo: PR Newswire)

Shutterstock, Inc., a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services, today announced that it has been renewed as the official photographer of the 2020 EE British Academy Film Awards, which recognizes the very best in film over the past year. As the official photographer of the show on Sunday, February 2nd, Shutterstock’s on-site entertainment photographers, editors and engineering team will deliver exclusive high-quality images from the event at the Royal Albert Hall in London to the world in less than one minute from the image being taken.

Shutterstock’s editorial team captures, edits and distributes celebrity portraits and candid images leveraging proprietary software optimized for speed to market. As the moments from the red carpet, inside the awards show, and at the after-parties are captured, Shutterstock’s team makes lightning-fast crops and edits and transmits them directly to the desks of photo editors, writers and media. This speed-to-market empowers Shutterstock’s editorial customers to keep up with today’s fast news cycle to quickly deliver their news stories.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with BAFTA, an arts charity whose purpose of celebrating and supporting the best work and talent in film, games and television is closely aligned with Shutterstock’s,” said Candice Murray, Vice President of Editorial at Shutterstock. “As a company whose passion is rooted in creativity, it is always an honor to be selected to shoot and share these unique moments recognizing the industry’s top creatives from around the world at the BAFTAs.”

“Shutterstock is best equipped to provide the world’s media with high-quality images of our awards ceremonies and year-round program through their advanced creative platform,” said Claire Rees, Photography Director for British Academy of Film and Television Arts. “Our partnership has grown over the years and as Shutterstock’s technology and service continue to evolve, we continue to see greater results in amplifying the mission of BAFTA around the world.”

Shutterstock’s annual partnership with BAFTA, a world-leading independent arts charity, originated in 2013 and includes editorial photography coverage of the Television Craft Awards, Games Awards, Television Awards, Young Game Designers Competition, Scotland Awards, Cymru Awards and Children’s Awards.

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Amazon Profits Surge as Investment in Faster Shipping Pays Off




Amazon Profits Surge as Investment in Faster Shipping Pays Off
Image via Shutterstock
By Dominic Rushe

Amazon’s massive investment in faster shipping paid off for the tech company over the Christmas holidays with record sales and four times as many customers taking advantage of its free one-day shipping offer over the shopping season compared with last year.

Amazon is spending billions making one-day shipping the default for its Prime members and the gamble helped drive its revenues up over $87bn for the final quarter of 2019, or $29bn a month, compared with $72.4bn in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Profits increased to $3.3bn in the fourth quarter, up from $3bn in the same period last year, after a fall of 25% from July to September due to its costly shipping investments. Amazon’s shares shot up over 10% in after-hours trading.

“We’ve made Prime delivery faster – the number of items delivered to US customers with Prime’s free one-day and same-day delivery more than quadrupled this quarter compared to last year,” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO.

Amazon’s bumper Christmas – the best in its history – came as other retailers including Target, Macy’s and JC Penney have reported lower sales.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), its cloud computing business, reported revenues of $9.9bn for the quarter, up 34% from the year-ago period.

Amazon also gave an update on its number of Prime subscribers, who pay an annual fee for faster shipping and access to free content on its streaming media services. Bezos said the company now has over 150 million paid Prime members around the world, up from 100 million last April.

Amazon’s share price has lagged its tech giant peers in recent months as investors have worried about its spending. The latest results push the company back into the exclusive club of tech companies now valued at over $1tn including Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft.

Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved.

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